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I tried TurboTax several years ago when I had one simple W2. I filed free, spoke to an agent when I had a question and thought it was ok. So, when I had to wait until the last minute because I didn't receive several W2s, I decided to just use TurboTax since I already had an account with them. First, they keep trying to trick you into paying for upgrades with pop-ups and promises of live agents, etc. When I successfully navigated through to free version, I was looped around transportation expenses several times because they have incorrect wording. "Did you sell or stop using vehicle for business in 2016?" I didn't sell. But their software only gives follow-up questions for sale/depreciation.

I tried to just not bother to claim my expenses but my only options were: Start over. From scratch. Or pay $54.99+$35.99 for Deluxe, because vehicle sale required an additional form - I DID NOT SELL MY CAR! Since Deluxe included speaking to an agent and I didn't know if I could start over and not have the same or another glitch - I paid. Now try to find any possible way to contact that promised agent! No phone number - actually they give the IRS phone number only! And no chat option!!! Just looping endlessly through their ridiculous customer question forums! If I wanted Tax advice from another confused taxpayer - I have friends and family!!! I made $7000 all year! I live below poverty and TurboTax gets paid to screw up a return that I could have done alone!

May 4, 2017

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