Toyota Motor Corporationdefective headlights in 2008 prius

This is yet another complaint about the headlights is my 2008 Prius. I am beyond tired of replacing the defective headlights in this vehicle. As the only owner of this car, I can say that over the life of this vehicle I have spent more on headlights than oil, car washes, or any other basic care items.
Driving down the road, one light will go out...sometimes the right, sometimes the left, or at times both at once. It was when I was pulled over by the police when both headlights failed at once that I found out that this is a common problem with this year of car and it is the ballast NOT the bulbs. The officer issued me a warning and wished me luck getting anywhere with getting it fixed.
I complained to the dealership in Oshkosh WI where I purchased the vehicle multiple times over the years but each time they act like it is the first they have heard of it and have no record of the issue.
I even had them replace the lights at an obscene cost only to have the lights continue to fail. Yet there are no recalls for the defective headlight system for the year my car was produced.
So now as I am sick of dealing with the dealership, I am registering this complaint directly to you.
VIN # JTDKB20U287721036

This is a safety issue your company is well aware of and still fails to address. That equates to negligence.
Tracy A Swinson

Dec 06, 2018

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