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Tracfone / transferring minutes

1 West Salem, WI, United States

I have made at least 5 calls over the last month trying to reactivate my husbands tracfone. I know I would get a new number, which is no problem for me. I had to buy minutes right away. Then we worked for over an hour trying to get the tracfone reactivatedl I was asked to call a number to see if the activation worked. It didn't work. They said it may take some time to work and try it the next day. The next day it did not work so I called tracfone again. The same procedure happened again. Finally I talked to somebody and they said my phone was defective and I should buy another phone and call back. I bought a new phone (more expensive phone)and the same problem existed. This time it activated but I could not call. I was told again that by tomorrow morning it should work. Of course it didn't and I made another call to Tracfone. We worked on codes again for a long time, transferring to a supervisor and doing all things over and over again. Nothing worked so they said they would send me a phone and I should call back to reactivate it. I asked if my number, minutes and service would transfer. She said they would. The phone came in the mail about 2 weeks later. My husband needed this phone for his trip. He had to go without. The tracfone finally came. I called to reactivate it. I had a reference number so she could see what happened before. I told her my story of my first phone being defective and the 2nd phone not working and the new one that needs to be activated. She wanted the serial number and phone number of the original phone. She activated it right away. So my phone was not defective! She then activated my new phone. She gave me my 3 month service but now I had a totally different telephone number. That was fine with me but I had only 10:00 minutes given to me. She couldn't find any record that I had 1, 287.90 minutes that were not transferred. That's a lot of minutes and money. I wonder if they still have a record that I get double minutes each time I buy minutes. I was totally frustrated! She apologized and then asked if I wanted to buy more minutes. How can I get my minutes back?!?! All of the service reps were very nice and patient. I have had 5 tracfones before and good service. This last experience was terrible. If I don't get my minutes back I will be finished with tracfone. They recorded each conversation so it is all there.

May 24, 2015

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