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Trophy Nissan firstcapsFix_callbackesquite, TX) / when they screw up, they do it big!

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Ok, I believe most people who know me would say that I am a very patient person. Let me give you the situation and tell me what you think, ok? I take my Nissan to this very large dealership in Mesquite, Texas for service to be done. Just so that you know, this is the 6th car we had purchased from them.I called the day before and explained to them that I have to be at work before they open and get off after the service department closes. I made arrangements to drop off my key in the night slot in an envelope. After speaking to the woman servicing my car twice and paying almost $600.00 by credit card over the phone, I was assured both times that I would be able to pick up my key from the cashier in the sales department. When I arrived tonight at just before 8, no one knew what I was talking about. The key was nowhere to be found. The service woman could not be reached. I waited with mom for an hour, seeing a few people come and go, assuring me they were looking for it. One person even gave me the wrong key and tried to tell me it was mine when it didn't even fit my car. So an hour goes by and I decide to call the main desk and ask for the manager. The guy that answered the phone was rude, told me to watch my tone of voice and my language and then hung up on me. Needless to say, we finally did talk to a manager who eventually gave me a loaner car, since no one could find my key. After I used the word INCOMPETENCE, the manager very politely informed me that they are voted #1 in customer satisfaction. But then he also mentioned that unfortunately when they screw up, they do it big. What do you think? Let me know.

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  • Ma
      9th of Mar, 2007
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    My brother bought 2 used cars fm Trophy Nissan & when the paper work arrived at his home the terms had been changed. He returned both cars to Trophy (they still have his 2001 Ford Windstar) but they keep harassing him for payment although they have their cars back PLUS HIS WINDSTAR. CROOKS, CROOKS!!! BUYERS BEWARE!! What a lie that they have been voted #1 in customer satisfaction.

  • Me
      18th of Jul, 2007
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    This is my story....

    On April 28, 2007 I traded in my 02 Honda Civic and purchased a 2007 Nissan Altima. On or about May 5, 2007 I took my car in to redo papers but on my way there my A/C stopped blowing cold air. I had them to check it and they couldn't find anything out right off the back and put me in a rental veh and after keeping my for a few days they realized that my A/C compressor went out and they had to order a new one and about 10 days later i was able to pick my brand new car up (what a joke) so they had my car about 12-14 days in the shop. After about a few weeks later i noticed a smell as if my car was running hot.. and my breaks were whistling so i took it in on June 23rd to find out what was going on and they told me that they had to do something to the routers in my wheel (brakes) and order me a Radiator Hose for the smell plus they cleaned my windshield wiper blades because i told them my windshield wiper was dragging and bumping. After i left i noticed that my windshield wipers were still doing the same and i called the shop and spoke to Danny Slatinsky who advised me that he would have to order new blades for the windshield wiper and asked if i could wait for the radiator hose to get everything done at one time. I told him yes. After about 10 days I CALLED DANNY to find out the status of the order since i had not heard back from him and left multiple messages but no return call. I thought i would try to call one more time when i received him he said he didn't show it there but that he would follow up with the order to see if he could get an ETA on the part. No call back from him. So I called the Sales Manager, Mike White to complain OF ALL THE PROBLEMS AND MY NOT BEING SATISFIED with my car or the Service provided. He followed up with me and advised he was looking into it. I called Danny the next day and he advised that the part had came in the previous day but later in the day. I took my car back on July 6th to get the radiator hose and wipers fixed... radiator hose fixed, not wipers.. once again i was told to come back because the part had been ordered. Went back on July 17th to get the wiper repaired but while i was there i informed Danny that the car was not driving smooth and that it felt like it was missing or staggering. He said they would hve to keep the car overnight as they were already booked. (i didn't see any cars waiting to be serviced) but oh well. I declined since i did not have all day to wait for a rental approval. I went back to the Sales Manager Mike White and complained once again face to face that i was not happy with my car and to ask him what i could do about having the car replaced. He told me about a page in my Nissan book that explained the lemon law. i called the number listed to file a complaint and was given a file number. To date I'm waiting for someone to follow up with me and it is 4.52 pm and no one has done so yet!

  • Ra
      2nd of Apr, 2008
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    Buyer Beware!! Especially Women!
    I went to this establishment on 3/31 and 4/1/08. Attempting to purchase a car. I was treated horribly. They tried to force a damaged vehicle on me. They openly discussed my credit, and tried to demean my character. They lied about the price I was originally quoted, and when I refused the deal. I was harassed out to my car. Deplorable treatment that no one should experience.

  • Ba
      14th of Jun, 2008
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    Me and my son (21yrs old) purchased a new '08 altima and we felt pressured from the very beginning, we traded a truck in and wanted to only finance about 21, ooo and payments no more than 400 a month for 5yrs, we ended up with financing 30, 000 with payments of 454.00 a month, maybe our fault, , but not satisfied with the results at all, pressure the whole time, , , oh yeah, forgot to mention the brand new car has been in the shop for 2 weeks straight for computer problems, #1 customer satisfaction, right, you go trophy nissan. thanks barry

  • Ms
      17th of Jul, 2008
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    I purchase a 2004 Nissan. The sales person told me the car would be $18, 000 when I signed the paper it was $23, 000 before any taxes or anything. I mention finance officer was that including he so call free year of oil change and tire rotation. He said yes. When I finally reread my contract, it was too late to change the price. They over charged me deliberately by 5, 000. I love my nissan it runs very well, but I will not buy another one from Nissan in Mesquite, Texas because of this. Also, it takes 3 to 4 hours to get a simply oil change.

  • Cy
      26th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    Ok, my experience beats all of you. In 2003 I bought a frontier . Great truck! I brought the truck in for its 10, 000 and when I got it back the truck didn't feel different (not a good sign when they have rotated the tires). So I brought the truck over to some certified mechanics in my neighborhood, I gave them the list of stuff that they did at Nissan and asked if they could tell if the stuff was done. WELL sure enough, they hadn't rotated the tires, they hadn't done a few of the items I got charged for. So I went immediately back to the dealer. The service manager copped the you're a girl attitude with me and I copped a bigger one quoting the deceptive trade practices act. I made them let me stand next to the head mechanic as he went over my truck, my crowning glory was there was a part on the underside of the truck that when it has been maintained you can see where metal has touched metal, the mechanic looked at the service manager and shook his head, sure enough they hadn't done 2/3 of the work they said they had done. Do you know they still talk about me at meetings. Sometimes you just can't tell when a customer has her own Harley and knows how to work on vehicles. I drive a Ford truck now.

  • La
      14th of Mar, 2009
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    A bunch of snobs they are in 2007 I was geared to purchase a Maxima I stood on their car lot for more than twenty minutes, then walked into the dealership and stood there for at least ten minutes and not one sales member approached me. They just looked at me as if I'd just dropped from the bottom of a space ship, I left there and bought a Honda the same day. I can not stand Trophy Nissan in Mesquite.

  • Ta
      4th of Apr, 2009
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    I have a 2007 versa, it has the cvt transmission and needed to have to the 50, 000 regular service done to it. I was mailed a transmission fluid and flush coupon for 149.00. When I dropped my car off on 04/03/09 I presented my coupon first then they looked at my car and said nothing to me about my car not being eligible for the coupon, and when the tech called me that night regarding the blower motor on my air condtioner he said nothing about my tranmission service only that the blower motor my be upward of 290.00 all depending on what they found so I declined the blower service, ok but when I picked my car up the next day 04/04/09, I was charged for the transmission service and the diagnosits on the blower. I paid the mount requested of 264.00. On my way out the door I was reading my invoice and it stated that the transmission work was not done because it has a cvt transmission and customer declined service( bs). could'nt they let me know that at the time of drop off when I presented my coupon? anyway they did not do the service it was determined only after my husband was called and showed up, the point is that I paid for service I thought was done and would not have had it done again until another 50, 000. miles, that could have screwed my car up and I would have been screwed since the invoice had typed in that the service was not done even though I paid. that is crap. I will never go there again. they are crooks

  • Sm
      1st of Jan, 2010
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    On New Year’s Day I decided to buy a car for myself, thinking it would be great way to start the year, so I went to TROPHY NISSAN OF MESQUIE, TX. But when I got there, I have to say it was one of the worst experiences of my life.
    The sales man named ABU of Indian decent insulted me, he was so ill-mannered and he does not know the value of his costumers, and he thinks that his costumers are a waste of his time and he told me this in his fuming accent. ABU has no amount of etiquette and is most disrespectful man that I have ever met.
    ABU has no manners on how to treat his valued guests it seems as his parents never taught him any. He raised his voice and insulted me various times and when I confronted him about his about his attitude and said I will talk to his manger about his behavior, he replayed “go ahead see if I care”.
    I would not recommend this place to anyone, TROPHY NISSAN OF MESQUIE a place where guest have no respect and salesman like ABU are shameless.

  • Pj
      23rd of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Bait & switch is the term to use. When you arrive for an appt. the car was sold a few minutes before you arrived and they push an older version. They hassle you to the point of being ridiculous. These salespeople are rude & inept...managers aren't any better. Finance people lie and treat you with little respect...wish I had seen these reviews earlier. My opinion is that these people are dishonest !

  • Ka
      24th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    Well..Where do I begin? A few weeks ago I started searching for a used Nissan Altima..basically my dream car. I saw a red 2006 Altima on trophy Nissans website for $8, 197, and it had around 67k miles on it. We called and they invited us to come on in to see it. Upon arriving(from Grand prairie which is a good 35 minutes)we were showed the vehicle. It had hail damage and a spot where the previous owner had scraped a pole. We went to the office to negotiate..and about 15 minutes later we were told it had been sold last night.
    They instantly offered us another 2006 Altima, which had 30k miles on it for 13k. We tried to get them to go down, because we honestly couldnt afford that much..we offered 11, 500k but they wouldn't budge. Finally he came down to 1295k. We walked out.
    That night the Salesman called us because he had found another 2006 Altima with 38k miles that he could sell us for 11, 500k. We asked him several times, including calling him the next morning. He confirmed the price and said it was ready. We told him that we were going to come in for it later that afternoon.
    Meanwhile, We went around to several banks online trying to get approved for a car loan for that amount. In this tough more restrictive economy we got declined. Finally we called State farm, who we have our home and car insurance with, they went above and beyond and got us a loan. We traveled 40 Minutes to sign the loan docs and get the check.
    Started out to trophy Nissan(another 35 min drive). When we got there, we went to the salesmans office and he came out to meet us. He informed us that the original red Altima had not been sold and we could test it out. We got in the car and waited for him to get the keys. While waiting another salesman came out and informed us he had already sold that car!
    So we went to see the 2006 Altima for 11, 500k that he had called us about. He couldn't find the key and said he would have to have one made. Went to see the car...full of scrapes..not checked, Not inspected. Not ready as he had said.
    We went back in the office and then they had Me a test drive yet ANOTHER Altima(which had 90k miles)..for 10k! We said no way, then they dropped to 9500k. We still said no.
    We asked about the 11, 500k Altima(The one we had come for), check in hand. The manger came in and informed us that he couldn't let that one go for more then 13k! He finally came down to 12k. We asked him what had happened to that price the salesman quoted us several times. He stated it was mistake. Uh yeah sure, whatever.
    He would not honor the quote, even in the good name of customer service. After we explained that we had taken off early from work and found a babysitter for our two small sons BOTH days..still no budging. We ended up walking out very upset, having spent about 2 hours there the day before and 3 hours this time. All the while being given the run around, vehicles were switched around on us several times!
    This is the worst experience I've had trying to buy a car. They have basically no customer Service.

  • Te
      31st of Mar, 2010
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    If you want the most HIDEOUS experience possible buying a car, then Trophy Nissan is for you! Right out of the 1970's, unbelievable. We drove from Euless with an internet print out of a car in stock to buy a car. We were told it was in stock, we called 2 minutes before we landed at the dealer. We were rushed in to an office by a young guy who seemed very nice and we sat down. We asked to see the car. He proceeded to take our information ( name, address, number etc) O.K. no problem. We just turned in a lease car and we are preapproved with our credit union. Great credit, money down, solid citizens. He asked to fill out a credit app and get pre-approved. DO NOT DO THIS, every credit inquiry on your bureau lowers your credit score and it looks bad when you are ready to buy ( why has he gone to so many dealers?) He asked us what payment we wanted, how much money down, were we ready to buy today. We asked him, Can we see the car? He did not listen to anything we said, just continued with his spiel. I think they are programmed to follow a set script. We refused to answer anymore questions until we saw the car. He got the manager who started questions about, what payment do we want? We asked CAN WE SEE THE CAR? He said we should do the credit because "we don't want to waste your time or ours" 3 things for aspiring car salesman. If a customer drives 30 miles with a printout from the internet, they are buyers. If a customer has turned in a lease car, they probably have decent credit. If a customer says that he is preapproved from their credit union, they are probably buyers. We asked the sales manager, can we see the car. He didn't listen to us and continued talking in car salesman lingo. We got up and left with 5 or 6 following us. WE NEVER SAW THE CAR OR WERE OFFERED TO SEE ANY CARS. Don't waste their time or yours. Do not go to this dealer.

  • Ki
      20th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Trophy Nissan SUCKS...the customer service SUCKS...they are all in it together to screw the customer...I will NEVER buy from ther again and will give great advice to any of my friends and coworkers who consider buying from there...RUN...RUN...RUN as fast as you can...the the GREAT extended warranty that they push on you to buy SUCKS>>>>>>>>>it is NOT worth the money...RUN...Don't do it

  • Ft
      27th of May, 2010
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    Me and my Gf bought a nissan altima 08 from them.. well lets say supposely...since my gf did not have any credit history they were not able to do under her so i was asked to sign as a co-signer. Before i even gave my information i told them and said i do not have a good credit history... then they were like its ok we don't need after 10 mins the salesman comes and says we are approved. We signed all the paperworks and they said they need to do 150 pts check on the car since we are buying a extended warranty. so they bring the car after 2 days we signed the papers and after 2 weeks they kept calling her and said that she needs to come down there and sign the paper. since its way too far from where we live she asked them if they could fax it or something so she don't have to drive. But the guy on the phone said oh if u don't come and sign these papers we are coming to take the car back. i mean they act so rude that we are not paying for that car and trying to steal from them . When she get there they said she can't have the car back because the bank didn't approve any loans . I don't know why they didn't say that on the very first day we went over there. So noone of us would have that problem and now they haven't paid our downpayment money and right now i am overseas and she's having a hard time dealing with all this [censor]...i am very mad with them and i wish i could sue them for all this inconvenience that we had to go through and still i m

  • Tr
      12th of Jun, 2010
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    Trophy Nissan dealership is fraud. They suck! they are ranked #1 in dishonesty.

  • No
      4th of Jul, 2010
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  • Ll
      21st of Jan, 2011
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    I bought a car from Trophy Nissan, a 2007 PT Cruiser in 2007, used, real low mileage with a small dent in the bumper and a small dent on the right door where some one tried to break into it with a screwdriver. I show it to
    the salesman(Will Schmidt) and he said they would repair it. We shook hands! We went in to sign the contract.
    They wanted $2, 000 down, so we gave them the money. They told us the car was worth 20, 000 dollars and we thought that was to high for a used PT Cruiser. After about four hours we finally decided on a price, we decided on a little over $16, 000. We sign the papers and left.
    Two week later they called us to come back to resign another contract, which we didn't like but we felt there was no chose.I ask about taking care of the damage to the car. Will, filled out a repair order for the office and they declined.It made me so made at this point, We left. I couldn't sleep all night.Took car back the next day and left it.
    I told them they lied to me about repairs, and this voided the contract. Throw-ed the keys on the desk and left, knowing we lost our $2, 000 dollars down payment.
    Two months later Nissan Motors Acceptance Corporation sent us a letter that that they sold the car for $8, 000.
    Two weeks earlier we just gave $16, 385.Now they sent a letter for $8, 603.74 for the balance.
    In two weeks We lost $8, 000 dollors.SCREWED, BLUED, AND TATOOED.Thank you Trophy Nissan!!!

  • La
      24th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    ELDERLY WATCH OUT! My 85 yr old father went to Trophy Nissan to shop for a newer vehicle. He had a 1988 Buick that was starting to cost him money in repairs. He told the salesman he wanted something he could pay cash for. Dad is on a fixed income each month (minimal social security income) with just a little bit of savings to live on for his remaining days. In addition, his health is poor and he has a difficult time walking. The salesman took him to the manager James DiGiorgio, who proceeded to fast and smooth talk him into a 1985 Nissan Pathfinder which he has to climb up into. This vehicle has a blue book value of about $16000-$22000. They charged him over $30, 000 for this 7-yr-old Pathfinder. Since I also have power of attorney over my dad, a few days later I called the salesman to see what we could do to either kill the deal or at least get him into a new/newer vehicle for the same cost. I was told because of commissions already being paid, etc. that there was nothing that could be done. Plus when I inquired about the inventory that they had on their website, he proceeded to tell me that those prices were not real and that every dealer did the same thing. False advertising. There are other circumstances with this "deal", including the sales manager showing up uninvited to my dad's house. My dad is sick over this whole thing. Trophy is unwilling to make right on this deal. All dad wants at this point is to return the vehicle and "undo" the deal. They totally took advantage of an elderly man by overcharging him on this vehicle. Plus they set him up on payments for 60 months, even after a $12, 000 down payment was made. Dad won't live another 5 yrs and we'll be stuck with a vehicle we won't be able to give away because there won't be any value in it. All I can say is: Beware, especially if you are an elderly person because they are deceptive and conniving. They will try to milk you for all you have. They do not care, they are greedy. Total scammers!!!

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