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toyota/toyota qualis / partial attending of vehicle & irregular delivery schedule

1 India
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Sub : Service of Toyota Quallis KA03 MB5828 at RAVINDU TOYOTA, BANGALORE

For the past one year I have been using this vehicle registered in the name of OVOBEL FOODS LTD.
This vehicle is Serviced right through in your service center itself from the begining.
After I started using this vehicle I have left this vehicle for servicing for atleast 5 to 6 times.
With deep regret I wish to bring to your kind notice that your service has gone from bad to worst each
time.Previous time after your servicing the vehicle had to spend full Sunday at your work station for the purpose of wheel allignment &balancing.
This time you service team required 14 hrs for what ever service they have done to this vehicle.
The worst part of the service this time is that at 8.30 Pm after full 12 1/2 hrs of leaving the vehicle
at your service station the service technician calls and asks me that he requires a permissionto change
some part. Ultimately the vehicle was delivered at 10.30PM.

The next to worst (anything you can think of beyond worst) thing in your service station is that once
the vehicle is washed you person starts writing down an history for the Vehicle refferring bible,
dictionary, encyclopidia which would easily consume another 30 to 45 minutes. By this time the number
of people swarming aroung would increase (like honey bees).

After taking a booking very promptly why do you enjoy in irritating the customers. Your irritation
reaches Mount Everest when your Service feed back team starts speaking like a parrot. When you do not
wish to change why do you want to show to the World that you care for customers.

I do not expect a reply from anyone since I have decided what ever happens I will not even in my dreams
leave the vehicle for servicing in any of the Toyota Show Rooms.

I feel toyota company is not bothered about servicing since the product of the company would anyway get sold due to its quality. Once it is purchased the customers are in trap. The service center sells countless number of vehicles and will have a service center also. These service centers accept vehicles beyond their servicing capacity.

After leaving the vehicle for servicing the CUSTOMER BECOMES A DOG WAITING AT THE DOOR. This is my conclution to the complaint.

Best & Worst regards,

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