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Toyota service center / irresponsible response

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My car was sent for service at toyota service centre (Larkin, JB) and the bumper was dented which I had only discovered 1 day later. I forwarded my complaints to the abovementioned center becauses I suspected it was damaged there. I was given a reply bluntly by the manager that such thing would never happen at his center and his workers would not lie to him without conducting a thorough investigation. I was baffled with his remarks thinking that I was out to ask for compensation. I couldn't say that they were responsible because I had no proof. The case was then handled by a customer relation officer and I was grateful that the officer handled quite well though it was confirmed by them that the damage was caused elsewhere. I am writing this complaint because I was disatisfied with the response the manager had given me becuase that was my first time buying a brand which is well-known and my first service there. As a customer I am truly disappointed with their service and I shall never step into any of the service centre of Toyota ever again because I was deeply hurt by the manager's attitude.

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  • Ha
      8th of Mar, 2010
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    Saya telah menghantar kereta toyota vios, no pendaftaran (DAN 43) saya ke pusat servis toyota MAGNA VIABLE SDN BHD SEKSYEN 10 BANDAR BARU BANGI SELANGOR pada 05.03.2010 jam 1500hrs untuk servis 30, 000km dan membuat aligment, balancing keempat-empat tayar kereta saya.Dan saya juga menunggu sementara kereta saya di servis di pusat servis berkenaan.Sehingga pada jam 1645hrs saya telah diberitahu daripada salah seorang penyelia di pusat berkenaan (Syed Eskandaryan Syed sopy) bahawa kereta saya telah mengalami kerosakkan yang mana tangki air kereta saya telah bocor di sebabkan oleh pekerja di pusat berkenaan.Kejadian ini berlaku semasa kereta saya dihantar ke pusat vendor untuk membuat aligtment tayar dan balancing.Dan selepas diberitahu oleh penyelia, seorang Manager pusat servis (EN FAUZAN) datang kepada saya memohon maaf dan berjanji akan menukar tangki air berkenaan kepada yang baru.Dan saya bersatuju, dan pihak pusat berkenaan meminjamkan kereta toyota avanza sebagai ganti sementara menunggu kereta saya siap.Pada keesokkan harinya pada jam 1745hrs, saya telah ke pusat berkenaan semula untuk mengambil kereta saya kembali.Setibanya saya di sana, diberitahu oleh En Syed Eskandaryan bahawa, manager mengarahkan supaya tangki air dibaiki sahaja tanpa diganti yang baru.Saya tidak berpuashati dan terus menghubungi En Fauzan akan tetapi panggilan saya tidak dijawab.Sehubungan dengan itu, saya telah menghubungi pihak ibupejabat (HQ) toyota dan telah mengadu tentang kejadian tersebut.Pihak HQ telah berjanji dengan saya akan menghubungi sendiri En Fauzan.Disini saya ingin menekankan bahawa, adakah pihak Toyota sentiasa bersikap lepas tangan ketika membuat servis dan apabila kejadian seperti ini berlaku kepada pelanggan yang setia kepada toyota.Dengan keadaan Toyota yang semakin menurun penjualannya, pihak toyota harus menjaga hubungan baik antara pelanggan dan toyota.Kesalahan ini adalah berpunca dari pihak toyota jadi seharusnya membuat keputusan yang bijak untuk menjaga keselamatan pelanggan.Saya mengharapkan pihak toyota mengambil inisiatif yang mana setiap manager pusat adalah seorang yang tahu tentang sebuah kenderaan dan apa itu kenderaan dan bukannya sekadar seorang yang hanya berpelajaran dan tidak tahu apa itu sebuah kereta dan menjaga keselamatan pelanggan yang diwarwarkan oleh toyota yang mana sentiasa menjaga keselamatan pelanggan.Perlu ingat dengan kerana sebuah tangki air boleh merebak kepada seluruh bahagian enjin lain dan akan memerlukan kos yang lebih tinggi dan saya mepertarungkan nyawa saya dan keluarga saya.Terima kasih.Pn Norlida ab rahman / En Hashidan Musa (019 - 9102162)

  • Hi
      16th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Saya juga telah menghantar kereta vios saya (WNE5990) utk diservis ke magna viable sdn bhd pada 26.2.2010 yang lalu. sy terlupa yang sy telah simpan kasut adidas (white with dark blue stripes) dan kasut camel saya (brown - kasut hantaran perkahwinan) yang jumlahnya RM500++ di bawah tmpt duduk kerusi pemandu dan sebelah pemandu secara tersorok. Dan pada masa itu kereta sy adalah yang terakhir siap diservis walaupun saya antara yang terawal menghantar kereta saya. Kerana mengejar masa untuk ke solat jumaat, saya tidak memeriksa keadaan kereta dan barang2 di dalam kereta saya.Akibatnya kedua-dua kasut saya hilang. Setelah 3 minggu barulah saya tersedar yang kasut sy telah dicuri semasa kereta saya diservis di pusat servis toyota bangi. Sy berasa kecewa kerana ia berlaku di pusat servis Toyota yang sepatutnya mempunyai pekerja-pekerja yang profesional.Saya tidak mengharapkan supaya kasut saya ditemui semula tetapi sekadar untuk memaklumkan kepada mereka supaya lebih peka terhadap kelakuan pekerja-pekerja mereka..terima kasih..

  • Si
      23rd of Jul, 2010
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    I absolutely agree; TOYOTA needs to retrain their staffs on handling customers on the following:-

    1) The toyota service center staffs need to listen carefully to what customers say rather than assuming and simply scribbling on the service order. I complained about " sulfur" smell from the air conditioner and they wrote "sour" smell.

    2) Toyota service center staffs need to understand that they are dealing with many educated people and not people who just take in what they say. For example I said "air cond emits sulfur smell" they told me the car mat smells and asked me to remove the mat. If the car mat is smelly, I can smell it if I open the car everytime as most of the time my car is parked under the sun at the office too. Rubber and sulfur smell is totally different. My car has no smell at all...until the engine is running and the air conditioner is on.

    3) Now, any sharp mechanic can diagnose where the sulfur smell derive from 1) they have to ask themselves which part of the car produce such chemicals? a) The Battery b) The exhaust system c) the catalytic converter.

    4) So the mat was removed, the air cond coil was cleaned and the aid cond still emits the sulfur ordor. In such a case, they should refer to higher management and discuss with the assembly line. But they will say...NOBODY COMPLAIN

    5) Many new vios users are facing and some will be facing such problem in the future. Innova users too. So if anyone is facing such sulfur ordor (sometimes we call it the rotten egg smell, please write in or email me) We can form a group to show them that WE THE USERS ARE NOT SLEEPING.

    6) Due to globalization, lots of problems are being shared and this sulfur problem is known since 2003; yet toyota is keeping quiet. I wonder whether the rejected part which is the catalytic converter is being chucked into the Asian market after the Americans rejected them.

    7) You can call the head of the department from morning till night and they will always be in a meeting or outstation. They are never around to at least give you a courtesy call. Looks like everyone is a chicken.

    8) TOYOTA STINKS!!! is a better description...cos my car is still SMELLY.

  • Sh
      17th of Aug, 2010
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    i owe a prado landcruiser in saudiarabia and wanted to buy a toyota fortuner in india.
    the showroom that i visited was dobro toyota at basheerbagh, hyderabad, andhra pradesh, india.
    my fortuner car has been booked by my name that is SHAIK AHMED AMODI.
    we where in a hurry need of the car. firstly the manager named jyoti stated us that she will deliver the car after two months.

    my car was booked on march 2010. when i turned back to the showroom after two months, that is may 2010.the owner of the dobro toyota owner named pankaj has met me and said that sorry jyoti is no more working here and the one who has committed you can go to her.the first day when i had been for booking on may 2010 i had been offered to buy the fortuner on hand by paying a premium of 300, 000 rupees. i said no i am not in a hurry pls deliver me in may as you have said. hence no jyoti and pankaj was just saying i dont know its not possible you are wrong.instead i had proved that i am not wrong by asking the accountant and the sales executive who was present at that time of advance payment for vehicle booking of 100, 000 rupees.
    mr.pankaj had said no worries i will hand over the car to you by june or july or max. surely by first week of august.when i turned back to the showroom again they where making a lame excuse that we where trying to reach you but you where not getting connected. though they have my e-mail, i told them no i didnt get any calls and its the same correct number i have submitted you have my e-mail as well you could have mailed me.
    hence again mr.pankaj said i will be able to deliver the vehicle to you at the end of this month that is august.
    on other hand there where 2 white fortuners kept in the showroom cellar. then mr.pankaj himself clearly said sir 50, 000 premium and i will give you the car now itself or you have to wait till the end of the month.i am really disappointed hence cancelling the booking.

    please TOYOTA look after what is going on by sending your executives as customers and you YOURSELF will notify what crap is going in so called TOYOTA motors

  • Ra
      16th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hello! We bought a Toyota Venza in Augest 2009 and have had it back to the dealer many times. The Traction control for the fron wheel drive pulls very hards to the right on normal acceleration. In the snow and ice in northern Ontario this is very dangerous and when in the centre lane at a stop light, you accelerate to go and you are drifting to the car beside you. The service manager has told me on many occasions that there is nothing wrong with my car. We have purchased many new cars and all were fine no drifting only the Toyota Venza. We are very unhappy with the dealer and when we try to send an email to Toyota we can't because the form will not accept our postal code. No more Toyota for us.

  • Gr
      20th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    I encountered a problem with my last service on the 8th Apr 2011 at monument toyota in wilropark, Gauteng West in South Africa.My RunX went in for the 150 000 km service, I didn't receive any call during the day for an update as to how things were going.I knew something was not right with the car but when there was no calls I thought that my car just needed service and that's all.Went to fetch the car after work and was told that everything was fine.As i drove out I realised that the sound that was there in the front was still there, I couldn't return as they had already closed.
    I'm now wondering if the service was even done...The gear handle didn't feel tight, the service book not updated, car sounds as you drive still louder, car radio still programmed, to name some.Took the car to Tiger wheel and tyre the following day (saturday) and told that the wheel barrings were worn out and the brake pads finished amongst other things.I'm wondering if Toyota 's quality standards and customer satisfaction policies no longer exist or what. I called in after the weekend for clarity and answers but I'm still not happy with the service I got.I received an sms for feedback on the service and I told them I wasn't happy but never got a follow-up call or anything. Please advise on what to do next! I believe this is not fair, I'm not convienced that I got the best service and what pains me is that I've TRUSTED Toyota with my and my family's lives and I've always used their services and got satisfaction out of it. I'm about to buy my next car and wondering if the option I had is the best one... Disappointed Grace Hlatshwayo

  • Ba
      18th of Mar, 2012
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    i bought a brand new land cruiser 2012 model just two weeks ago from toyota dealer in Dubai... i noticed lots of rust spots on the chassis of the same car ... the car is just done 1000km and know with the dealer for service... it is unbelievable you see find your 2012 model cat with rusted chassis... the delaer offered to repair it and apply coating once again but i did nit agree... if you need more detail you can call me on 00971506337433

  • Ci
      28th of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    I have a 2011 Toyota Camry and I am having problems with reception on my radio. Took to the dealer and was told nothing could be done about it. Well I am fond of Toyota's and for 10 years owned a 2002 Camry and never once did I have bad reception with that radio. I can not believe nothing can be done about such a problem. Have the radio is off a lot because of this problem. I hope since you are the complaint center you take these complaints seriously. From a radio listening person who is not very happy.

  • Kh
      8th of Jan, 2013
    0 Votes

    Saya telah membeli sebuah kereta vios pada bulan 3 tahun 2012..setelah beberapa bulan saya dapati terdapat retakan kecil pada cermin meter di dashboard..Lama kelamaan retakan tersebut semakin panjang dan terdapat wap berair yang telah menembusi bahagian retakan tadi akibat pemasangan aircond..Kemudian saya telah menghubungi pihak toyota untuk menukar cermin meter yang baru..temujanji telah di buat dan cermin meter telah di gantikan pada 28/9/2012..Malangnya kejadian sama telah berlaku pada 9/1/2013 di mana cermin meter yang di tukar tadi telah mengalami keretakan yang sama..Saya sangat tidak berpuas hati dengan apa yang berlaku..Kalau kejadian yang pertama tadi saya boleh bertolak ansur tetapi apabila kejadian yang sama berulang menyebabkan saya tertanya2 " Inikah mutu kereta toyota yang selalu di banggakan org".".cermin meter pun boleh retak apalagi bahagian enjin yang lain..menyesal aku beli toyota..
    Kepada pengguna2 kereta toyota di luar sana..Adakah sesiapa yang mengalami masalah yang sama dengan saya?Boleh beri pandangan atau komen anda..Terima Kasih..Khairatun 014-8162834

  • Ad
      18th of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes

    saya telah membeli toyota hilux intercooler vnt tahun 2012, namun apa yang menjadi masalahnya ialah kenderaan tersebut belum pun sampai 7 bulan diguna telah terdapat permasalahan timbul dimana pada bahagian kompenen dashboard kereta saya telah menghasilkan satu bunyi yang pelik dan nyaring seakan akan bunyi benda terlepas pada bahagian kompenen dalam sistem tersebut.. apa yang saya kesalkan ialah saya telah menghantar kenderaan saya untuk dibuat pemeriksaan sebanyak 3 kali.. namun sehingga sekarang bunyi tersebut masih lagi berlaku dan semakin teruk terutama apabila berjalan diatas permukaan yang tidak rata.. dan dalam masa tersebut pihak toyota sendiri seolah-olah tidak dapat membaiki atau mencari akan punca masalah tersebut.. dan seolah melepaskan tanggungjawab terhadap kenderaan yang telah dijual.. diharap pengurusan pihak toyota mengambil berat akan kebajikan pengguna kenderaan anda..

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