Travelgeniodate of return flight can not be changed


my booking code is SXAZOA and telephone number is [protected]. I want to change the return flight from 12/29/2018 to 01/30/2019, still Air China-CA963 from PEK to DUS. My booking includes flexible ticket fee. I have sent several requests and complaint to Travelgenio but till now got ZERO response. So I called the hotline and got noticed that if the ticket is partly used. it can't be rescheduled for return flight because according to Travelgenio General Terms, no modifications are permitted for partially used tickets. I am quite astonished and sad about such situation, since it is against common sense of this Flexible term, and not normal flexible ticket option should be. If not, I have to pay extra 900 EUR for new ticket booking!

Then I go to read through whole Legal Terms and Conditions about Travelgenio Flexible Ticket, on Paragraph 1.Time of Purchasing Additional Services: Any changes to your booking must be made within the office hours of our customer services, and a minimum of 48 hours before the scheduled departure. And on Paragraph 3. Conditions, I am still taking the same flight line Air China CA963, the same supplier Air China and the same passenger Ning Fan. Almost all conditions are fulfilled to Travelgenio Flexible Ticket option. I added this flexible ticket option for this ticket, because I trusted Travelgenio and thought Travelgenio shall offer the return date change option with all same flight info but different date. I would not buy any tickets from Travelgenio without flexible option. I think I was cheated.

some updated at 17:00 on 12/10/2018: I called Air China Germany and find out that the ticket I bought [protected] totally has no chance to modify for return flight because of the Class level. Which means even I submit my change before several day of the 1st flight, this ticket still has no chance to change the date. that is totally unfair and totally disaster for the consumer!

I need an answer from Travelgenio what is going on and what should deal with such situation!

Please help me to align and find a better solution. Otherwise I have to feedback to Consumers Association in Germany that Travelgenio provides fault information for flight booking. I might also consult with lawyer for such issue if there is no solution.

Ning Fan

Dec 12, 2018

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