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TJMAXX LONG BEACH, CA / rude associate named sadie

1 8145 East Wardlow Road, Long Beach, CA 90808-3204Long Beach, CA, United States Review updated:

For the past so many years, if I would like to buy something that could be clothes, house items, etc., TJ MAXX in Long Beach is the 1st store that comes in mind because it's close to where we live. After the incident happened this afternoon, I would now think twice if I would still want to come to TJ MAXX store in Long Beach, CA. One of the associate named SADIE doesn't know how to provider superior customer service. What happened was... I have my two kids ( 1 yr and 5 mos & 4 yrs old) with me when I went to the store. I tried 10 dresses to be exact and took the cart inside the fitting room, which was okay with the 1st associate. I came out of the fitting room fine. I needed to try two dresses so went back to the fitting room but this time the 1st associate took her break. The associate named SADIE was there to relieve her. This person SADIE told me in a rude manner that I can't take the shopping cart inside the fitting room. So, I told her that the other lady let me take the cart inside the fitting room earlier with no problem. But SADIE insisted in a rude manner again and raised the tone of her voice and said, It's a company policy that customer can't take the cart inside the fitting room. I understand about the policy. I could have listened to her but the way she addressed it to me is not nice at all. So I told her, I have my kids and I can't leave my kids outside the fitting room (I'm speaking for my 1 year and 5 months old child because he was sitting on the cart, if I take him out of the cart then I can't try the clothes on). In addition, I told her that my kids are more important to me than these other things. The sad thing about this incident is that she thinks I'm using my kids as an excuse - why in the world I'd do that. Again, SADIE responded and said that she is not there to argue with me. If that is the case, I'm not there to argue either. I came to shop not to argue with discourteous associate. This SADIE need to take some Customer Service Skills class as if this continue to happen then this store will start losing their customer.

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  • Mi
      14th of Jul, 2010
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    One SA breaking the rules for you doesn't mean all the others have to as well. You state she told you once and you argued with her, she repeated it and you argued yet again, well yeah, she's gonna get a little ticked with your lack of comprehension. You claim you would have listened but the fact that she had to repeat herself numerous times before you finally grasped it prooves you were unable to listen.
    Your kids in this case are an excuse. You should ask them to hold any dresses you're interested in until you can return sans kid or wit someone who can watch them while you try things on. Can it be annoying to have to do things that way? Yes, of course, but those are the breaks when you pop out a child (or two).
    Perhaps in the future you could have his carseat with you and go to the handicap changing room so you'll have a seat to place said carseat on and room for the 1 year old to move about while you change.
    Looking at it from the store's POV they don't know if you're stuffing clothes under your kid in the cart or what. People use their kids to help shoplift all the time. The term better safe than sorry comes into play here.

  • Sh
      15th of Jul, 2010
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    The thing I keep reading over and over again is customers complaining that the SA won't break company policy for them. If they tell them no, they are being rude. I guess they expect the SA should get fired catering to their wants or they just aren't giving good customer service.

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