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Nissan review: service performed on my car two weeks before breaking down again

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I had repairs done on my car costing $2,578.00 three weeks ago. The repairs were done at the Premier Nissan of Metaire, Louisiana. The car broke down with the same problem last week on the 4th of July. This car is my son’s primary source of transportation. He has a internship in Monroe for the summer, so he headed from Gretna to Monroe. The car stopped on him three times before he got there. When he got there it stopped on him the next morning.

I called the nearest Nissan in Monroe to have my car sent over there by tow truck, I explained the problem to them. This Nissan in Monroe was kind and considerate in assisting me with my repairs. However, Premier, which I went out of my way to buy a car from, has thrown me away like trash. I have been trying to get answers from them for over a week now to see if they will assume responsibility for these repairs. They keep giving me the run a round. Maurice said Rhonda has all of the necessary papers and she will send them over to Monroe. This was last Thursday, July 6, 2017, today is Wednesday July 12, nothing yet. I have been calling and calling and leaving message after message, when someone does answer the phone or when I am lucky enough to get a machine. No response

I have my son that far away from home stranded with a 2017 Nissan Altima which I pay my bill early every month. I now have an expensive rental car for him to get to his internship program with Legal Aid Services of N. LA.

I need help, immediately
Gretna, LA 70053


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Nov 03, 2019 12:32 am EDT

Nissan Corporation

In 14 May 2019 to my car Nissan X -Trail was instalen a new engine. After that ı hear the sound of my engine, 4 times I applied to the service, but the problem was not solved.I need your help for these problem.

Deniz Hancı from Turkey /İstanbul tel +90 [protected]

Sep 24, 2019 10:48 pm EDT
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I bought a brand new Nissan Qashqai 4/5 months ago and am still waiting for a harnass to be installed in my vehicle. It is very annoying as the alarm keeps on going off when someone is not sitting in the passenger seat. Nissan Kempton Park keeps on saying it is on back order ... can someone please help me?

Aug 04, 2019 6:29 am EDT

My granddaughter got in an accident which was pretty dramatic but the air bag failed to deploy. Need to find out where to complain and if need be take legal action against Nissan Corp for my 2018 Nissan Versa S+.
There is over $5000 in damage not to mention that she got hurt pretty bad.

Jul 21, 2019 7:42 am EDT

Please have the local Nissan Representative for the Delray Beach Florida area call me on my cell to discuss this issue about my father in laws 2006 Nissan Altima paint issue.

Dave Blumenthal [protected]

Jan 16, 2008 12:00 am EST

Do not buy a Nissan vehicle in Adelaide, Australia. Service is shocking. Complaint? Be ready to be insulted with ridiculous excuses (even head office). With no support team to care for your car, it will not retain its worth. There is certainly no able support team in Adelaide.

We are horrified with the indifference with which we were treated.

Nov 04, 2010 3:35 pm EDT

I bought a Used Nissan Armada with 66000 miles on it from Honda of Casper in Wyoming. Was loaded and nice, decent price. Within 700 miles the engine had a knock. Was told I needed a new engine for $8000 installed! The dealership said tough luck, I bought it as-is! I called Nissan Customer service, and they told me to take it to the nearest Nissan Dealership, (only 180 miles away!) So I drove the knocking car down there, after 31 days, they were able to diagnose that the engine needed replaced! The customer service rep kept in contact, and said they would see how they could help me "financially" with the fix. So after 6 months of not having my $18, 000 vehicle, they finally called to tell me that they were not going to do anything for me! So I traded the armada in at over $11, 500 loss and got a Chevy suburban. So for 6 months and less than 1000 miles of vehicle ownership and over $12, 000 (loss, + taxes + insurance) I got to be a pissed off Nissan Owner! Never buy nissan! Especially don't let mileage and price affect your buying decision. Out of warranty is out of warranty. Being in Wyoming buying AS-IS leaves you no recourse. So dealerships like Honda of Casper buys these auction vehicles and "Certifies" them and then you are screwed. Buyer Beware

Sep 28, 2013 11:49 pm EDT

We bought our new 2017 Nissan Sentra only 2.5 months ago. When we were choosing a vehicle the most important thing for us was safety rating of the vehicle. After a few weeks of driving we noticed that the passenger airbag light come on multiple times even with an adult sitting in the seat. We took the vehicle to one of the dealership for inspection, but they couldn't find a problem. Due to it is a safety concern we took it to other dealer and they said that our vehicle didn't have any error history and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. We videotaped the problem. We are very disappointed with the vehicle and the service departments as they even didn`t offer us any solutions to the problem. We don't feel comfortable and safe in our brand new vehicle. Never buy Nissan vehicle and do not recommend your friend and relatives to do so. We also have Mitsubishi and for five years we have it it only gave us problem once, but the problem was solved next day at a dealership.
Very disappointed Nissan's customer :(

Dec 02, 2014 8:01 am EST

I recently went into Brampton North Nissan to purchase a Christmas gift (Car) for my Wife and I was really disappointed with the lack of Christmas Spirit in the dealership. There were no Christmas decorations or Christmas Tree. All the other Dealerships in the auto mall had such lovely christmas decorations that really put you in the Christmas spirit.


I took my car in on Monday, Nov. 11, 2017 for an oil change. 2 weeks prior too that I had heard a ticking noise coming from when I turned my heat or a/c on. Well however my car is still covered under warranty, the Service Manager Ron stated that in order for them to look at it, they would have to charge me $109 for a diagnostic just to see what was wrong with it. I politely told him that was a rip off and why u would have to charge me for something that should be covered under warranty. so needless to say after I said ok, I sat there for 1hr and 45 mins and the Service Manager came to the waiting room and was more worried about my brakes that had nothing to do with the service I had nor what I requested for them to take a look at and asked if I wanted them to replace them, I said no... So I inquired about the noise and he said we didn't look at it cause you were worried about if we were going to rip you off so we didn't look at what the issue was. He stated that he would have the tech blow out the air intake just to make sure it wasn't leaves or debris. Needless to say the noise has gotten louder and I waiting on NIssan Consumer Affairs to return my call, , , ,

Oct 13, 2014 7:06 pm EDT

I have a 2017 Nissan Murano and like many of you I am having the same issue. My husband was driving and began to hear a loud clanking noise. We brought it in to get looked at and I found out it is a cracked transfer case!. I'm looking at a big bill to fix this and I am still paying off the vehicle. Nissan needs to step up. Thye acknowledged the issue with the transmission and upped the warranty but it does not cover the transfer case

Nov 19, 2007 12:00 am EST

Had an accident, back on 12/?/03 (details available, if for any purpose), in my 2017 Nissan Frontier pickup. carried to NTN, and repairs took several weeks, but appeared to have been done in an excellent manner, if not timely. Back then, I noticed that the CD of songs that I liked and had recorded were stolen from my CD player, and reported this to the service manager, Steve Luckey, and got sort of a weak response, "we'll look into it but what can we do?" no big problem, I will put the ones that are still available on another CD, and the irreplaceable ones, well? I have now moved to Pittsburgh, and one of my tires wore out, and when I switched the spare to the bad location, surprise, surprise - the spare was no longer on a matching mag wheel, (as it was), it was on a plain rim. The repairs were done well, (if one doesn't mind them being "supplemented") well beyond total, but to have some employee(s) allowed to steal whatever they wanted with no penalties will, I hope, determine their fate - I give them a rating of -7.

Nov 22, 2012 6:41 pm EST

I have been using Nissan Latio for 6 years, the car performs very well overall but each time I send my car for maintenance services, I always need to block my calendar again to re-visit AT LEAST one time back to the workshop - Nissan Workshops' services is SO BAD! Guess what, I have tried all six workshop I can reach in the town. Because of Nissan Workshop Services, I swear to sell my car next year and I will never want to buy Nissan car in future.

Should you need any verification, feel free to drop me an email
[email protected]

Feb 06, 2009 2:29 pm EST

I have a 2017 Nissan Altima Hybrid. I live in El Paso, Tx so we bought it in CA and had it shipped to us. We loved the car until we had a fenderbender and no one can fix the car. All damaged parts have been replaced by hightly recommened auto shop but it will not start. They feel the battery is dead but do not know how to recharge them. They send the car to the local Nissan to have it checked on their computers. The local Nissan says it is the national Nissan and our problem because they will not touch a hybrid. The national Nissan says they will fly someone in on Monday to look at it. We were told by the CA Nissan to just call the 800 number and the local Nissan would have to work on it.What a mess, how do we get our car fixed if something happens to it now or if we are traveling? Has anyone else had this problem? If we had known that there is no one to work on our car except in those few states we would not have bought it.

Sep 03, 2008 1:27 pm EDT

2017 Xterra had a recall for a part of the fuel sending unit that could crack the molding on the unit...Well..the molding on the fuel sending unit did crack and atleast a gallon of gas leaked onto the parking lot at the grocery store. My car was so full of gas fumes when I opened the car door. I am lucky that a spark did not ignite the fumes. I contacted Nissan and they will not fix the problem for me even though it was part of a recall. They say that the recall has already been done on my vehicle so there for it is no longer their responsibility. They installed a faulty part in my vehicle that could of caused much damage to me or anyone around me. I will never buy a Nissan again. Warning for anyone who owns a Nissan Xterra...DONT PUT A CHILD SEAT BEHIND THE PASSENGER SIDE BACK SEAT! The gas tank sits right below the seat and that's where the leak occurs. There is only a small metal plate between your child and an explosion.

Apr 16, 2009 12:44 pm EDT

I have been working with Nissan for two weeks through there complanints department. I have a rear end out at 80, 000 miles. I also had the rear axle and seal that went out at 61, 000 miles. They now will not warranty the rear end even thogh I know the problems are connected. I have tried to run it up the flag pole but there system is only set up to stall helping you. I tried for two weeks to get a holed of shanon of the northwest region. I would leave a message for her explaining in full detail the problem. She then has 24 hours to return the call in which she would but leave no information of where we where with the situation. I would then call back and leave another message and start the whole process over absalutly crazy. I can tell you how upset I am and wronged I fell by the customer service.

Apr 14, 2010 8:23 am EDT

You should avoid Bob Rohrman Auto group. They are in the market to rip the consumer off. With hidden and over charges. I went to their Arlington Nissan and was over charged for the County tax which I live in. Showed them the page from the state web site showing the tax rate for Lake County, IL. They just tossed it away. I was in the auto businesses for over 20 years and never saw one that ripped customers off like they do. Yet on their web site Bob Rohrman himself States "Customer is the most important person". False statement !

Sep 05, 2010 5:52 am EDT

I have complaint about this problem before. The shutter on my vehicle since new has not been resolved after several attempts to fix it. Nissan worked on the car about a month ago and now have added an extra problem on take off. Now with the shutter on pull off there is a knockdelay when you release the clutch with the shutter still present. Nissan have phoned me and told me they don't know what the next step is but they are talking to the dealer which is Nissan Midrand- service manager Najeep. I have not heard from the dealer or Nissan SA and it looks like i am being ignored at the moment. I don't think Nissan have an answer to this problem, but i am sitting with a car that have been stripped, repaired and the problem is not getting any better. Daleen is the service coordinator at Nissan Roslyn [protected] begin_of_the_skype_highlighting [protected] end_of_the_skype_highlighting. What next? This is my 3rd Nissan DC and my last Nissan vehicle!

Jan 12, 2011 2:31 pm EST

I have a2007 frontier, my son has a2005 frontier with transmission problems.the local nissan dealership CROSSROADS NISSAN of hickory n.c.will not honor the extended warranty these trucks are apiece of crapp!Never again will I purchase any nissan vehicle!Customer service reps.refuse to return my calls.Our trucks are not the only ones with transmission problems.Apparently this is amajor problem with nissan trucks and they are refusing to do anything about it.I have read a lot of forums on nissan trucks and this is a nationwide problem .There is a nationwide class action lawsuit against nissan over this problem of which I will become a part of.

Feb 09, 2010 10:40 am EST

I have a 2017 Altima that was purchased new and have had several major issues with it. At less than 100 miles, the clutch broke while entering a highway causing the transmission to lock up and forcing me to coast to the shoulder. Dealer determined that both the clutch and transmission were shot and replaced under warranty. Car was out of service for about 1 week. At about 23, 000 miles, the brake and traction control warning lights started coming on intermittently. Dealer states that the master cylinder is shot and needs to be replaced. Part is on back order with Nissan with no ETA of when it will be available. The dealer and Nissan have stated that the car is safe to drive.

Less minor issues, but still annoying are the bluetooth and cruise control. About 50% of the time that I use the bluetooth, the caller says my voice is garbled and very hard to understand. Nissan does not have a fix and basically denies that there's an issue. When using the crusie control, the car often pulsates doing downhill at just about any speed. It makes it very annoying to cruise at 65mph and have the car pulsate on a decline. Nissan states this is normal.

Needless to say, this is my first and last Nissan ever.

Oct 28, 2008 11:22 pm EDT

I was fabbergasted at the quality of my brand new 2017 nissan x-trail automatic and appalled by their service.
from zero hour the car was jerking at gear change, the service center took 4 visits and a month to figure out the problem.
when the problem was found, they needed to change the dashboard at the service garage.
would you beleive I have been waiting 4 months for the part to be delivered from the factory which is situated 5 miles from the approved nissan service center .
I offered to collect it myself but they keep saying it's been delivered by DHL.
who should I beleive? a respected company like dhl who had never let me down ? or nissan who dont seem to care much for their customer satisfaction?
one more fault developed a month from purchase, the carpet underneath my feet became bulgy, how? it came undone from its flimsy plastic fixture.
good engine, shame about workmanship and time lag.


Sep 24, 2010 10:54 am EDT

We run a shelter for women and children and on 8 March 2017 we managed to purchase a NP 200 Nissan. We were very happy with our vehicle which suited our needs (collecting donations and doing other rounds).

On 13 July, our vehicle was unfortunately involved in an accident. So we went through the whole process of panelbeaters and insurance, which is still in process (and its October!). And we really need our vehicle...

Now yesterday (8 October) the panelbeaters tell us that parts are out of stock at the Nissan plant in South Africa. They need to order it from Japan! Oh goodness! How long will this take? Are their really no parts - the NP200 is new vehicle on the market, but not that recent...

We have written to a representative at Nissan, Bruma but we also raise our situation on this website - help!

Feb 08, 2011 8:31 pm EST

For 5 years I received a statement every month. I paid this monthly payment on time each month without hesitation. This loan was paid in full on December 2017. I have as of this date not recived the title. I spoke with a rep. from your company who was not very nice or helpful. I find it very unfair and fustratiing that I be treated so unfair. The Rep. was very rude. I am requesting that I be sent the title to the 2017 nissan altima. Please forward the car title.

Feb 24, 2009 7:23 am EST

My 2017 Nissan Sentra was recently found to have a cracked head gasket. My car has only 60, 000 miles on it, and this is an expensive repair for such a new car. I discovered that this was a common problem with this vehicle and through some digging found a number to contact to request financial assistance from Nissan. I took my car to the Nissan Dealership and authorized repair. I also contacted 1-800-Nissan1 and set up a file. The response was very favorable and I was led to believe I would get assistance from Nissan after the dealership was contacted. Two days later I received a call from Nissan advising me my claim was denied. They advised me that by authorizing the repairs I had indicated to them that I didn't need assistance. (I would beg to differ.) The people at Nissan had known all along that I was authorizing the repairs and never let me know of this policy. The dealership was aware I was contacting Nissan for reimbursement and went ahead with the repairs anyway. I had been pleasantly surprised when Nissan was initially so helpful and now feel like they acted in a way to deliberately lead me to take actions that would prevent me from being eligible for assistance. Needless to say this is the last Nissan vehicle I will ever own.

Aug 11, 2009 7:02 am EDT

From the second week after I've purchased the new Nissan NP200 I started to experience poor service from Nissan. At first they fitted a torned tourney cover which was changed at Global Nissan eventually. On 15000km I have asked them to have a look at the slipping clutch. After a lot of fighting, they replaced the clutch. I received the bakkie back with a faulty steering wheel, dents on the door and a red mark on the bumper. They stole quarter tank of petrol and denies it. After meeting with them, they just left my office without any solution. After I have spoken with Nissan SA, The lady, Sylvia, just said" Well, if you want to regain our trust you can bring the bakkie back again" My point is, I get it back with more issues than with what it went in for! It seems like they believe the customer is always wrong. Oh my goodness, this is beyond poor service. When I said to Andrew and Andre from Global Nissan that I and everyone I know will never support Nissan again they just said "it's up to you". The bakkie has just over 24000km's on the clock and I hate myself for buying the NP200 or a Nissan for what it's worth.

Apr 07, 2009 11:31 am EDT

I have a 2017 Nissan Altima. In August, 2017, I was told I needed back brakes after 22, 000+ miles. I was upset but had them replaced. I was back for an appointment on March 25, 2017 and was just told the same thing! 19 months later and I need brakes again? I now have 31, 000 miles on the car...that makes only 9, 000 additional miles put on the car and they're telling me I need brakes again?!?!? I called Nissan headquarters and registered a complaint and received a case number. When the District Manager for this area called back, she said that there was nothing Nissan could do for me. That it was probably the way the car was being driven. They are crazy, since I had a Mercury Cougar for 11 yrs. and only had 1 set of brakes put on it. How can I need brakes again after 9, 000 miles? AND...anything that I have had done on the car has always been done at this location. I have never taken my car anywhere else. Well...guess what? Nissan will never see me again and I will definitely be spreading the word to as many people as I can. I am in Customer Service and If I ever treated our customers this way, I'd be out of a job! Whatever happened to the customer is always right? I understand that the warranty states 12 months, but come's only 9, 000 miles. Bev in Macedonia, OH

May 23, 2014 7:34 am EDT
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This dealership should be shut down! I bought a 2017 sentra in august and its already rusting! They said there is nothing they could do. Time went by, like a month, then i found rust on a different part of my car! My mud flaps fell off the first month i had it. This dealership sucks! My car has cLeary been in an accident and refused to inform mE about! RoB sucks and they are Snakes!

Nov 22, 2012 8:54 pm EST

My girlfriend bought her Nissan altima coupe with less than 30, 000 miles on it and a factory warranty was still in place. The warranty does you no good if you cant get service records for the entire life of the vehicle. r if a scheduled service was not performed, Or if the car was ever late for service. If you use parts other than nissan parts it voids your warranty. This includes if you change your oil yourself and dont use nissans oil filter. you need to proove all maintenance is done on time and by a certified nissan mechanic or your warrenty does not help you. So We have yet to find a service department that is not run by crooks Larry Miller nissan denver colorado schedualed maintanence . They put Valvoline in changed the filter rotate tires multi points inspection topped of winshield fluid looked into the things that we brought to there attention carged us to clear a faulty message that the car was sending from the computer. never did explain why the computer was having a problem but it shows as diagnostics .5 hours labor 115.00 recomendation... If the lamp comes on again replace unit...Thanks guys $707.99 Larry Miller Nissan... Car still runs like crap! Suspension is hosed stearing is hoses breaks are hosed, Down right scary to drive the vehicle. but Larry Miller gave it a clean bill of health. The check engine light comes on as we pull away from the service. I cant bring myself to have the light checked out. At this rate I will do the maintenance and we will be money ahead. And we wount be driving with valvoline, And in time the more parts that i replace with non-Nissan parts I figure it might start running better.

Feb 08, 2011 8:35 pm EST

you do realize this isnt nissan, right?

if not, then i will take care of your demands right away and im sorry that you were treated so badly. :)

makes me wonder if you in fact did receive the title and just have no idea what your doing since you think your emailing nissan when in fact your on a public complaint board. At least your short of giving us your telephone, address and social security numbers like some of the others...

Jan 27, 2010 6:59 am EST

I am having the same run-around with the Eastern Region Customer service. Both rear axles were replaced at 58, 000 miles on my 2017 Titan, which would still be under warranty mileage wise but the trucks age is 69 months (60, 000 mi or 5 years).
The axle failure seems to be one of the many defaults that plague this model...Nissan is making no attempt to recall even though its a huge know problem. A letter to Nissan Customer Service explaining my displeasure in having to pay $1800.00 for these repairs and the cost of having the vehicle towed 65 miles to the nearest dealer($240.00) resulted in a phone message from a Mr. Patterson of Nissan Eastern Region Customer service, asking me to fax him a copy of the repair invoice and to return his call.
Well two weeks of return phone calls have resulted in zero contact with him...every call is to his voice mail.
I have left numerous messages, my email address, work phone number and even faxed him explaining I can not reach him.
Of course I will continue to play their game until someone answers...knowing that the final result is that I am out $2017.00
because of their ignorance.


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