Tissotreliability/long life

Good day.
My wife purchased a Tissot for me as an anniversary gift in 2014.
Within 1 year, I had to replace the battery, which I did at the watch shop we purchased the watch from.
By the end of the second year, the watch was no longer keeping time correctly.
I took the watch back to the shop, they checked the battery, everything was good.
The watch then kept time for another month and started to lose time again.
I took it back. Now, the watch is out of warrantee...of 2 years. I took it back to the shop who then sent it in.
They want to charge me R1850 to repair the watch.
We purchased a Tissot. Not a Justin, not another cheap lucky packet watch...a Tissot...since 1856. Surely, by now, the watches manufactured by Tissot are of exquisite quality. I expected a much longer life span for this watch. I don't understand why a watch of this high standard could only last a year. I also don't understand why you only provide a 2 year warrantee on your watches if a watch of a lesser brand (Fossil) can offer a longer warrantee. Perhaps they have more faith in their brand?
I would like to know from you, Tissot, what can be done about this situation. I am losing my faith in Tissot because the brand doesn't last long enough to outweigh the cost.
I would appreciate a repair at no charge, with a guarantee that my very well kept, immaculate, 2 year old watch will last me longer than just 2 years. Perhaps I am the lucky one that got the runt of the litter.
Kindly let me know what you can do please.
I don't see a place to put my details.
My name is Malcolm Holden
Cell number +[protected]
Email [protected]
Thank you

Feb 01, 2017

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