Turkish Airlinescomplain about bad customer service at istabnbul airport

My name is Fadia Eid. I purchased a ticket airlines booking reference TI7BSC going from UNITED STATE San Francisco to Beirut .
I waited to return to us and file a big complain about the bad treatment that I got at the airport during my connection to Beirut Lebanon.
I fell down and i had a bad injuries on my both legs. I went to the Turkish airlines customer service on the date of NOV 12, 2018 and was crying and hurting showing them my injuries and asking for a help but nobody even tried to help at all. They left me sitting on the chair beside the customer service for almost 3 hours without any help . They were trying to force me to purchase another ticket to be able to go to Beirut. I had my boarding pass from san Francisco airport going to Lebanon but Turkish airlines sold my ticket and my seat to another passenger. While I was left on the side of the customer service for 3 hours in pain and bleeding legs from falling at their airport no ones even offer for help. I had to yell at all the crew and throw my American passport on them to let everyone there knows that this passport had to speak for itself . Suddenly i had a free ticket to be able to take the next flight to Beirut. I am really disappointed at Turkish airlines and their customer service and how I was treated and injured so bad and about giving my seat to another passenger. I an going to sue you very bad and fight back for my right all the way. Pictures on hand and injury and bad treatment in Istanbul from Turkish airlines .

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    This is how bad I was injured at ISTANBUL AIRPORT when I asked for help and no body did helped me at the customer service at Turkish airlines.

    complain about bad customer service at istabnbul airport
Dec 11, 2018

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