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To Whom it may concern.

I purchased a Tissot watch from cancel walk in 2012. (Don't have exact date as store has warrantee card.) Value was +/- R3000

The watch was loosing time, so took it into Canal Walk for repairs in July 2013, repairs took a two months. Then three months later the problem started again. I again took the watch in and this time while I had to wait longer, they informed me that they replaced the inside of the watch. I was happy at the time as I assumed this issue was over. (From second repair I only received my watch back around January as the supplier closed for Christmas - understandable)

Last year November the watch stopped completely. Took it to a jeweler and was informed that there was no pulse on the watch and should take it back to the supplier.

So handed my watch in on the 16.11.14.

To date I still don't have my watch. In the last 2 years my watch has been in for repairs a total +/- 9 months.

I understand that items needs to be sent to suppliers and that twice my watch was given in just before Christmas, but I am now over this process.

I have even started looking around to purchase a new watch else where. I find myself in a difficult position as I spent a lot of money on this watch, but don't get the chance to ware it.

I have heard from all my friends and family that Tissot is a good brand and that this is not normal.

I still want - Need a watch... Please can you assist with this complaint. I have been into the store once and called twice to follow up. There was one voice mail saying that my watch is still at the supplier.

I now find this unacceptable. (Just been informed that watch needs service and will cost +/- R650 - This is very strange as this is suppose to be a branch new watch)

I am also going to put my complaint forward to the Complaints Board for Tissot)

Please can I rather have my money back or replace the watch, or give me another watch. Something that works and will not need constant repairs.

I just want this to be over. Please can you assist.

Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards


Feb 13, 2015

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