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January 9, 2018 at Toyota Ventura (salesman EDDIE Weymeyer). I purchased a brand new 2018 Toyota Highlander hybrid XLE black pearl around 6:00 pm. Once I saw the car in the sun I noticed it has filament scratches all over the exterior of the car inclusive of the chrome bumper guard. In addition the instrument panel and the gear guide is scratched as well. I was unable to take it to the dealership until 1/24 due to the freeway being closed to the Montecito floods and debris flow. I brought the problem to the attention of Jason Rail who didn't show much interest in the problem. I continued to complain and he reluctantly agreed to send you car to some ineffective detail shop despite not even admitting he could see the scratches. The scratches remained so I filed a complaint with Toyota (case file 1804103136. Brian the regional manager came to Santa Barbara Toyota and inspected my car. I showed him another new car with the pearl paint and he agreed that he observed the scratches, but said because they were not a factory defect there wasn't anything that he could do to remedy the situation. He said what happened after the car came off of the truck and
before the sale. He approved another trip to yet another ineffective detail shop which again proved unsuccessful. The 2 Nd to the last time I spoke to Savannah she told me that Toyota would replace the instrument panel and the bumper guard but that I would have to pay the labor to have them replaced even though I had nothing to do with the scratches on the pieces. Incidentally my car had been averaging 20.5 mpg despite the advertised estimate being 29/31. Savannah the case manager said I needed to drive with a service technician to
assess the mileage issue. I drove with a service technician (Noah) who enlightened me as no one else had cared enough to do that if I pressed the update button on the screenwould update to the actual mpg I was getting which was within the advertised amount. After 5 months of constant complaining it took one lowly technician to teach me something that had anyone else cared enough would have told me to do this months ago. He also told me of Jason's ultimate detailing in Ventura was the only place in the area who could remove the scratches from my car. He told me a co-worker had similar scratches on his car and Jason's Ultimate removed all of the scratches. I spoke to Jason at Jason's Ultimate and he concurred he can remove the scratches not only on the exterior of the car but as well as the instrument panel as well. He stated he does this for dealerships all the time and that Toyota of Ventura being one of those dealerships. I was told by both Savannah as well as Jason Rail that they will not approve sending my car toJasons Ultimate. To do so would mean they actually care about the customers experience which clearly isn't the case. There is a lot of attention spent on a potential client and yet once the money is in the bank its sorry Charlie that's you're problem now. Shameful. Please take care out of your customer care logo. So now after paying 40, 000 unbelievably hard earned dollars on a scratched car I am now out an approximate 1500.00 detail which will finally give me the car I was supposedly sold a long and exhausting 6 months ago. Disgraceful, simply disgraceful. I have photos upon request. Debbie Roth [protected] [protected]

Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota Motor Corporation
Toyota Motor Corporation

Jun 08, 2018

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