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Holsted Jewelers reviews & complaints

Holsted Jewelers complaints 80

Holsted Jewelers - jewelry

You have sent me several of your jewelry that I never order. I have received 6 packages of your jewelry I haven't even open and you have charge me $66.98 for each one sent to my fingerhut account. As of 06/27/2018 that amount comes to $401.88. This amount has been charge to my fingerhut account which I have to make payments for something I didn't want. I need to know how I send this jewelry back to get a on my fingerhut account. I cancelled this after you sent be by free rings I thought.

Back on 07/02/2017 but you still sent me more jewelry,

Your Phone numbers for contacting you are useless

Thank you

Sally Wells

Holsted Jewelers - Undelivered merchandise!

I ordered a ruby ring from you in July, 2016, which has ruby's all the way around it (not sure what order number is), but I have not received it. I received a card in one of the Fingerhut orders that I received, that is how I found out about the rings in the first place. I ordered the rings (there were 2 rings ordered at the same time), I received one of the rings which was a black onyx ring, and also the ruby ring. The size for the black onyx ring was right, but it broke me out, so it was not a real one which is what I thought it was. Would you please either send the ring or replace the money to my Fingerhut account!
Thank you,

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Holsted Jewelers - Free ring offer - gift code [protected]

These rings were yo be delivered before Xmas and charged to my Fingerhut account. They have not been delivered. I don't want to do business with a company that does not follow through as promised. I did mot ask for these product or solicit for them in anyway. Please cancel my order.

Ruby J. Allen
560 Harmon St.
Detroit, MI

Our delivery time frame for free jewelry is 2 to 3 weeks and we do not offer rush delivery for free ring offer. We have canceled the order per customer request and rest assured no future shipments will be processed, shipped or billed.

Holsted Jewelers - Gift cards never received

My complaint has been ongoing since 2013. With each purchase, they promise you a 25$ Walmart gift card. To date, I have received one!, They owe me 5/25$'s and one 50$. Everything they have asked of...

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Holsted Jewelers - Waited months for a award letter to receive my Walmart gift card for 25.00 even though they said it would be a giftcard of my choosing for 50.00

Holsted Jewlers has harrassed me to order more jewelry, I had to keep putting return to sender on packages that they had no rite to send in fact I repeatedly had to call and them to stop ?I was promised a fifty dollar giftcard from a few different places after months of yes we sent you the paper work I finaly received the paper to pick my giftcard but if I chose Walmsrt they would only get a twentyfive dollar one if I chose a holsted jeweler card they would honor the fifty.I filled it out for Walmart .I waited around a month or two and called to see where the giftcard was I was told it was in the mail now months go buy and I receive more paperwork to get the giftcard, so I have went on there site and filled in everything they wanted so is this just another scam.I am so tired of the lies they tell.

Holsted Jewelers - Walmart Gift Card

I am still waiting for a promised gift card of $25. I see that I am not the only person who has been scammed. I have never gotten the award, cannot log into there website, do not not see any way to contact them other than online. This is definitely a luring tactic to get you to but into their products. I also would like to sue them and join into any lawsuit pending. "[protected]@comcast.net".

I am in the same boat as you. It have been waiting 4 months for my gift card to Walmart and I have been told they are expediting my complaint. I have called and emailed them every mo nth Maybe we should sue them for false advertisement What do you think?

Ive been trying to get my Walmart card since February. I call once a month. I will keep on until I get it. Phone no to call them is: [protected]
customer service You must fill out a form with your name and address etc. Then they will tell you they did not get the form. You must do it again. Second time they got my form. Now waiting on a pin number from them. We will see. Time for me to call again.

Holsted Jewelers - Taking money out of bank

this joke of a business is really out of their tree they keep taking $66.98 out then they take it out a second time I've called and told them do not take money out of my account I keep sending back everything they send me so yesterday both amounts were gone but this morning they took out another $66.98 . I tell them I don't have the money to have them do this and I can't get them to stop I want my money back now another bill is going to try and get money and it's not there.i've changed my debit card twice and they still do it

Holsted Jewelers - Jewelry (rings)

I ordered from Finger hut with an offer for 2 free rings, only to pay for shipping and handling. Once I did, every other week we received another packet of jewelry. I read the fine print which stated to call to cancel being in this monthly club; PLUS returned the jewelry with the postcard stating "I am returning this item. Please cancel me out of this program" ONLY FOR THE FORTH OR FIFTH TIME. Then noticed on my finger hut statement that they had charged me for two items costing approximately $66.00 each. I called finger hut to complain. They stated that they are not affiliated with Holsted Jewelry's but was happy to provide me with a 1-800. I was told that they had just received my cancellation notice two weeks ago, but another shipment had already been sent. They stated to send pkg back stating return to sender, but that costs additional charges. Sending back again with this little ring sent in a big pkg. Not even real. Advised them to remove the current charges. As I will be watching my next statement and returning more items. Milwaukee, WI. NOW I CANT SEND THIS COMPLAINT :/

Holsted Jewelers - Gift cards

I ordered rings because I received a phamplet in the US mail and I was given a scratch off for a walmart gift card for $25.00. I was talked into subscribing to Magazine Rewards Plus for a $50.00 gift card and cancel anytime and still receive the gift cards. Then I was called and asked about purchasing more rings with a Dine & Go gift card with purchase for $75.00 and I have yet to receive anything. I have called numerous times and they act stupid to any of it and I am sick and tired of being lied to and this company needs exposed for fraud. I am filing a complaint with the Illinois Attorney General's office after I am finished with this and getting a real lawyer to help all of us in the future.

I know, they scam like crazy. I did this and then I also filed a complaint with the Attorney General's Office and I am getting results a little at a time. They're disgusting and should not be allowed to operate a business. Hopefully they'll hang themselves and move on from ripping off people.

Never got the gift card all I get is paper work and now that say do something in a link and its not there to do

Holsted Jewelers - Pending

I was sent a card for two free rings if I paid postage, which I did. I told the girl I talked to I did not want to join any club or buy the matching earrings . They charged my CC $1.02 on Feb 12 twice and then on Feb 14th they charged it another $3.02 twice and then there appeared a charge for $66.98 with no explanations. After I contacted PayPal two days later I received a letter saying they shipped out the exact earrings I said I didn't want and charged me$66.98 for them. I joined nothing. I don't want any jewellery and I don't want to belong to a club. I want my monies returned (as will be the package they supposedly sent out) and my CC number destroyed . Never to be heard from them again

Mar 02, 2016

Holsted Jewelers - 2 fake rings

They scammed me bad! When I talked to the lady, I ordered the 2 rings I thought supposedly that was a gift, or at least that was said it was a gift. Turns out to be a scam. The lady kept trying to get me to get earrings and I said "NO" I just want the 2 rings that were gifts". Then she asked bout a membership, which again I said "NO! I can't! I just want the 2 rings plz that's all! I got Lil kids and if those 2 charges of $66.99 go thru, then my lights get cut off and that will be real bad. I guess that lady to upon herself to enroll me even tho I said no 5 different times. Not cool yall are scamming people. I Google yall and the story's were all scam stories just like mine! Yall should be sued!

I was beginning to think that I was the only.1 My experience with Holstead has been agri dulce ( sweet and sour) I started this relationship in 2013. Besides the fact that the jewelry is not up to standard, The way they handle the customers is the worst. It is now 2016, and after at least 6 transactions. I have yet to receive just one $25 certificate (and one $50 certificate) from all the ones they owe me! They send you a letter in the mail, you must fill and mail. Time goes by, you hear nothing. You call, they say they never received it. they will mail another. They do this hoping that maybe? i'll just go away. Don't hold your breath.

Mar 02, 2016

Holsted Jewelers - Promise of Walmart gift card

When I signed up with Holsted I was promised to free rings for the price of shipping and handling. I was also promised a Walmart $25 gift card. THis was back in October. I received one ring which wa...

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Holsted Jewelers - Unauthorized charges to my debit account

Ordered free rings all I was supposed to pay was shipping and handling. I received overdraft fees from my bank. Them guys had continuous took very small amount of money without my knowledge and...

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Holsted Jewelers - Walmart gift card

I had order the jewelers to get the Walmart gift card. I never recived it. Then I called on November 23, 2015 four months after I didn't recieve anything. They told me they would send out another onein 3 to 4 weeks. I waited didn't recieve anything called again on December 12, 2015 told me the same thing 3 to 4 weeks. Called again on January 13, 2016 told me sorry for the inconvinance but they will put a rush on it. I should have it 2 to 3 weeks. Now I called today February 18, 2016 and they told me the ame thing as before. It will take 3 to 4 weeks. I ask to speak to a supervisor and the lady Mary who I was talking to say let find one can you hold, I said yes I sure can. She been gone away from the phone for 25 minutes already and I'm still holding. I would like to know what are they going to do about my gift card. I'll never order nothing else from them they are Liars. So now I'm going to put them on Social media as LAIRS the whole Website and phone numbers. I'm going as far as taking a picture of the out side envelope so the world can see what the had offered me and didn't go through with it.

Feb 13, 2016

Holsted Jewelers - Program not signed up for

Received two charges to my PayPal account, called, complained and they returned the money. I made sure that I wasn't signed up for any sort of program to receive jewelry.

A week later, two more charges well over $100, again, but this time when I called they said the items had been shipped and I'd have to return them to receive a refund. Never mind I didn't order the items.

Fortunately tracking was attached to the return so I know they have received it but of course it takes time to move through their system, funny it takes no time at all to charge my account.

I recently heard that if you receive merchandise like this it is mail fraud and to contact your postmaster which I am following up on this coming week.

If I do get my money returned I am still out of the return postage with tracking and the time invested in this charade.

Never, never give your card numbers to any fly by night operation, only established businesses such ch as Sears, Lowes, ...the shady operators will offer a deal and once they have your card number they can charge what they want or sign you up for a program that looks legit but is simply a maneuver to charge you for stuff you haven't ordered.

Holsted Jewelers - unethical behavior

I placed 2 different orders (about 3 weeks apart) with Holsted Jewelers, before I had internet. When I received the jewelry it looked very cheap and not like the pictures at all. But I figured lesson...

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Feb 03, 2016

Holsted Jewelers - Unauthorized charges

I at one time bought a couple or rings because I more or less had 2 from halstead jewelry in a Disney club thing rings were free just pay s & h, had 2 do this 2 complete agreement with company so I did, well since then Holstead has sent me 2 jewelry ordrs that I did not agre 2 buy nor did I ordr them n they charged them 3 my credit card at 59.95 . I sent the 1st shipment back n told them I dint ordr ths, do not want this n 2 take ths charge off of my credit card n not 2 put another charge on my card again . Well in todays mail I got another shipment from Holstead that they charged 2 my credit card, I also am gona get hold of my credit card holder because because I told them not 2 evcepy any more charges from Holstead, how do u stop this ? Thank U Sunny Jacubowski my email is [protected]@hotmail.com

Holsted Jewelers - Scam

I received your wonderful offer for 1 ring with a scratch off to get a 2nd ring as well. All i had to do was pay s/h which i did. I also was to get a $25.00 walmart gift card. The rings arrived and thank god i read all the paper work that came with the rings. They automatically sign you up for a shipment of jewelry every 4 weeks. Now none of this was stated with the offer. I was informed that my c/c will be charged for these shipments i don't want.
I got on the phone so fast and cancelled all of that. I spoke with a rio, e/id [protected] and he gauranteed i would get nothing shipped to me and nothing charged on my card. After reading these reviews i cancelled my c/c as well. They are sending me a new 1.
Lesson here ladies do not wait for this scaming [protected]@@ company to do anything and i better receive my walmart gift card as well.

Holsted Jewelers - Jewelry being sent after cancellation

I ordered the 2 free rings got them they are crap. Turned green in 24 hours. But within days another package arrived I had already canceled. I did not order anything then a few more days another package arrived. Both packages were billed to my card each for $66.99. I called they said when packages returned to them they would return funds it is now way past a month and no funds have been returned. They owe me $132.98. It caused a true burden for me at my bank. They have made no contact since my one call.

I odred the two free rings and cancelled then they sent more JEWLERY after I cancelled they put 67.99 back on my card then take it back off after cancellations never received two shipment of jewlery
Sign mary kyles

Holsted Jewelers - Jewelry set

I have the same complaint as everyone else here. I ordered and paid for shipping on a free ring set and then was sent more jewelry and my credit card was billed $46.98. I did not order this jewelry nor did I agree to monthly shipments of jewelry. It put me over the limit on my credit card. I am on Social Security Disability and can not afford scams like these.

Please remove immediately the $46.98 from my credit card.

Thank you
Dawn Jackson

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