Toyota / not living up to the name

Cincinnati, OH, United States

I have owed a Toyota for the last 6 yrs. was help with my Toyota Camry 09 and then last year around this same time I was told that I was going to have to get a new engine built or drop a used engine. after they had already put new spark plugs on the car. I said that I was just going to have to get a new car (this was after only having this car for 4yrs and a half. which only had 115, 000). I choose to go with another Toyota Camry 2011 and a year later it isn't working. I keep up with all of the maintenance on my car. this car hasn't even hit 100, 000 and I haven't had it long enough be going through all of this. I have a sick child and this is the biggest inconvenience! I will be writing a more detailed letter to the higher ups because Toyota's are known for their longevity. My 1st car was a Honda civic 93 that was giving to me in 2006 (13 yrs old). I did get a new car until 2011 and I had none of these issues. I'm so disappoint with the Toyota brand at this time. it's looking like I might have to get a new car yet again and I can say that I won't be looking at a Toyota because you surly haven't loved up to the Toyota name.

May 2, 2017

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