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TracFone Wireless / cheated and lied to me

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TRACFONE Wireless, Inc. a subsidiary of America Movil. U.S. Patent No. 5,631,947 I have looked in my mannual, and on their official home page web site but find no address, who to contact other than the customer service number, [protected] They have purposely left off all information about themselves, officers of company or whatever. This should not be allowed.

I don't normally do this but this I feel so strongly about that I am sending some information to you.

My son gave me alittle phone called a TRAC phone, for Mother's day. It was one of those phones that you buy, and can use a pre-paid card on, and it would be good anywhere in the United States. The phone he gave me was faulty, and kept going out over and over losing the air time I had placed on it. The last time it went out, nothing could be brought up on it at all.

I called the company on three different occasions, each time it happened. Finally, the tech told me it was not normal this was happening over and over and the phone must be faulty. She told me to send the phone back and they would replace it. They did that. But...before they did, I asked several times if my minutes I had on the phone would be transferred to the new phone. I documented what she said and she said they would be. I had over three hundred units on it, and air time until Nov. Again, I asked her if all the minutes would be transferred over, she said they would.

She told me that when my old phone was sent back they would check the units remaining and add them to the new phone, within the month. Well, I called back and got another tech and he said, they have not been added yet, it would take a month. So I called back today, now they tell me they have no record of the 300 plus minutes, they show NO record of it, and cannot give them to me. I went from the tech to the supervisor and was on the phone for a long time. The minutes I paid for are gone, they will not compensate me, not even for good will. They got the money, and I have ended up wasting money and lost the time on the phone.

They claim I only had 120 units on it. I use the phone very seldom, only when I trave for emergency reasons, or directions locally. I had recently purchased a card for 250 units, and had time still left over, making the time come to over 300 units. They claimed security had to check the phone and retrieve the units on it. That they could not. I questioned that at the time, because when the phone keep going out, the techs were able to pull up the units and add them back on the phone until the next time.

This time the phone blanked out completely. She said when the replacement came back to send in the other phone and their security department would have to check it out, as she could not. It would take approx. 30 day. I sent the phone back, and waited. I never got my FULL time rolled over to the new phone. I called and was told they would take awhile longer. I called again and had a case number I kept referring to, and this time, I was told they cannot show I can over 300 units, but only 120 units. This is wrong. I feel I have been lied to, put off, and cheated. THEY GOT THE MONEY WHEN I BOUGHT THE CARD, and had time left over, and I am getting nothing for buying the card.

They suggested I buy another card and air time. What do I need to do to file an official complaint? This is the first time I have ever done this, but feel like they have cheated and lied to me.

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      20th of Oct, 2009
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    I bought a new phone on October 13, 2009 with mobile web services on it. I activated it to start taking advanage of the mobile web service without thinking about transfering my old number to it first through the website. Well, big mistake. Not only was my old number in the system with no data services, it wouldn't allow my phone to open the web browser. So, I call Costumer Support as I a costume for when my phone starts to act up and get a new number, not on Tuesday but on Wednesday. On Thursday I try my mobile web service and it is still not working, and I have to work on my brothers phone to get his minutes transfered over to my old phone, so I can't get my phone worked on. Call again on Friday and let them know that I keep getting an error on my phone when I do try to open my mobile web browser, they told me to call back on Sunday. So, I call back on Sunday, and they tell me that their system won't bring up the screen that is needed to fix my problem, and to call back today. I call back today, and they tell me that not only can they not fix it, but that they have to have me to wait anotehr 24 to 48 hours for them to get their system to bring the data that they need forward. I feel as if they have had me to call them and wait in long lines on hold for to long. And they only have support services over the phone. Whatever happended to support over the web? Whatever happend to self help? Why can't they be bothered to get some fast computer systems that can handle the work load that they have from a day to day basis? I am tired of being told to call back. Theree has to be a better way for a company to do business over the phone.

  • Gr
      21st of Jun, 2014
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    If it w their "customer service" weren't so aggravatingly nonexisting, it'd be funny. Most horrible experience I've had in years.

  • Ve
      25th of Jul, 2014
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    i have been trying to get 107.69 back from them now for three months when they charged me three times for something that is fraud for scamming people for money an i called said they would give it back gave me 2 back but holy ### its like pulling teeth to get monwy back like if it was there money i am English speaking person i dont need to talk to a camel jockie

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