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Toys r us / terrible customer service!

1 Roanoke, VT, United States Review updated:

I visited your Roanoke, VA locations today and I just wanted to take the time to tell you how dissatisfied I am with your service. I work in customer service for a cell phone company and I have never been treated with such disregard in my life. I had bought 700.00 worth of toys for my son on the day after thanksgiving. Out of those purchases was a spider man tricycle for him. I went to put the tricycle together today (he was too young for it at Christmas time), and found that the piece that holds the wheels to the main piece was missing for one side, rendering the toy useless. I called the store before I went down there and told them I did not have the receipt and the young lady on the phone told me it was no problems just bring it in as long as I had the box and pieces. I packed my 18 month old son into the car and went down to the store which is about 30 minutes away. When I arrived at the store and went inside (I had all the parts minus the one missing and the original box, almost all the parts had the original plastic still on them) I spoke to the same young lady who I had spoken to on the phone and she told me that since I did not have the receipt and they could not find the purchase by my phone number there was nothing they could do for me. I then told her I spoke with her and she said it would not be any issue. She said there was nothing she could do, so I then asked to speak to her store manager. The manager, Ron, told me without a receipt there was nothing I could do but contact the manufacturer. I then explained to him that I did not buy it from the manufacturer, he did. I told him that I buy it from Toys r us because I believed I would be getting a quality product. He then gave me the 1800 number for Toys us and I contacted them. I spoke to representative after representative who told me “nothing we can do” and continued to tell me “ma’m no one is going to help you”. I was very upset and then “Stephen” I believe his name was (he said his supervisor was Caleb) came on the phone when I asked him if he was a supervisor he told me “No I was put on the phone to DEAL with you” I then said I did not appreciate the way he was treating me and he told me “no one is going to do anything for you ma’m and you need to stop asking to speak with other people” I asked to speak to his supervisor and he told me he did not speak to customer’s. This particularly upsets me. How can someone who works for a store disregard their customer’s so much. I then went how and on your website it says without a receipt you could only receive store credit (which was all I wanted), but you RESERVE the right to reject any refund. In my mind that means if you sell me a junk product and I lose the receipt I am stuck with it. On my son alone I spend at least 700 a year at your store, multiply that by 18 years and you do the math. It may not be a lot to the trillion dollar company toys r us is but it is very disheartening for representatives who do not realize that customers essentially write your paychecks. I choose to drive past Wal-Mart and visit your company because I thought you would provide me with the best customer service, I guess I was wrong. I will no longer be frequenting your establishment and will take my business elsewhere. I also plan on letting anyone I know the unnerving disregard for customers at your corporation.

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      4th of Aug, 2008
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    I had a similar experience today at a Toys R Us in Douglasville, GA. My item was a $14.99 backpack that had a defective zipper. My daughter brought it to school today (the 1st day of school) and the teacher pointed out to me the faulty zipper at the end of the day. I attempted to exchange it at the local store and since I no longer had the receipt and they couldn't locate my cash sale on their computer they refused to let me exchange it. They told me to contact the 1-800-ToysRus number but would not call for me, and refused to allow me to use their phone because they could not have their line tied up. They gave me no information regarding the manufacturer. Upon contacting the 1-800 number they said that they could not help me because they can't override anything that the stores say. They claim that the stores always try to pawn people off on them. I reported the local store to the BBB. I am extremely saddened by the poor customer service and the lack of regard for my business. I too have spent thousands of dollars there on my children, nieces, nephews, friends, etc., however, I will shop elsewhere from now on.

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      26th of Sep, 2008
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    i work @ toys r us and i dont get it how u lose such a long distinctive reciept, i mean if u dont have ur insurance info on u in ur car, n u get pulled over, ur ###ed, well u lose ur reciept ur ###ed, i mean, stop ###in complainin, i mean i understand havin kids and keepin up a house, but ### its a reciept, get organized

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