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I bought a Tristar Blender for $73.99 with a one year warranty. After two months of owning the product, the blender started smoking when I tried to use it and stopped working. I notified Tristar and they told me the blender had been discontinued. They wanted me to ship them the blender (I was responsible for shipping costs) along with a check for about $15 and they would send me a juicer. I didn't need a juicer, I needed a blender that didn't break after two months. Not only was this a bad product, but the company clearly doesn't stand by their product or warranty. After going back and forth with the company, I finally filed a BBB complaint. I explained the entire situation and they again said I could ship the product back to them along with a check and they would send me a juicer. Unacceptable. I would never purchase a Tristar product again and would discourage anyone else from purchasing one of their products.

Oct 17, 2017

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