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This is the first time I write a complaint because Toyota of Dallas had tricked and lured me into their business. I think people have a right to know so that they could be aware of their scheme. This is what I wrote to BBB:

Where is your integrity Toyota of Dallas?

One of the managers named Danny gave me a deal over the phone on a Toyota Highlander for 26K. I drove all the way from Arlington to their place and by the time I came in I was told that it was sold. Few days later, I talked to one of the sale persons and he told me that he has two highlander cars and he has one for 26k for me. So, within hours, I came in for a cheaper highlander, again, I was told it was sold. So, I was dealing with him on a different highlander, which was 31K. This deal didn't work out for both sides so I went home. About 3/4 days later the same manager, Danny, called me again and said that they have a special deal going on. He was willing to give me the same highlander (31k) for 26K. I confirmed twice with him over the phone on the price and the car and he validated it. I called him back again before I take off but now he told me a different price: 26k plus options which is over six hundred dollars more. I sensed some kind of a fraud so I dropped the deal and didn't even bother to come in. The next day, one of the sale persons whom I dealt with before called me and I told him that I didn't want to come in because I couldn't believe how his manager could change his mind so fast. Because of their dishonest practices I didn't want to deal with them. Within 10 minutes later the sales manager, Daniel Dixon, called me and so I presented my case. He told me that he could give it to me for 26k. When I came in, again, he told me the highlander was gone and he tried to sell me a different cheaper highlander for that price. I told him that I want a highlander with the same options for that price. At the end, after three or four hours of working with the numbers, he told me that he has GOOD NEWS for me. He presented a cheaper model with a higher price. THIS DEAL WAS SO GOOD THAT I COULD NOT HELP BUT REFUSE IT. What really bothers me is their DECEITFULNESS. THEY DID NOT FULFILL WHAT THEY HAD PROMISED. They intentionally lied to me to get me in and tried to sell a cheaper model. THEY ARE PROFESSIONAL FRIENDLY BUT ALSO PROFESSIONAL DISHONESTY.

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  • Da
      16th of May, 2010

    Be careful of Rolph the middle management new sales guy and his boss, Daniel Dixon.

    I went in to test drive a Toyota Tacoma priced msrp at $29, 720. Taxes, title, and license "out the door" was around $32k. I wasn't planning to purchase that day unless I was offered a ridiculous deal, so I made a ridiculous offer of $25k drive out. I said I would put $5, 000 down. To this offer, Rolph replied "I'm insulted". I told him I was in no hurry and I could leave. He told me it was absurd to expect to pay $7, 000 less. He went to his boss and came back with a different offer, coming down to about $28, 500. I said I wasn't interested and Ralph went on to explain that most people at this point would try to cut the difference between $25, 000 and $28, 500.

    Without giving every single detail, Rolph basically was insulting me the entire time.

    I was near my boiling point at this time. It was 5-10 minutes before closing on a Saturday night. I then stated "Okay, for tonight, my final offer will be $25, 500 'out the door'. If you can't accept that I will leave and think things over."

    Rolph then proceeded to go back to his boss about the offer. Another 5 minutes go by, and then Rolph and the sales manager Daniel Dickson comes out with his gong (they bang this when they make a sale). I then start to smile and am astonished.

    Daniel Dickson proceeds to tell me that it is the last deal of the night and we're going to make it happen. He writes down the number $25, 778 and has a line for me to sign in agreement. I reach for the pen and ask to be sure "Alright, this is $25, 778 out the door?" Daniel Dick agrees and says "Yes, this is the amount to be financed." I stop and ask him to elaborate and ask "Wait, so this is the total that I will be paying for the car out the door, which includes my $5, 000 down payment?" Daniel Dick then proceeds to agree "Yes, we are taking your $5, 000 down and you will be financing $25, 778."

    Then I elaborate further "Okay, so I will be putting $5, 000 down so that means the amount I owe that I will be financing will be $20, 778 right?"

    Guess what folks, his reply was "No, you're putting $5, 000 down and $25, 778 is the amount that will be financed. That is my offer."

    He then says he has to go and walks away. Rolph is left there to explain things to me. He proceeds to explain that we must have mis-communicated. I then point out that if that were true, then he was thinking that my total drive out offer of $25, 500 +$5, 000 down = $30, 500 was insulting to him. So, this ridiculous offer that I was getting would be $32, 000-$30, 500=$1, 500. They just let me save a whopping $1, 500!!! You seriously expect me to believe that we miscommunicated that?

    I pointed out that he was trying to pull a fast one, got up, and left. Be very careful of this tactic at Toyota of Dallas or anywhere else that would dare pull this. I will be posting this information in as many review sites as I can to inform the public. Be safe everyone.

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  • An
      23rd of Jul, 2010

    It is not only their sales department, TRUST ME. The Service Department and Body Shop are just as crooked. Here is some interesting reading:(probably have to copy and paste the links)

    (this is an update thread to the post above - after they tried to fix it)

    Some Boycott Toyota of Dallas facebook pages if you want to join:!/group.php?gid=104503032921492!/group.php?gid=107009105996516

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