Toys r us / baby registry debacle

Pickering, ON, Canada

I am writing this as a cautionary tale to all expectant mothers - do not use babies r us registry nor patronize toys r us as a company.

I registered my baby shower exclusively with babies r us - first mistake. Then when I returned to the pickering store 2 weeks later to add a few more items to my registry - I walked with 8 pages of "stuff: that was not mine. My correct registry number but the items were for a boy while I am having a girl.

I then spent an additional hour in the store - second mistake manually re-adding the items that I wanted to the gift registry (With the help of two part-time associates - thank you ladies!). I then went home 1.5 hours later to go on line and cross reference my original registry to ensure that I had not missed any items. Now you might be wondering why I did not cancelled my registry right away - third mistake. It was because I had sent out my baby invitations to my friends and family with babies r us gift registry number. So instead I called the 1-800-toyrus customer care number to notify them of this situation - of course I was not given canadian corporate head office number but the pickering store manager - she gave me the 1-800. Interesting story ladies - that 1-800 number goes to the us call center and that call center does not handle canadian complaints - so why would the canadian pickering store manager give a canadian customer a call center number not linked to the canadian head office. Horrible customer service

This call was placed on april 4 and on april 11 when I had not received any feedback I called again - fourth mistake. I spoke with the csr then her supervisor and then the canadian supervisor. Over 40 additional minutes was spent on the phone and all the while all three women read eloquently and diligently from their script that they"apologize and understand my frustration". The only one whom sounded genuinely apologetic was the us supervisor.

Now let me explain something to the general population - with the recent addition to target to the canadian market place there are four (4) big box national retailers - wal-mart, target, sears and the bay that expectant mothers can visit and get better customer service. Secondly, for a brand that is focused on one of the highest profit margin industries in retail - horrible customer service is not want you want to give to a pregnant woman whom you are trying to build as a lifelong customer - baby through to toddler through to pre-teen up to teenager.

You may think you lost one customer — you lost over 100 because I cancelled my baby registry and I told each invited guest why — that included the women whom are presently pregnant or planning to get pregnant - that included mothers, grandmothers and aunts and friends of women whom have kids...

So really toys r us — not only did you lose the 6 -7 pages of boy gifts that were erroneously loaded to my gift registry but you lost brand integity, reputation and potential life time customers because just like I was treated as a number (By the way I have received two reference numbers for my complaints) - but there are more retailers in the market place and online that are more customer focused than the pickering store as well as the toys r us brand in canada.

Apr 11, 2013

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