Toyotasienna se

First & last toyota... Bought 2017 pre order had shipped to dealer had a defective windshield toyota would not replace... Dealer did right thing undid deal... Bought another one about month later... Drove hour to buy the car... Week one carpet in back was popping out... Waited 2 weeks for new carpet... Not to mention waited 2.5 hrs with kids.
Few weeks later tire pressure light comes on...See Top 10 Worst Companies in West Palm Beach, FLDealer finds nothing wrong punches out the light... Few days later on again... Then off then on... Randomly goes on and off... Dealer can't test it unless light is on... Do I drive around with hopes this comes on to rush to dealer... Unreal!!! Then passenger slider failed... Unless dealer looks at it I guess it really didn't happen according to headquarters... So spent $40k to constantly bring my brand new car in!!!

May 18, 2017

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