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TRS Recovery Services / thiefs

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TRS Recovery Services, Inc. keeps authorizing bad checks written using my name or nick name and address with an incorrect identification and another victims bank information and then sends unpaid check notices to me for payment or keeps calling for collection. TRS has allowed identity theft criminals to write more than twenty plus checks totaling over $20, 000 using my information with another victims bank account information. Despite my affidavits about the identity theft and fogeries, I keep receiving notices and additional requests.

TRS still accepts checks using my information and says that the burden is on me to prove that I did not write these checks. TRS representatives have notified me that its system is not setup to identity identity theft victims. Additionally, I have found great frustration trying to talk to a live person and then, once you do, they hang up on you.

Anyone interested in a class action suit. Maybe they will change the system to protect identity theft victims instead of the criminals.

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      26th of Sep, 2009
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    After paying off 3 bounced checks, 2 months later (9/24) I received 3 letters from TRS charging me $50 for each check-service fees. I figured okay, I gues that's about right.
    Less than 12 hours after receiving the letters, they withdrew the first $50 without my knowledge or consent. I did not even have the chance to wake up in the morning and call them about it. The checks (that had bounced)had already been paid. I was told that if a collection agency is trying to get $$ from someone for a second party, they can legally withdraw the money without asking you. HOWEVER, TRS was acting only for themselves.
    After calling them and speaking with a supervisor, they apologized and assured me they would refund my $50. That was all I had in the bank at the time, and don't get paid until the end of the month. They were very apologetic, which sounded to me like they knew what they did was wrong.
    Unfortunately, I wake up on 9/26, check my bank account on line, and they have tried to take out the other $100 I owe them-again, without my knowledge or consent. Now I am in the red $70 for NSF, because there is no money in my account.
    I am furious at these people, and called them again today(9/26), talked directly to a "supervisor", and got the same "I am so sorry, we will refund the money". I tried to explain that they did not get any money, because their withdrawal request was NSF, but the guy was not listening. I was not yelling, just assertive, and begged them NOT to do this, taht I would pay them next week. He hung up on me.
    Okay--Can anyone out there help? I want to speak to someone higher up in this company; does anyone know a number I can call? I am an intelligent person, I pay my bills, even when they are late (I am having the same problem others are having economically), and am not trying to get out of paying them their service fees. BUT--I feel something should be done about this.

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      9th of Dec, 2010
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    i to wrote a check to a telecheck merchant on a sunday around 9:30pm. a couple of weeks later i wrote another check to the same merchant and it was declined, i had just made a $1500.00 deposit three days earlier. i was told to call telecheck and when i finaly got to speak to a real person, i was told that i had wrote a check that was declined for insufficient funds and the check was ran back through . so i called the bank and they told me that the check was ran the next day on monday and that the check was paid. then telecheck put a lien on this account. this was on dec 2nd and we still cant use our account. this is a joint account with myself and my husband. and i just find out today that telecheck has also put a lien on my personal account that has a differant account number, my husband does not have access to this account to this account. now they tell us that we wont be able to use our accounts until the 18th . we have bills due on the 14th and my husband will need his medicine on the 13th. this will end up costing us around $435.00 in returned check fees, when the check has already been paid, and the funds were in our account all along. i dont see how someone can lock up your account and charge you for it, and also attach a lien to another account with a differant account number. well thanks to telecheck their will be no christmas at our house this year, and we will have to try to borrow money just to get my husbands medicine so he can breathe. how we will be able to pay all these fees i dont know. my husband works full time outside with copd and chronic asthma and i work a part time job that slows down to almost nothing in the winter time. if anything should be illegal, it should be this. especially with todays economy people that are lucky enough to have a job at all still cant make ends meet. then to have a ripoff like this is just the most criminal act of all. and how insulting to hear them tell you that they are sorry and that theres nothing that they can do. i know that there are many more people out there in the same position that im in, and i really hope that everything will work out for you, you will be in my thoughts and prayers. and to telecheck im sure that all of you will have a very merry christmas, at our expence of course. so enjoy your bonus, and always remember that what goes around comes around. some day you may be in our shoes and i hope that someone tells you im sorry theres nothing i can do.

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