Toyota Motor Corporationstaff affair

I am very sincerely to look for a job as sales advisor at Toyota and found that they have a practice as Sales Advisor without ID and without basic pay. Says like need to sell 12 units within 3 months to become SA with ID.

OK, maybe this is their standard to filter quality people.Around 4 units per month, in Toyota should be able to hit it. I really wish to work here and will not give up without try.

After join, found that there are nearly 20 SA with ID in the branch and not even one of them can consequencsly hit 4 units per month. Then, how can the manager request a new joiner without any experience, without proper training to do it?

I try very hard, study a lot, ask a lot, learn a lot thru Google, Youtube... During the process found out many SAs are lack of products knowledge, even some of them don't know how to activate a simple FOLLOW ME HOME features.

Recently got news that managment want to visit to test SAs, manager immediately remove SAs without ID activities in the branch, even some actions are without any initial notice, just like kick us away...OK, most of us are working here, contribute our time and effort here even without pay, how can we be treaten like that? Who still dare to work in Toyota?

Dec 05, 2018

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