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Toyota of Wilmington, NC / lied and ripped off $10,000 options

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We purchased a Tundra double cab pick up and had a vehicle picked out that the salesman said had all the options we wanted except the navigation system. The vehicle was to be delivered from another dealer as it was a fully loaded with almost all options. After agreeing to a price in writing via email (and we still have copies of all) we made an appointment to drive the 75 miles to purchase the truck. After several hours of paperwork the salesman tells us the truck to be delivered has several thousand miles on it (he knew that before we went there as he hadn't called anyone after we arrived) and that he would sell us a truck off the lot of the same color and put all the options the other truck had on it except the nav system as the truck on the lot was a 4x4 not a 4x2 we asked for and the diff would be a wash between 4x4 and nav. After we did all the paperwork and the finance guy kept "making mistakes" and having to redo the paperwork over and over again we finished the pile of papers and went home. After looking over everything again we realized they had changed the price of the vehicle and then they wanted to deny ever saying they would put the options on the truck but why would we pay 40k for a truck with no options when we could buy a fully loaded one for the same price? We are so mad at the way we were RIPPED OFF by these people it makes us steaming mad!!!!! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM WILMINGTON TOYOTA OF NORTH CAROLINA. We have filed a lawsuit in with the courts there and are waiting to hear back from them on a date to go to trial over it and can't wait to show the judge the book of evidence we have to prove it. I will go sit in front of the dealership also with signs of on the truck saying how we were ripped off also and I am permanently disabled and they took advantage of me and my family in a bad time of our life. If you have had similar exp with these people let us know. Thanks.

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      27th of Aug, 2009
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    I bought a trade in from Toyota of Wilmington. A 2008 Dodge Caliber with low mileage. Well, as soon as I drove it off the lot this wonderful squeaking noise began. I brought it to Toyota they pretended to fix it and when I came back because of the same "squeak" they sent me to Neuwirth Jeep & Chrysler stating that because it's a Dodge, they can't do anything and it's obviously a warrenty issue. Since Dodge went under Neuwirth is doing their warrenty items. They couldn't figure out the squeak. I made it very obvious when buying the vehicle that I was driving it cross country. Now, I'm driving it cross country with a loud, obvious squeak everytime I turn or hit a bump. Thanks, Toyota.

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      14th of Nov, 2009
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    Toyota of Wilmington
    Sales financial rep told me it was a done deal but I still have to be approved for financing. He let me drive the car out and told me to come back with the documents he needed and the trade in. I was worried I wasn't getting approved and I didn't have all the documents. By the way, I gave him me down payment and signed papers. I asked him why I was signing papers without getting approved yet. He said not to worry about and come back tomorrow, it a "done deal". I come back next day early morning and the sales person took my keys for my trade in right away and assessed my trade in car. I told the sales financial person I was worried I wasn't going to get approved so I asked him to higher the price for my trade in or try to get me a lower APR rate. He told me I couldn't get my trade-in back and the new car was mine. I asked him how can the car be mine if I'm not approved for any financing. He told me toyota has the more connection to banks than any dealership and he will get it for me and he will call me later. I stated I didn't have all the documents he needed to get me financed to one particular bank and he told me not to worry about it. I was still worried so I asked him if he can higher his offer for my trade in so it will help me with my payment or get me approved for a financing so the asking price for a loan will be lower. He told me I can try but I will only get it for that amount and he also said I can give him money instead of my trade in. Then we go back and forth he is stating the trade-in is his and I can't drive my own vehicle to supplement him with more cash or sell my vehicle to someone else for a higher price. I retorted back how can it be yours when we had a conditional agreement it wasn't finalized yet until I got approved. I was giving him the new car back until I can get more money and documents to furnish for him. I finally told him I was leaving to get documents and try to sell my car for a higher price. We went back and forth on how it's a done deal but I'm not approved for a loan. Then he switched from a done deal to it's a contingency. As soon as I walk out his office, he tells the sales rep to take my tags off my trade-in vehicle. I was appalled by his behavior and I went back to his office. I told him the sale is not finalized until I get approved and demanded to give my trade-in back. He starts to tell me it's a done deal and the car was mine and that's it. I demanded to see someone who owned the dealership or his manager. I was given the run around and told the manager has stepped out. I was furious I didn't want to leave without my car. Finally, after much consulting from my friends on how I should handle the situation. The general manager finally invited me to his office and he was there the whole entire time. I could not understand how the agreement has been finalized if I wasn't approved yet. All I knew was I was suppose to come back with the new car the next day to find out if I got approved. It was horrendous how I was treated and disrespected. After much talking and negotiation, I got my down payment back and my tags was screwed back in my car. It was a learning experience for me and I will never have anyone take advantage of me again. I don't understand why that type of behavior is necessary. The toyota cars can self themselves for their reliability and safety so there was no need for deception. I believe if you want to gain future business with your customers and their references, you should be factual and truthful. Thank you Toyota of Wilmington for the lesson learned.

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      29th of Nov, 2009
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    I work for Toyota Of Wilmington, and they do rip people off and do underhanded things to their customers, but so does every other dealership? Some people have it coming when they buy a vehicle "via email", who in there right mind would buy a 40, 000 dollar car or truck without seeing it in person? As for the lying part of the earlier statement, they are salesmen, thats what they do. They will tell you what you want to hear whatever that maybe, thats why no one likes them. As for me i prefer to by cars from individuals, people seem to be much more upfront about any issues that dealerships. I myself have a brand new toyota, which I did not buy from Toyota of Wilmington.

  • Ac
      7th of Dec, 2009
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    I bought a 2005 Corolla that started to have a squeak not long after I bought it. I got the run around about how it was the fan belt which is not covered or the techs could not hear anything at all. Come to find out much later after the warranty runs out that there was a known issue with the belt tensior. Of course they have no record of me complaining about this issue before so I'm SOL. I filled a complaint with the BBB and got the run around. I plan on getting in touch with the service manager and general manager. Might even try and reach Mr. Hendrick himself. The repair cost me over two hundred dollars. If nothing else, they can pay for it with time and aggravation.

  • Mb
      13th of Apr, 2010
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    They owe me for the the options listed on the bill of sale not installed and said they were sending check and did not, that is how slimy they are. Charged us tax and tags and we had to pay them again at DMV as they did not pay those either. Real slime they are.

  • Do
      1st of Jun, 2010
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    i was thinking about getting a toyota because i'm
    having too much repair work on my kia, but after
    reading all these compl;aints, idon't wont to buy or
    trade with them.

  • Do
      1st of Jun, 2010
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    i wrote my comment above. how can people still stay in busines doing people like this.
    aren't there any any good honest people anymore? i guess that how they make
    their money praying on people who can't afford to be ripped off.

  • No
      17th of May, 2011
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    I was going to get an extended warranty on my toyota Prius. It was under 36, 000 miles so it was compliant for an extended warranty. The finance guy told me since I didn't buy it there, they would have to 'certify it', that process would be $895. The warranty is $1465 for a 6 year 100K warranty. What ### !!. I called other dealerships and they were stunned that they would say such. Their 6 year 100K was only $1095. I bought an extended warranty for $1600 and no other fees for an 8 year and 125K warranty.

    The other thing is that the finance dept will try their best to sell the extended warranty at time of sale. This is where they pus it into the financing which really makes you pay 20% more due to interest. The basic though is, the warranty isn't usable until the original runs out anyway so why buy it now? Put that money into an interest bearing account. Any money made is better than PAYING interest for them to keep your money. They buy the warranty. Also shop around, other dealers will match or beat a price. The warranties are sold by toyota corp and have markup just like anything else. So get the best deal you can.

  • To
      7th of Jun, 2011
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    I am a manager here at Toyota of Wilmington and although I am very sorry to hear all of your poor experiences with our dealership, please also realize that we have thousands of customers that are more than satisfied with their experience. Your experience is not the normal experience our customers have. We are terribly sorry that you are more than disappointed with us. Please call me directly or email me so that I can try to help with your concerns to make it right for the future. We would truly appreciate the opportunity to make you satisfied with your experience. Every piece of technology or person has its bad day. It's not having the problem but how the problem is fixed. We thank you in advance for voicing your concerns and hopefully giving us the opportunity to make it right.
    910-791-9735 - ask for Katie Pohlman or

  • Cx
      6th of Jul, 2011
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    Toyota of Wilmington tacks on at least 10% over retail on their parts and 30-40% above web stores for the exact parts. This leads to substantial overages and calls into question other billing habits.
    Check against your invoice from Toyota of Wilmington.

  • R2
      19th of Mar, 2016
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    Brought a 2015 Venza in with a damaged exterior mirror. Authorized in writing with the service rep to perform $215.00 repair. The service rep mentioned that an inspection was due next month so asked if they should include in the work. I approved the inspection. Upon returning to the dealership I was given a bill for $1, 044. After a hour of angry complaining and explaining I left the dealer with all of the work reversed and a failed inspection status. Wasted an entire Saturday morning and now I am driving a car with a failed inspection status. The details not mentioned here of this episode are further evidence of deceit and incompetence. I have purchased 3 vehicles from this dealer in the past. I am a fan of the Toyota brand but will no longer do business with Hendrick Toyota. Be forewarned that signing a document that appears to be authorizing a service and price is not honored by this business.

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