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I wish to registar a complaint against Tristar. when we purchased our $1800 vacuum we were sold on service and quality of the cleaner. The truth could not be further away. I have struggled to get replacement bags and now the clips that hold the hose on broke and it have been almost a month before I have receive a part diagram. I would will never recommend this product to my friends. It clean good but when it breaks you can not get parts and you better be able to do the repair yourself. We are very disappointed in this company and its customer service especially when you spend the amount of money we did on a vacuum!!

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  •   Sep 22, 2008
    Tristar - scam and cheating
    United States

    I bought this iron not even a month ago for my daughters hair. She has really thick curly hair and it worked great!! Tonight I started to do her hair, I did about 3 strands and it quit on me! I had to use our old iron and it wasn't the same. Now I have to waste my time to pack all items up and more $ to get some of my money back! I'm so pissed, not even gonna chance another Kstyler for fear it'll happen again. Especially after reading all of these reviews.

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  • Se
      Oct 20, 2009

    You shouldn't judge Tristar as a whole just because you had a bad distributor. That's like bashing on Chevy because your dealer didn't properly fix your car. It's not Chevys fault that your local car lot doesn't know what they are doing. Same situation here.

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  • Ta
      Dec 27, 2010
    Tristar - jack lalanne juicer
    United States

    Never order anything from tristar products. They are a scam and a rip-off. Jack lalanne should be ashamed to give them authority to sell his product. I cancelled my order after I realized how much they charge for shipping and handling. I found the same proudct in my town for much less. They would not take my call and the emails I sent were returned. I even called my cc to alert them to this scam. They suggested I cancel card and get a new card. They still got though to my new card after I cancelled the order and shipped it anyway. I returned the product same day with letter I had cancelled. They gave me partial credit and still charged 51.00 for shipping and handling. I have called several times and each time someone gives me a different answer. I can not even understand their conversation and they keep you on hold - hoping you will give up.

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