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ALW Sourcing reviews & complaints

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ALW Sourcing - Collection Phone call

I was contacted by computer generated phone call to contact a Mr Jackson immediately about a business matter on 06/15/2010. I ignored the first call because I feel that if the call is of major importance it is more professional for a human being to pick up a phone and call. Anyway on 06/16/10, I received another computer to again call Mr Jackson. This time it was at 8:45am. Knowing that collectors are not allowed to call before 9am, as it is illegal. I call to speek to this Mr. Jackson. I spoke to a Mr Nichols who asked for the phone number that the computer had call, so he could look up the account. After bringing up the account, he stated the he needed to with...and mentioned a name. I told him that that was my husband and that I could help him. He then told me of an outstanding account my husband had with a department store. I explained that we have never had an account with that store. He then restated the name only saying Jr at the end this time. I told him that that was our adult son and he does not live here. He then stated that the computer generated this number by them putting in the name without the suffix. It is unprofessional to assume information not given to them. And it is not my responsiblity to do their job for them.

Mar 19, 2010

l have files bankrupcty... but somehow, , this bogus bill collectors, are out on limp..senting out false letter trying to collect, , and scam
myself and other people, , , out of money's ripoff, , , stop these ### in there track, , now before they ruined someone life..

thank you,

I am getting harassing phone calls from this company, ALW Sourcing LLC, for $996 for American Express card I never had. Furthermore, I bought a house, this did not even come up on my credit reports. This is total fabrication



same here! got a letter saying owed money on a card never had! WTF! not sure what to do... is there a place to "bust" these people with ALW - this is a total SCAM! i'm your not sure call the company that is listed that you owe to be sure, for example if it says City Bank, call City Bank directly and check on the amt owed. Don't contact this ALW. please don't give them your ss #


ALW Sourcing - collections

I received a letter from this company stating correct address wrong person. I never owed money to a American express company. It said original creditor was Gulf State Credit, LLC. What the heck is this crap LLC... to cover their ### from a Law suit! I am sueing this company for unlawful use of my address and wrong person. I did my own research and found over 500 people with the name that they had on this account in TX.. The way they spell the name was wrong and incorrect and they had wrong last name also.
What they do is send letters to all of them harrashing them? Give me a Break. This needs to stop.

Mar 27, 2009

The company sent out a letter that looked real . It was a collection bill trying to say that I owed money for a bill over 15 years ago. It was for an electric bill. I read that this happened last year a couple of times to people, well they are trying it again. They are also trying to get information over the phone.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ALW Sourcing - FRAUD

Received a collection bill from ALW Sourcing for $374.00, for a medical bill from 10 years ago! I had never received anything in the mail, and had health insurance for this hospital visit. When I tried to contact the original creditor listed as Eastern Emergency Physicians, I found out that they have been out of business for many years... Then ALW's letter states that Invision MEDCLR-NCOP, F, LLC is the creditor? They are a collection agency, not a medical provider. UNBELIEVABLE, am sending a SOL letter. They have got to be kidding me!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ALW Sourcing - False Debt Collection

Received a debt collection letter for $6, 817.45. We knew we owed or had ever owed any company or person this amount of money! Upon calling them they told us we owed this money on a debt to...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ALW Sourcing - Harrassing calls

This company never answers the phone when I call. According to the times it says they are open I'm calling at the right time and they should be open. It is always an automated phone message when I get my messages and seems to be a call that is done every day at the same time. Their voice mail always says "Due to the excessive amount of calls at this time we can't take your call at this time. Please leave a message" I have never talked to anyone.

Aug 16, 2010

In August of 2010 I received a letter from these cretins attempting to collect in excess of $10, 000 based on a fraudulently obtained line of credit. Incidentally, the individual who fraudulently accessed my personal information was convicted and incarcerated for the crime in September of 2008, so I do not believe this could have been an honest mistake.

Rather, I believe this company is in the business of trying to satisfy fraudulent debts in their favor, primarily by using letters of threat and extortion. If you get a letter from this company, you should immediately contact both your attorney and your local postmaster.

In any case, do not send them any money, regardless of what their threatening letters indicate will happen to you should you not pay them. These people are con-artists, and nothing more.

Your postmaster will have good advice for you, once you file a complaint with him.

Regards, A Concerned Citizen

Apr 27, 2011

Just received a letter that looks real asking for payments to an online clothing store that we have visited but never purchased from. A total Scam do not send this company any of your money.

We keep receiving harassing phone calls from ALW Sourcing. They say they are trying to collect a debt for someone we've never heard of. We've talked to several people trying to get them to take our phone number off the list but the calls continue. Is there anyway to block their calls?

Oct 09, 2008

Received a letter from ALW Sourcing stating that I owe $825 for State National Training. I have no idea nor have I ever received training from "State National". They gave me a creditor acct # D0236 and a number for me CA523801-1ML1G.

They are calling place of employment for debt collection

It is accurate. I expect my personel information to not be given out.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.


I got a phone call from these idiots last week telling me that I owed an electric bill from 19 years ago. What are they doing, going through the records of anyone who moved out of the area PECO serves and may be gullible enough to pay them because they don't remember if they owe it or not? I haven't had an account with PECO since 1989. I know I didn't owe them anything because PECO reports to the credit bureaus and it would have shown up.

They really tried to convince me and bully me, calling me a deadbeat, etc. They offered a fabulous deal that I couldn't refuse (or so he thought) that I could pay half and he'd go away. I told him he can go away now, without payment, and to send me the paperwork proving I owe it and I'd look into it...

It scares me that they have my name, addresses for the past 20 years and my Social Security Number. I didn't give them any information except for my name and the last 2 numbers of my SSN.

Nothing has show up on my credit report...yet. I wish I could sue them for the added expense of now having to run my credit reports monthly to make sure they're not listing this supposed debt.

I contacted the NJ State Attorney General's Office, who called me back within minutes. They are going to call these idiots and then send me a complaint form.

We just received a notice from this bogus company stating we owed $256.16. for a Bealls account we closed over 20 yrs ago. After researching and reading complaints I decided to send them $257.00 (in monopoly money)


This is interesting. I received a Letter from these SAME CLOWNS stating that I had an account with Bank that I never had any account With Called:

" Pinnacle Credit Services, LLC
Former Creditor First National Bank"
Creditor's Account number # with numerals that NEVER were on ANY account of Mine.

This is Prepasterous!

And Then the Clowns Sent me an account Numhber that they Made up!

Please Let me Know if Any other Viewers have Heard of this "Company"?

ALW Sourcing, LLC

Who promises that they can offer a forty five per cent settlement on a Debt that they have no
Paperwork to Prove.

[email protected]

Jun 09, 2009


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

ALW Sourcing - 19year old charged off debt

i noticed an inquiry on only my transunion credit report for this company ALW SOURCING LLC i call and spoke with a gentlemen there who wanted any and all information which i didnt provide all i gave him was my name which he found my account with an address i never lived but the point of the whole thing is imensly stupendous to think that a debt that has been charged off for 19 year has not one foot to stand on yes this was a debt i didnt pay but you belive that i did pay it in another respect of have that bad mark on my credit for at least 10 years so as far as im concerned this debt is payed.But one thing that bothers me I belive that whomever sold my account from one collector to the next and put my credit information in the hands of these crooks are liable as well as the credit reporting agency.the reason for my thinking is this i agreed for sears to have acces to my credit not the ### suckers that they sold it to, so if this paticular collector is underhanded in his practicess then sears is liable for the damage as well.

I would like to know if there are any class action lawsuits against this company or if there is any others out ther wanting to sue these ### because i want to sue there ### off.

Nov 17, 2008

ALW Sourcing - 15 year old bill?

My parents have been receiving harrasing phone calls from this company, approx every other day. I called the toll free number to let them know I don't live with my parents & gave them my phone...

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Nov 14, 2008

ALW Sourcing - False bill collecting

This company sent me a bill in my maiden name I have not used in over 15 yrs! They give no description for the bill. This is the second bill they have sent me and the other one is over 15 yrs. old! I don't get it, my credit is pristine. I checked my credit and they are not on there. Who are these people? Why are they trying to collect on a medical bill, I don't even think is mine, and it being so many years gone by that they use my maiden name of over 15 yrs. ago? Really. Do they think I am stupid?


I agree that the company is definatley bogus! They keep saying my husband owes thousands of dollars on an old car loan which we both know is not true! Not only is ALW SOURCING, LLC BOGUS THEY used to be called NCO PORTFOLIO MANAGMENT! WHICH IF YOU look them up there also all over the web about being bougus companys. THEY JUST KEEP changing there names. to try and rip off the unsespecting well there not getting me and someone needs to stop them!

I have the same issue with them, upon my request to send their contact and account detail, they reluctant to share that information because they are billing bogus accounts and accouts which had been paid off alardy. they are fruad and the Government should stop and fine them heavily to harass them.

[email protected]

first of all the only way to stop these idiots, ( i have better words but can't post in mixed company!) is to contact your state attorney general. let them know what is going on and let them know about all the websites that prove these people are scam artists, i did and in a few days, no more calls, and i received a letter from my attorney general with alw's reply that they will no longer pursue me and drop all contact with me.

i told my attorney general to hire me to investigate this company and i'll make sure they are brought to justice. but i still didn't get hired!
oh well no more aggravating calls! good luck!

This company, ALW Sourcing, LLC, repeatedly has contacted me over the last five years for someone's debt that has a similar name to mine. That is where the similarities end. I have repeatedly returned their calls explaining that they have the wrong person and they always say that they have corrected the issue and removed my number... yet every year around the same time, I still get calls. It is simple things like the middle names are different, the social security numbers are different, I have never lived on the east coast...that kind of common sense stuff. I have a feeling that they do an internet search every year and always come up with me instead of the person they are looking for. These people on the other end of the phone are usually rude, have very little grasp of proper english and sound very ignorant.

I have checked my credit multiple times in the last five years and I still have excellent credit scores so thankfully they haven't tried to mess with my credit. They are nothing more than thugs on the phone trying to scare innocent people. I recommend that anyone who recieves a call from them be very sceptical and don't give them any personal info, make them give you info and confirm or deny it that way.

Nov 11, 2008

ALW Sourcing - Harrassment

I first received a call from this company several months back. I did answer and speak with a woman the first time they phoned to see what it was about as I did not recognize the number and was not behind on anything. She advised this was in regards to a medical bill from 2002. She could only provide the doctors name and the company that was filing on behalf of the doctor. None of this sounded right as 1/I have excellent benefits and 2/ I was not involved in any surgeries at all. I took the information down and proceeded to look up the doctor - was not practicing any where in NJ. I also could not find the business in NJ either - they had several off-shoots operating out of Florida. I do not have either of these with me as I write this. ANyway - they continue to phone and harrass me. Since 2002 we have bought 2 houses and moved 3 times, none of this appeared on any credit reports we obtained (and you all know they go over those with a fine toothed comb). I dismissed it as they had the wrong person (there are 4 other individuals in the area alone with my exact same name). I happen to be the only listed in the phone book. I've since advised them of as much (not to mention my legal name in 2002 was different than what this was filed under as I was married by then). They continue to call and insist I am the correct person but cannot provide me with any statements or copies of said bill?! I am not paying them a nickel and would like to know how I can best get them to leave me alone and stop the harrassing calls. Its now up to 4 times a day I get home and see them on the caller ID (I do work full time, have a steady job and income and am not a deadbeat!).
this is absolutely ridiculous on so many levels and its highly intrusive.

Jan 21, 2009


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