Toni & Guyabusive

this women named sallyanne111 has complianed about me, she has been abusive in the complain and also talked about my oersonal life that is not accurate, i am a married women and she has things in the complain that could seriously damage my relationship if ever seeen by my husband i kindly request u to please remove this comment, as she is damaging my personal life, i just happened to see it and i am absolutely shocked . plz help if it was just about work i understand but this is extreemly personal and false information.

i went into regent street branch of toni and guy to get my hair cut asa treat for my birthday well i had this rude pumpos woman who thought she was the best thing ever! her name was sadaf nassem she jus kept ### the whole time wbout how many guys she slpet with and how shes cheaitng on her partner. I was like omg i really hope she wuould just finish my hair so anyway by the time she had finsihsed let me tell you it was by far the crappest worst ever, ever hiar cut and blow dry i had ever gotten my beautiful locks looked firzzy and hair looked wonky. are these the people that toni and guy employ and in central london needless to say she was a btich afterwards aswell! all i can say is once a cheating dog always a cheating dog so concentrate more on work

Feb 14, 2015

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