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Milwaukie, OR, United States
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SafeLink continues to advertise "Unlimited plans available." I joined the program in 2009. Over the last 7 years I have used a plan whereby have I received 250 minutes per month, with carryover of unused minutes. I just discovered that last year, without notice of any kind, SafeLink cancelled all plans, including mine. Our new plan limits us to 500 free minutes per month WITH NO CARRYOVER OF MINUTES.

This sucks. The bureaucrats think they are Godlike and us poor souls deserve only what they are willing to bequeath to us with no say and no contract on which to fall back. Thanks for promising us the moon, Bosses, and then deciding to provide us with a load of moldy green cheese. I wonder what they will decide to change next--after they finish kissing up to all the illegal immigrants.

My SafeLink service

Feature Phone
500 FREE monthly minutes & unlimited texts.
*Unused minutes will not carryover from month to month.

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Lanny Herlan
Enrollment ID: 3173120
Email: [protected]


Jun 25, 2017

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