Toyota / wheel alignment & steering wheel issue

CA, United States

I bought my Camry in March of 2011; Car had a wheel alignment issue since the day one; it would pull towards one direction & at a certain speed the steering wheel would shake. My first visit back to the dealership was with the same complain within a very few days of purchase & after that quite a few more. Every time the dealer would say that they fixed it but the issue did not seems to get completely resolved & re-appear again. I am a working class person & cannot take time off frequently to go back over & over again. Every time I went for the service, I notified of the issue the dealership & they would accept the fact that there is an issue. They asked me to replace tires at about 18K – 20K miles & I paid & did it as well but the issue was not resolved. Eventually I contacted Toyota corporate & they would not do anything either, other than sending me back to the same dealer who has not been able to do any good for almost 2 years. I have my hard earned money into it & am not being heard on the pretext that alignment can go off very easily with a slight jerk to the drive system while driving. I use my car for commuting between my office & work that is connected with 19 miles of highway drive & 3 surface street.

Feb 19, 2013

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