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I purchased this phone in July of 2016. I have the 3X Talk, Text, Data and Carryover unused minutes plan. I've had TracFone service for some time now and all of a sudden I could not use my phone service. I had around 120 or so minutes at the time when I renewed a purchase (due to my contract I had to every 90 days) on October 20th. I purchased the 60 minute card (which translates to 180 minutes of actual time added). I verified, and re-verified that this was the case that 180 minutes had been added to the phone. NOW, come December 1st, I try to use the phone and it hangs up immediately as soon as I try to make a call. I call the customer service agent and he says that there is nothing wrong with the phone--I have run out of minutes!!! I am NOT a big talker. I get on and off the phone in usually less than 5 minutes. Only rarely do I call my family back West on that phone and spend like 30 minutes on the phone with them. It is inconceivable that I have spent 5 hours on that phone and burned up all of those minutes in a little over a month!!! Remembering that at the end of the first three months, I had two hours worth of time still on it! I requested a refund on the phone, thinking that it did not work.

Dec 03, 2016
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      Jul 10, 2017

    During the first quarter of 2017, we also lost minutes on 3 phones my family owns. We have used tracfone for 4 years and this is the first time this has happened. Each phone lost about 1, 000 minutes (we bought the one year card with 1200 or 1300 minutes for $100 each). That is close to $300 lost!!! Tracfone's customer service people were very polite but they do not seem to be authorized to do anything to resolve the issue. Instead they have to transfer me to their Fraud Department. I have talked to different people in the Fraud Department and they do not seem to care about their customers; one of them is actually very rude. I am now looking at getting regular phones for the entire family. Too bad coz this works perfectly for us. Besides my family, I have also introduced Tracfone to my parents, siblings, and in-laws; they all switched to Tracfone when I told them how much I save every year. But now, I will have to warn them about the stolen minutes and recommend they another carrier.

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