American Coradius International Complaints & Reviews

american coradius international / collections

Apr 08, 2019

I just received a letter from above titled collection agency stating that Pay Pal sent my account to collections. First of all, I don't use pay pal and second of they got my name wrong! I pay for a credit monitoring system and I check my bank accounts regularly so no fraud has been...

american coradius international / visible lift foundation

May 12, 2018

american coradius internationalI love your visible lift foundation. But it's getting harder and harder to get the product out of the bottle. Below is a photo of two bottles I have. Both have plenty of product in them. One is almost full. But it's not where the applicator is at the bottom so it's not coming out. The...

american coradius international / False debt claim

Apr 26, 2016

Today (April 26, 2016) I received in the mail a letter from ACI claiming that I have a $650 debt to paypal and they are the collection agency. According to ACI Paypal will accept a payment of $487.51 and that will resolve the issue. There is no issue. I have not used a paypal account in...

american coradius international / collection calls


I have, for some time now, been receiving phone calls from the above company for a debt that I supposely owe. I neither claim responsibility or deny it exiists. Ifeel my privacy is bieng invaded and wish to know if I legally, can stop these constant calls. They are even calling me on my...