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Tire Kingdom / ripped off and angry

1 Hyw 37Lakeland, FL, United States Review updated:

We purchased two tires on August 2007 for our sons 2005 Ford Focus. He put exactly 25, 000 miles on these 60, 000 mile tires. We realized in May 2009 that one tire was not retaining air and that they both had no tread and needed to be replaced. As the tires were under 2 years old and under 50% of the manufactures mileage usage, we expected Tire Kingdom would credit us about 50% of the original tire price toward replacement tires. Original price was 100.00 each.

They instead informed us the tires showed uneven wear and they would only credit us 25.00 on each tire. Please note that the tires were rotated three times and realigned once in this 20 month period. We agreed to the replacement deal although we felt it unfair.

Then to top it off we realized when we got the vehicle home that the manufacture date on the tires was March 2006! The new tires we had just purchased were already three year old and will be worthless and dangerous in three more. We did try to view the code before leaving Tire Kingdom but the tire was installed in such a way that you must crawl under the car with a flashlight to see it.

I will never do business with this company again!

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  • Ja
      1st of Dec, 2009
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    I doubt the tire is unsafe. Although there is a possibility of getting a tire 3 years old, it is rare. Even so it will be covered under the exact same warranty as a brand new tire since it is basically brand new. If there is obvious signs of dry rot then at that time bring it back to work out a deal getting it replaced.

    Also getting an alignment done once in 20 months is not enough. Especially on a Ford Focus. Smaller cars tend to take a bit more abuse from the road. The suspension is not as stout as a bigger car hence there is less material to absorb the shock from the road. Once every 6 months would be better. A 3 or 5 year alignment policy would solve this problem if you intend to keep and maintain the vehicle. If not the policy is always transferable to another vehicle.

    You also need to rotate the tires more frequently. Three times in 25k miles is not enough. You should rotate the tires every 5k miles. A good time to get them rotated is at every oil change which should be every 3-4k miles. It is free so just get it done!

    If you follow the above advice you will have all the ammo you need to get full credit for your worn out tires. Also note that rarely will tires make it all the way to their mileage warranty. You will still get credit.

    Tire Kingdom, like most manufacturers, has nothing to hide. If you had asked them at the time of purchase they could have showed you the date code which is recorded on all tires. It is called the DOT number and is visible on the tire. Sometimes it is placed on the inside. Not on purpose. There is no need to crawl under your vehicle. It is even on your receipt.

    Tire Kingdom is the biggest independent tire dealer and it will probably be impossible to beat the price on tires anywhere. Your choice to do business elsewhere will only result in the exact same scenario just higher cost. You also will not get the support of hundreds of locations throughout the U.S. If I were as dissatisfied as you I would probably just go to a different location. Just expect the same treatment until you follow the above procedures.

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