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I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to apply for a job at toys r us. I’ve never been through anything so unprofessional and humiliating in all my life.First of all they herded all of us into a room and called it a group interview.I have over twenty years of retail and retail management experience and not once did myself or anyone else get the opportunity to discuss our skills and knowledge for the position in which we were interested in.Instead they gave us a list of activities to do, witch included a number of ways to stand up in front of a bunch of strange people and make a fool of ourselves.By this time I was thinking, it’s got to get better than this.Well I was wrong!

They started calling a few people by name at a time and in front of whole group they told these poor people you’re free to leave we’re not interested.I’m sorry but nobody deserves that kind of treatment.I’ve already filed a complaint with the BBB on this matter.

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      5th of Mar, 2013

    In 2011 I worked for Toys R Us & had the worst employment EVER!!
    Group Interview, 3 days of training & left on the register basically by myself the whole time! This toys r us in located in Washington, Pennsylvania & the workers were not helpful at all.
    When customers bring up a "ticket" for a certain toy/bike/playset etc they should have a register set up just for that type of purchase. Not have every cashier in the place calling over walkies all at the same time...the people in the back get confused & the wait for the customers are even longer than they should be!
    One night I was called to the office and fired because another co-worker used my discount on a customers purchase, instead of asking me if i had done it they accused me of it and called someone else at a different store and told me i was fired.
    our badges that we wore were always falling out of their pouches because it was not sealed at the top, they were more like little pockets than anything and loose to were all of your important information would fall out when you bent down to either bag purchases or pick stuff off of the floor.
    We didnt always get breaks or go home on time, because some employees got "special"treatment and others had to suffer (brown nosing). They had favorites when it came to their employees when really they shouldve treated all of us the same.
    i have put many and numerous complaints out about their behavior and also to their corporate website.
    i have not been back in that store since! I will shop anywhere, BUT there!

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