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I used turbo tax online to do my taxes myself. What a nightmare. Filing for federal was free, and state taxes is a little over $30. I lived and worked in New York and Mass that year and so it cost over $60 to do it myself. Plus I accidentally clicked "deduction maximizer" which charged me an extra $10. Ok. That was my fault. So total was $76. I dont own property, im single, no kids, blah blah just had a couple of W2 forms to file.

An error came up at the end saying I could not file my MA state return electronically because in MA if you are a part year resident you have to mail in your forms. No big deal. Right? It told me to print out and follow the directions but the directions told me I e-filed and no further action was needed. Checking on the status, however, my MA return did not appear. I tried it a million different ways with the same result. What the *[email protected]^?
So I contacted customer service. I told them I can not efile with my MA return I just needed to know what to do. After and hour of ### of these people who had NO idea what was going on, asking pointless questions and going in circles, I realized that there must have been some weird malfunction on their site that caused it to print out saying I had efiled. They kept making me check how the status was and transfered me around and no results. Said they could do nothing for me. I paid $76 and they can't do anything!!!

I ended up calling some revenue department or something in MA and a guy was like, here's an address just send x y and z and your all set. Took me 5 min to get my damn answer.

I will NEVER use turbo tax online again. Not only does it not work properly, customer service SUCKS.

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  • Ha
      Feb 06, 2012

    Turbo Tax (for me) is A total rip off. Hidden fees. $40 for Federal Tax, another $40 for Georgia Tax and another $19 to file. NEVER AGAIN!!!

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  • Fr
      Feb 15, 2013

    California has a usage tax line on it's return - they want you to pay the state tax that Amazon refuses to collect (another story) and I'm just so square that I pay it. Turdo Tax says, try both options to see which calculation is best before choosing a box. I do that, I check my box. No mention of it in the "review your stuff" thing. Then, after I pay (thereby voiding the accuracy guarantee) I see that the amount is wrong -turns out they added together the results in either method. So I spend too much time in chat with some alleged enrolled agent who tells me "it only applies to autos" "it doesn't apply to individuals" "It is not a tax you pay, it is a itemized deduction" "it doesn't apply because your business (I don't have one) is in California"...all of which I knew was wrong because I can read the instructions for the form.
    Glitch in system -checking the box doesn't work - FAIL
    Online chat "help" - Help! FAIL
    Me for spending way too much time over this -ALSO FAIL

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