Tommy Middaugh / Liars and Cheats

1 San Diego, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 888-233-2302

LIARS, CHEATERS, THIEVES, CROOKS. Fraud. Tommy Middaugh, Jeanette Bunn and the people at Travel to Go d.b.a. Sky Travel need a class action against them. Total misrepresention of the facts. Great scam artists. Promised the best rates and service and I found none. They could not even locate a hotel with poolside rooms in Sioux Falls, SD. I gave them and their price was higher than my person price. Could not get me cheap airfare on a number of flights.!!! Their 3 day policy to end a contract and cancel is completely bogus as well and you are not told that. Vacationers would have no reason to try the services within the first3days.

I should have checked the Better Business Bureau Report on Travel To GO first. It is awful and a complete travesty that people would wake up in the morning with full deceit on their mind. ! This will make some of you other buyers really mad...I only got stuck with 50% of the full price because they let our friends pay the other 50% as a package deal. They told us they were not tied to any specific hotel but when you go online or call, the people at Travel TO Go will tell you they are committed to Choice Hotels. Another lie! TRAVEL TO GO had sold us a product they cannot deliver!

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