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Toys r us / service complaints

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This is for all the customers who are complaining about the toys r us return policy.

Read the back of your receipt, what does it say. Its says that you must have a receipt for a return or exchange.

Not every item that leaves toys r us is paid for. A lot of people do steal, sorry to say but it happens a lot even more so due to the economy.

Here is a little lesson make sure you get individual gift receipts.

It is not toys r us fault that you either misplaced, lost, or don't want to get the receipt from who gave you the item.

If you are buying online and returning back in the store you will not get money back for the item. You will only get store credit, don't like that use the free mailing label and return the item back to the warehouse.

Electronic items:
Once you open it you bought it! You are only able to return for the same exact item only! So make sure that you want the item for sure before you open it

No toys r us will not replace your video game because your child scratched the game disk or dropped the digital camera in the pool. That is not toys r us fault. You were offered a buyer protection plan when you bought the item, maybe next time think a little and buy the item and not risk it.

While I am on the topic of buyer protection plans:
You need to buy the protection for these 3 items:
Digital cameras
Wii fit

If you don't buy the plan and the items do break nobody should have sympathy for you. If you don't think that your 5 child will not destroy a ds which is a touch flip screen handle game system then you should go lay down in the highway during rush hour, or please don't have any more children because we don't need any more stupid people in this world.

The protection covers drop damage, cracks, water damage, and other things. Do your research before you buy! But to be 100% honest on expensive items the protection is way worth it.

Guest service:
A word of advice don't go into the store demanding that they should do something for you. Most likely you are not going to get what you want with a bad attitude, and ignorance. Be kind and they will more than likely be happy to attempt to help you. It is easier to catch bees with honey than vinegar. The customer is not always right and mostly the problems lie in the fact the customers either read what they want to read or ignore the small print.

Sale ads are decided a year in advance (At a convention between toys r us and the manufacturers) so don't get all mad if there is only a few of the items that are on sale or none at all. What they get in stock is based on what the manufacture send toys r us. Best advice is to call ahead. Oh and yelling at the workers because they are out a item on the last day of a sale is ridiculous (Also if the coupon expired). That is your fault and your fault only. The early bird catches the worm.

Online store prices:
They are not the same so quit claiming false advertisement. Online and in-store are two separate companies, so they will not always be the same. Shipping and handling play a major role in the pricing difference.

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      8th of Feb, 2009
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    I was on the computer, for something else, and came across this website. I am an emloyee at Toys-R-Us, and found all of the complaints interesting and enlightening.

    What I would be interested to know, from the people complaining, is this: Have you ever heard of THE GOLDEN RULE? If not, it simply states, treat people the way you would want to be treated.

    I have 3 children and I understand that when you see an item advertised, and you know your child wants it, you get very excited about being able to get it for them. Then when something happens, i.e. not in stock, misread promo, item breaks or lost receipt, it is very frustating. All by itself, it is frustrating, and any additional problems add to the frustration.

    However, please remember, that the employees that you end up dealing with are people, just like you. They have feelings, they are doing all that they can, (at their level). Should they go and just make decisions, on their own and against company policy, they could lose their jobs. This may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but with the economy and having 3 children, one of which is still at home, for me every little bit counts. I am not able to find a job that will pay me enough to pay for daycare and full time kindergarten and still have money left over for anything else.

    I am a nice person and I try my best to follow The Golden Rule. However, if I were to treat you people the way you have treated me, I would definitely get fired. Whether or not, you choose to do any number of things, that are available to you, to avoid conflict is entirely up to you. But, should you choose to not do any of these things, and it turns out bad, please do not take your anger and frustration out on a person, who is only allowed to do so much.

    Please, read the fine print, ask about return policies, call ahead to the store on availability, remember that the store is only so big and can only hold so much inventory. There are alot of people out there, a lot of them interested in the same toy and we are suplied with only so much.

    Yelling, name calling, making a scene (all because you are not happy with your experiance) does not accomplish a whole lot. If your intent is to humiliate, demeen, belittle, degrade, etc. the emloyees at the store, then by all means, please continue with the verbal, mental and emotional abuse. If your intent is to gain something positive, then please read the previous comment. All of the items that were stated are posted. Either in the store, on the receipt or in the ads. It may be in fine print, but it is there.

    In the last 4 years of working for this company, I honestly can't remember how many times I have been left in tears, because a GUEST came in angry and abusive and took it out on me. When the bottomline is, it could all have been avoided if they had just read a little bit more or asked questions.

  • Ja
      30th of Aug, 2009
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    Tell it to them!!! I have continually asked to be relieved of the service desk for the simple reason, that no person can stay positive with 2 hundred people plus coming in everyday and being mean, nasty, and abusive. There is no call to take you frustration out on the person who is trying to help you. Most cases we know what your going through. We are trying to do all we can to have you leave with a good experience. What does it hurt you to be a little patient while we get a manager (only one in the store at a time) who is else where helping another guest come over and see if they can do anything for you. The ignorant stupid people of the year should all get on a boat and we should drown them. Thats got to be the only cure.

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