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I bought a Tracfone about a month ago. I know that was my first mistake! I had trouble right off with the service.
From that point I spent about an hour and a half every day for almost a month trying to get it corrected. I’ve never talked to a group like tracfone techs before who is so good at lying cheating and in essence stealing from whomever they talk with.
If this group of people believes in KARMA, as a group, as a civilization they’re doomed, because their KARMA is black and dying.
I’ve since got rid of the tracfone and I feel much better, now that I’m no longer sharing their souls darkness.
All I can say is, if you’re thinking Tracfone or every get a Tracfone, run away screaming. Your soul may depend on it.
I'm Feeling Much better now,

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  • Rc
      Feb 17, 2010

    When I recieved a new tracfone I tried to activate it on line. When the website failed to credit all 1382 minutes currently on my contract, I called customer svc to have the new phone activated. All the old minutes were transfered to the new phone but the phone was not activate untill the next day. The next day, when I began recieving calls for someone other than me, I realized that they had put someone elses number in my phone!!! Now, a week later, six hours of telephone time with their useless tech. support people, I still do not have my old number restored to my new phone. Each time I call they tell me that it will be fixed in 24 hours and that I should be patient. I believe that I have been patient long enough. I have sent numerous e-mails . only to be placated again to be patient. The responce to my situation has been the worst customer service that I have ever encountered.

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