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I bought a groupon online for a company that advertised itself as "Better Air Concepts".
The job was to come in and clean the vents through out my house nothing else I wanted.
This past Monday 5th of January they came into my home two people named Greg and Carl. They came in to see how many vents I had in my house. One of them proceeded to start cleaning the vents upstairs the other one was asking for my permission to swab the coil in the return receiver of the AC then he mixed that with some dust from the grill cover. After 5 minutes he told me that I had mold and that they needed to report the findings to the state. He then proceeded to scare me even more by telling me that I would need to change my whole duct system and that it would cost me around $20, 000.00 Then he told me there was a cheaper solution available called "Platinum Air Purification System" for $3, 000.00 and the owner named Chris had instructed them to give me for free the Tristar vacuum. Then I was showed what the vacuum could do which impress me but all was a sales and scare tactic into inducing the prospective client me into buying it through credit. When they left this morning I went thru the contract and to my amazement what I was really buying was the vacuum for $3, 000.00 I was livid, angry and upset that was taken for a fool. I called the owner of the company named Chris at 12:10 pm today he gave me the run around that his people were very busy and he had no time frame for them to pick up the items. I told him listen I am telling you that I

want that contract canceled and I am not responsible monetarily speaking to you. He said he would call me later in the afternoon. While this was going on I sent an email to Bay News 9 and told what had happened. I have also filed a complaint with the better
business bureau against him and his company. I have also sent him several emails with
the "CANCEL CONTRACT" several times using different emails that I have. I have also contacted groupon and let them know what had happened. I am the mercy of this person since he hasn't given me a set date to pick up his items. The state of Florida gives you three days to cancel on a contract which I did. Also the company financing these $3, 000.00 called Foundation Finance had called me to verify my purchase and I told a lady called Rachel in the credit department that I had called the owner of the company and told him to cancel the contract. I asked the lady if I was liable and she told me not to worry that they were not going forward with the approval of the purchase because I had canceled the contract with the owner. I am hoping that everything I have done will put a stop to all of this. If not I need someone to help me. I just need to let others know not to fall this kind of sales pressure and to tell those people that it isn't right what they are doing. Carmen Lopez

Jan 07, 2015
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      Oct 26, 2006
    TriStar - Tweetze from Tristar products
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    I ordered one (1) Tweetze but received three (3) in the mail. My credit charge was charged three (3) times also.

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