Travel Help Deskair tickets

On April 13th 2017 I bought 4 air tickets from, in the meantime my daughter found much cheaper tickets. So 10 hours after the purchase I called Travelerhelpdesk [protected] again to cancel the tickets. First they told me there is a $300 penalty, although there is a 24 hours grace period, next they transferred me to Gestavo the agent who sold me the tickets. He convinced me not to cancel the purchase offering lower prices. I agreed. Gestavo send me 2 emails with confirmation of lower prices and itinerary for the 4 tickets. The difference was $514 . Two weeks later I called Travelerhelpdesk [protected] asking about the refund on my credit card. I was transferred to Gestavo, he said the credit is $498 due to taxes and fees, and sent me 3 emails confirming the reimbursement within 2-3 business days. No money was returned. I called Travelerhelpdesk and learned that a reimbursement of $300 will be done within 10 business days. Now I am trying to get a supervisor Wilson or whoever for the refund and they are putting me on hold endlessly and the line drops.

May 03, 2017

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