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Dec 13, 2019

Diamonds International — diamond tennis bracelet

I purchased a diamond tennis bracelet on 11-19-2019 based on the information provided by one of Symphony of...

Diamonds Internationalengagement ring

I am going through a similar situation. I can't get them to work with us. It's been 4 months and we have a ring we can't wear and making payments on it. They are a complete scam. Who have you dealt with? I have been talking to royal media and Silvia at DI. They are completely useless and they scammed us big time. I would love to chat with you more and see what we can do.

We should start a Facebook page about them. I know they have ripped so many people off. They don't seem to care if we make a stink either. I have also contacted a ton of local news people in Florida and the statewide ones. I think if we can even start a petition it will help.

I just started this group. I'd like to get our stories together and get them posted.

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    • Mi
      Mimi_8 Nov 06, 2019
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      I have dealt with Michelle, and she has also been useless. We are thinking about just hiring a lawyer to take care of this matter. I would rather pay a lawyer than pay over $7500.00 to the company who are scammers.

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    Oct 29, 2019

    Diamonds International — jewelry

    On 8-27-18 My husband and I purchased jewelry from DI in Cozumel Mexico. We financed $7400.00. We got back...

    Diamonds Internationalfraudulent sale

    To Whom it may concern,

    I have been dealing with emails from your company since July and your service has been appalling. I do not ever believe a full investigation has taken place. I have had weak emails that have never had any substantial evidence and I am now ready to take this to any level I can untill i receive a full refund and my diamond rings back.

    We arrived in Ketichan on 8th July at diamonds international. My husband had been looking to but me a special gift for our anniversary. Initially when being shown around the saleswoman tried to show me diamonds worth $20, 000 and I said to them that is completely out of my price range and I'm not interested. After a few discussions they had commented on my diamonds rings so I decided to get a price for trade in. I explained I needed to wait for my husband as I didn't have my glasses with me.

    A male salesman then took over. He offered me a price of $2, 670 for one ring and $1000 for another ring trade in value. He then showed me a ring and discussed how he could accept a trade in for the ring. He showed me a few options and explained the solitaire was a cheaper option. With my trade in he said he could give me a good deal. He showed me a ring that I liked then he wrote the remaining figure down as $1, 369 after my trade in. My husband then arrived and at this point and he came to take a look at the price. I asked if this was the total for all as they had to resize the ring. I specifically said so the total is one thousand three hundred and sixty nine pounds. They replied 'yes' that's your final bill after trade in. My husband confirmed it as I had explained I didn't have my glasses with me. I went outside with my husband to discuss this and he was going to go back to the ship to get the cash. I told him I would just buy it on my credit card and he could save the cash for the holiday as this was only our first day. I went back in and they asked me to sign the documents. I explained I didn't have my glasses so asked them to explain all documents. I had to sign to accept the trade in price for my rings and then to add the remaining amount. I could just about see the numbers and I asked someone to check that I wasn't signing for any other amount. They confirmed that I was only signing what we had discussed 1, 369. I informed them I had to rush back to the boat as it would be leaving in a short while. They said they would email me the receipt to me. They then packed up the diamonds and paperwork in a parcel for me. We left the shop and boarded the cruise where I checked my diamond ring and placed it in a safe for the remainder of the holiday and continued my trip across America with my family.

    On 24th July I purchased a small item and my credit card sent me a text message to alert me that I have used more than 90% of my limit. As soon as this happened I said to my husband this must be a scam text as I have 13, 900 english (pound) in my account.

    I was travelling home the next day and received my credit card bill to which I found diamonds international had taken $13, 900. I then checked the paperwork with my diamonds which I couldn't make any sense of due to all of amendments and alterations with added writing on the copy version. I rang my credit card company as soon as I have seen this to check it was correct as I still couldn't quite believe it. They had said I need to call diamonds international as this was payment was correct. I called the USA number of diamonds international on 27th July. He took all my details and said someone would call me back but they don't work Saturday or Sunday. I then tried to find the email receipt so I could check what this says and I couldn't find it.

    The next time I heard from diamonds international was when a lady named Melanie called. She apologised for it all and asked for me to send all documentation to her. I explained I hadn't received the email so she told me she would forward this on. Only when I seen this receipt did I actually see the full cost of the ring they had charged me for $17, 730. She assured me my diamonds were safe at this time and would be while she investigated. She informed for she would do a report and I asked her to check video recording and conversations that took place on the day. I passed this over to my daughter I was physically too sick to deal with this being a victim of fraud. My daughter sent numerous emails back and forth asking for a full investigation including camera checks. Every email that was sent from our end it would take almost 7 days for a reply. Melanie then said she would pass this to head office as it was a complex case. In the meantime she reassured me my diamonds are safe while investigation continues. My daughter emailed her again for approximately two weeks asking on updates and she said due to it being a complex case it will take a while. We eventually got a reply 3 weeks later saying they have completed an investigation (with no details on what exactly they have looked into) and stated they do not give refunds at all as a company and they offered us a credit voucher to use for future purchase in their shop!

    The appraisal of the ring also showed that it was estimated at least 3 times the value of what I thought I was paying but it turns out I have paid the same as the appraisal price which is clearly something no one would be stupid enough to do. We have given your company every opportunity to put this right. I can only hope now you can help me in dealing with this. I am currently dealing with a solicitor and have refrained from sharing my story on social media sites for now. I would like a full refund and return of my diamonds for return of the ring i purchased. I need a the CEO of diamonds international to take on this case with immediate priority.

    Shirley Spendlove Dawber.

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      Diamonds Internationaldiamond engagement ring

      I am taking diamonds international to the BBB if I cannot get a resolution within the next 24 hours because I feel like you only care about your customers when the purchase is made and then treat them horribly and heartlessly with any concern thereafter.

      Diamonds international is a horrible company with horrible customer service, they lie directly to your face saying they are selling you quality diamonds and jewelry in which will break or stones will fall out within 5-6 months. I purchased a ring from your company on May 23rd of this year, when we the store we were told by the sales woman that this was a 3.5 carat ring, when we got back on the ship because we purchased a few hours before we were leaving we looked at what she wrote on the paperwork and it said 1.95 carats, I was told there was a 30 return policy and when i contacted the company they said there was no such thing so i was blatantly lied to when I made my purchase it has now been sent back once because two weeks after having it the diamond cracked and now I received it back 2-3 weeks ago and now a diamond has fallen out. This is absolutely ridiculous! I want to fully return and receive a full refund on my diamond because this is a damaged/ defective diamond ring which i was denied and told only store credit could be given, in which MANY horrible reviews on the BBB customers were provided a full refund. I'm VERY aggravated and disappointed in this company and i have gone to the BBB. I have had to push my wedding back 2 times now because my ring was broken and then my ring was not received back in a timely manner so it did not make it back for my wedding. I have to now push back my wedding because diamonds are falling out. I need to get a full refund NOT store credit.

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        • Sh
          Shaun R. Oct 17, 2019

          For questions concerning your Diamonds International in-store purchase, you should call [protected] or email us at cs.[protected] Assistance is available Monday-Thursday from 9am until 6pm (EST) and on Fridays from 9am-4pm (EST).

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        Sep 22, 2019

        Diamonds International — crown of light rip off in cozumel

        I too am an unhappy customer of theirs. They were suppose to hold my COL necklace locked in their store case...

        Diamonds Internationalcrown of light diamond ring

        I went into the store in Belize with the intent of looking for a pair of earings... Ipicked out a pair of earings that the store valued at $2700. but after my credit was checked, I was taken into the back room and told I could not qualify for that much credit... Long story cut short, thru bait and switch, I am on the hook for a ring that the store valued at $12, 000.00. Like so many others, when I had it appraised, it appraised for $800.00, even the paper work that I have is two different total karet weight and center diamond is different sizes, neither of which is the correct size.
        Diamonds Int. solution was to send me a gift certificate in the amount of $500.00 to be used in one of their stores.

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          Jun 12, 2019

 — unethical behavior

          I recently contacted Jairo at Diamonds international regarding an item I need to return because of a hardship...


          Diamonds Internationalring does not appraise

          I recently purchased a diamond ring on a Royal Carribean cruise in St. Kitts with the help of Royal Carribean personal shopping experts on board the Allure of the Sea ( Mike & Megan). Mike met me at Diamonds International and was very helpful with my trade in diamond ring and purchasing a larger diamond.
          Unfortunately, I had the ring appraised and it is not worth what I purchased the ring for. The ring in the store had a price of $58, 000 but the appraisal said the ring was worth only $27, 800. I paid $37, 377. There is a $9577 difference. I called Diamonds International customer service number to tell them my ring did not appraise, and Pamela J called me back within a day, to ask me to send them the appraisal, in which I did so. I was told I would hear back from them within 72 hours---in which they would only offer me a partial refund of $4, 000 and a gift certificate of $3650. I left messages again on Friday and Monday, along with numerous email to find out what my other options are, but I have not recieved any correspondance back from Pamela nor anyone else---this is very poor customer service. I am within the 30 days. I would like for Diamonds International to refund me the difference between the appraisal and what I paid ($9577)---But no gift certificate. I have placed a complaint with Royal Carribbean especially since their shopping expert promoted Diamonds International. This entire shopping adventure is Extremely disappointing especially since I made this purchase through Royal Carribbean's preferred shopping store.

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            Diamonds Internationalturtle pendant

            I would like to return my pendent that I bought in Ratan on May 25th 2019. I had bought two watches that day and would like to keep them. However, I felt pressured into buying the pendent and signed up on your credit card.
            I am a widow and retired and really cannot afford the turtle pendent. I would like to return the item. ASAP
            I have called the card company to get this resolved and have not heard anything yet. The person I talked to is Leslie and have called three times so far.

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              Diamonds Internationalpurchases of jewelry

              Cozumel Mexico manager name Nick Jetley...he scammed me and my mother out of total amount $$40, 000 for bad defected items. Very disappointed this shoul not happen to honest people and elderly.i want to have your owner /manager/supervisor to contact me I will not honor this scammer and will take it to higher steps if needed. Thank you my email [protected][protected]

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                • Ad
                  AdrianaB Jul 15, 2019

                  I was taken as well, how do I get a Hold of u so I can help you get this to a higher level?
                  Please email me at [protected]

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                Diamonds Internationalcrown of light diamond

                We purchased a Crown of Light Diamond from DI in Cabo San Lucas on 2/19th, 2019. They took my ring that I had purchased from DI in Alaska 5 years as a trade in we originally paid $6, 700.00 for and charged us another $6, 500.000. When I got home, I had the ring appraised and the Gemologist said that they could not appraise the ring because it was O in color and their book only goes to an M. With that said the same ring with a M color would only be $3, 200.00. DI said I have to take it to their appraisers as it is unique to them and their own cut, and a regular Gemologist can not value it. I am not sure how DI can put a price on a cut. I tried working with DI for an exchange and they came back with another ring, that we would need to pay another $11, 000.00, for a total of $26, 000.00. When I spoke to the gemologist, she advised that the ring if it was a GIA rated, which it wasn't, it was an EGL was only worth $11, 000.00. We were on a Carnival Cruise, and the Carnival Cruise Shopping Guide said it was a good value. We believed him. They gave us a American Gem Society Diamond Quality Report, that only shows what the diamond is, not an appraised value. When I reached out to the lab, they said they only offer reports, not appraised amounts. I am unable to attach copies of the emails correspondence back and forth.

                crown of light diamond
                crown of light diamond

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                  • Ma
                    madiera007 Oct 27, 2019
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    The whole "Appraisal"thing on a crown of lights diamond is a scam! My jeweler told me that since the col diamond is a "paten specialty cut"of theirs, they have to appraise it at what their info they get from DI says its worth, regardless of how bad the diamond is!! Can you say RIP OFF?

                    1 Votes

                  Diamonds Internationaltanzanite and diamond ring

                  Purchase a tanzanite and diamond ring from Diamonds International - in Turks and Caicos store. When it was appraised it was $2888.00 lest than price charged. It was purchased as an investment. However by the time I pay 40% more than appraisal price - well you get the point. I have tried numerous times to contact my ‘service representative - Jairo' without success. All I ever get is voice mail asking to please return my call. I am willing to pay the appraised price but really 40% over appraisal is fraudulent. After reading the horror stories it appears this is common practice with Diamonds International. All I am asking is to be credited for the over charge.

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                    Sep 20, 2018

                    Diamonds International — pricing, unethical behavior.

                    We were on a cruise and stopped in St Maarten. We went to the DI store as recommended by the onboard shopping...

                    Aug 14, 2018

                    Diamonds International — santa barbara golf and ocean club

                    We stayed at Santa Barbara on 21.07.18 for 8 days. The concierge telephone me at home and asked if we had any...

                    Jul 10, 2018

                    Diamonds International — unethical behaviour

                    our cruise ship the Disney Dream sailed from Port Canaveral June 1st 2018 we sailed to Nassau Bahama...

                    Jun 12, 2018

                    Diamonds International — return policy and interest free for a year.

                    We stopped in to look at a diamond for my wife and all was going fine so far. Then we got the high pressure...

                    Jun 07, 2018

                    Diamonds International — refund promised and false advertising!

                    We stopped in to look at a diamond for my wife and all was going fine so far. Then we got the high pressure...

                    May 06, 2018

                    Diamonds International — diamond ring quality and customer service

                    I am writing with concerns over your customer service.. And quality of product.. I purchased a ring on a...

                    May 04, 2018

                    Diamonds International — fraud - statement of value does not match price on the invoice

                    I made a purchase in st. Maarten at diamonds international for a bracelet. I spent a lot of time in the store...

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