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In regards to the issues of the accelerating gas pedal/locked gas pedal on many toyota models, it is stated by Toyota themselves that their cars are unsafe to drive to the point of stopping production on more than a few models. My car, a Toyota Prius, is one of the very first of the models to be recalled. I have recieved notice from toyota that they are well aware and that I will be receiving further notice in regards to rectifying the problem. That was 3 months ago and now, just today, on my local news Toyota stated that tehy have discovered problems with their brake systems. Makes sense, if the car accelerates on its own-where do the brakes come into place? They don't because there is now a recognized failure with the brake system.

So being I am driving an unsafe car as stated by Toyota, can I stop making payments on my unsafe car until this problem is resolved? Toyota drivers are basically makng monthly payments for their metal casket. I honestly, hope that Toyota comes up with some kind of compensation. I'm not looking to sue, of course not But for the mean time, why should I pay? Can they freeze payments? I mean, this is ridiculous.

Please, knowledgable advice is appreciated.

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  • Za
      8th of Apr, 2010
    toyota car - Intension to post buyer confidential information to public
    Toyota Car
    United States

    I got a letter from Toyota Financial for my permission to "not to release my confidential information to affiliate" or they will take it as ok to release to them...

    "Customer's personal information should be confidential" is basic business morality. It is no clear cut for "who is afficliate" either. I suppose it can be anyone. I would like to complaint that Toyota is too prideful and they start doing something very funny.

    Their Babel Tower will fall one day because of their pride.

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