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Tire Kingdomsaga continues

This is a continuation to my complaint on 2/2/09

After countless hours spent at tire kingdom, and being sent to another tire kingdom where supposely there was a master mechanic named gus. Now the car has a noise when I break that was not there prior to my original visit to tire kingdom on us 19 and then east lake road. It took 5 visits and an installation of a part to finally get it to stop steering to the right (yes I paid for alignment on the initial visit).in all fairness I must say the manager at the eastlake rd store inherited the problem. But in adjusting one thing something else was messed up. I am aware it is a'97 car the important point is, it was not steering to the right, nor did it have any noises. Before my visit to tire kingdom on 1/12/09. People!!! Do not let yourself as I did, be convinced you need parts my case they were struts.


  • Up
    upsetinNC2011 Jul 05, 2011
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    Verified customer

    Took my Nissan Xterra in for 2 tires, knew the price I was going to pay, for as I ahd just recently purchased the same 2 tires a month before. Instructed the individual who took the order to place the new tire on the front of the vehicle and to put the spare tire back where it was supposed to go. NO new tire on spare, just put spare back where it was, it is a spare tire, after about 20 minutes of him looking very confused, I finally went out and showed him, and the light came on. In the process of all of this, the manager said you are going to need an alignment for this, I asked how much for a 4 wheel, and he said 80, I told him that was not in the budget, so he said I will give you one at half price, 40, so I said on, it comes with a 6 month warranty and x amount of miles. OK not a problem was with in budget. Told me the truck would be ready around 3:30, it was 9am when I dropped it off. 1hour later, they call me and tell me that my shocks are leaking oil and that I need all new shock, I asked how much for the 4, and a price of almost 700 was quoted, and I asked total for the tires and shock, oh no just the shocks. So after 15 minutes of him, being the store manager trying to strike a deal with me on shocks I said no, and then he tried to paint a very grim picture of what my tires would be like in 3 months if I did not replace the shocks. Soon after the truck was ready. I went there to pick it up, and the price i was quoted all the sudden had a extra 100 put onto it. I said whoo hoo back the F up, no way, then he fumbled around and said it was a mistake and gave me the correct total. Gave me all the required paper work, except for the print out for the alignment that they were supposed to preform, and miraculous his excuse was the printer was outa paper, go figure. Paid the bill, and left straight up the road to the ASE certified mechanics shop, and had them look and see if the shocks need replacing. Oh gee no they did not, and wait even better, my truck was pulling to the right, because they only took my 40 and did not preform the alignment, gee that is a shocker. SO I went the next day to a different store, in Concord, just up the road, to have them preform the alignment, and oh wait, he said the same thing, no paper in the printer, geee how convent, and oh wait they did not want to honer the warranty and charge me extra to have it preformed, labor, I said no way no how, it is under warranty, BS. So a call was place to corporate, and a scathing e-mail was sent, and I have contacted the local BBB and filed a complaint. The day after all of this crap, a customer service agent from TK called and wanted to know how my TK experience was, and I laid it out for her, it was crap and I will never go back, only thing they are good for is tires and that is it. As of today July 5th, I received and coupon for 100 off and set of 4 tires, yea right, trashed it. Do not ever do business with these people, they can only do tires, and esp do ont let them preform any service on your vehicle, because they can not, nor do they know how.

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  • Ms
    msk73 Apr 26, 2011
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    I had a new tire put on at Tire Kingdom in Fort Lauderdale on Powerline

    When I got home I noticed that I had two cracks in my front windshield.

    Apparently when jacking up the car they must of allowed the dual jacks to cause stress on the windshield to cause the damage. I got no satisfaction

    from the man at the desk. He was dumbfounded that this could happen. I received not satisfaction for this blunde. At least if he acknowledged that this could happen I wouldn't have been so angry. I think Tire Kingdom

    owes me an apology for this error.

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  • Re
    Reeber48 Mar 21, 2011
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    Verified customer

    I bought 4 Michelin tires on 3/5 @ tire kingdom Land O Lakes 2127 brinson road Lutz Florida, 33558 the salesman Ray Ambler informed me there was a mail in rebate on line for $100. I was told all I needed was the purchase receipt and go on line. After the purchase and going on line to Michelins home page and after a call to customer service I was informed the rebate doesn't start till 3/10. This is false advertisement and fraud I would bet they hold onto the sales receipt and enter it into the system after the rebate starts and pocket the rebate money. Pissed Off

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  • Ma
    Marrero,La Apr 13, 2010

    I strong agree!!!

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  • Ja
    jackburton09 Dec 01, 2009

    First, $1100 sounds like a decent deal for strut repairs on a Lexus. Second, even though the dealer told you that your struts were fine, they have miss informed you on the importance of your suspension components. I would be interested in finding out why Tire Kingdom recommend the replacement in the first place. Did they simply recommend based on mileage or did they require replacement due to a leaking strut or uneven tire wear?

    If it was recommended on mileage then that is exactly what they were doing. They most likely just suggested the repair. There was no obvious failure. All technicians and service personnel should know about the bounce test. It is very objective and not very scientific. If struts are leaking hydraulic fluid they can still pass the bounce test.

    If there was obvious tire wear related to strut failure then you will most likely prematurely wear the tires. Something to consider is since the strut repair was recommended you will most likely get no guarantee on those tires.

    Another thing to consider is that repair worn suspension components like struts can increase your stopping distance thus making your vehicle safer and can also increase handling characteristics in wet weather. They also will most likely will be warrantied for the life of the vehicle from that point on. Most after market strut manufacturers offer that.

    You needed to take your toyota into the dealer? Why? If you don't know what was wrong or if you didn't have a brake complaint then why did the dealer say they were incorrect. Brakes are very easy repairs. A technician with only a couple of years experience will be capable of this repair. A toyota is also a very easy vehicle to repair the brakes on so I doubt there was any problem. $200 is a tad high for front brakes unless they added a repair like rotors. If that is the case then it is very cheap. I would be interested in hearing what they did improperly and also interested in why you did not bring it back to the Tire Kingdom(any of them) to get the repair taken care of under warranty. That means no charge. Free! Sounds like you could just as easily been lied to by your local dealer as by Tire Kingdom. If Tire Kingdom did make a mistake then the proper course of action would be to return to the TK for documentation and possible disciplinary action.

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  • Ja
    jackburton09 Nov 30, 2009

    There are many tire sizes at Every location and many different manufacturers. I notice that you did not include your tire size in your complaint. This is important information. Not to mention that on the Invoice that you signed and the receipt that you took with you the warranty information including mileage is clearly stated as to not be misleading. There are also several different reasons that a tire wears out prematurely. Least likely of those reasons is a defective tire. Not impossible just least likely. 20 years in the auto motive industry I have yet to see one. I sure have heard about them in casual conversation with people who have no idea about the other tire wear problems such as, braking problems, alignment wear, lack of rotation, aggressive driving, etc.
    Mistakes do happen. I think it is a shame that some one left your drain plug loose. These things do happen but not often. Sometimes when tightening the drain plug the old plastic or rubber gasket cracks and is not noticed because the leak is too slow. It could have been loose though and it would be a shame to hold a whole company responsible for the actions of one of its employees. More than likely repeated mistakes like that would be dealt with accordingly. At my shop that wouldn't happen more than a few times with an employee before they were terminated. At my shop that doesn't happen. I would probably have given the customer a free oil change for the inconvenience. Maybe the employee was new. We were all new at a job at one time or another and made mistakes.

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  • Tr
    TraD52 Sep 29, 2009

    I purchased tires from Tire Kingdom that were clearly advertised in the store as a 60, 000 mile tire. After only 10, 000 miles one tire was over worn, obviously defective. The store would do absolutely NOTHING to help. They said my size was not covered under the 60, 000 mile warranty. Even after going to the top, I was treated like a stupid individual and left with a bald tire. They mislead you with false advertising, they lie about warranty coverage and they do not stand behind the tires. Oh and by the way, I went in for an oil change and when I returned home I had to tighten the drain plug so my oil would stop leaking on my clean garage. Funny thing is I was warned by many people to stay away from Tire Kingdom, I should have listened and since this incident I have found many who were ripped off just as I was. Buyers beware, you will find yourself very unhappy with the service and product you recieve.

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  • As
    ASE MECHANIC Jul 09, 2009

    to wes, those chrome covers are notorius for coming off on some vehicles. I t happens during normal service. It is not the fault of the tech, and honestly dont believe that the store is resposible for them. but i'm sure if you stay persistant enough you can get that store to purchase you a couple $2.49 lug nuts.

    oh and yes dill valve stems had a major recall on valve stems. Sorry for this issue but nearly all tire installers use them.

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  • As
    ASE MECHANIC Jul 09, 2009

    ok i am assuming the 15, 000 was a typo (1, 500 maybe) and i'm thinking your 20, 000 mile car is probably 10 -15 years old atleast. And for david who had his car replaced with 4 tires, hows that working for you.

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  • Nu
    numbersguy Jun 27, 2009

    I am done taking my cars to Tire Kingdom. They may be fine to purchase tires ONLY, but anything else stay away. On two occasions I had issues. The last issue I had brought my car in for new tires. I got a call saying that I needed front brakes and 4 new struts. this was the second time theysaid I needed new struts. They first gave me a quote of about $750 then someone called and said it would be aobut $1100. (struts only) I took it to my Lexus dealer and they did a full testing of the suspension, called a bounce test etc. They saw nothing wrong with the suspension. They did not recomend replacing them.

    Time before took my wifes car in and they said she needed new front brakes, did not get a second opinion and did the brakes. About 3 weeks latter needed to take car in to my toyotal dealer. They said my brakes need to be fixed. I told them I just got them fixed, they said they did not fix them properly, thus needed to spend another $250 on top of Kingdom $200.

    The ONLY think I would let tire Kingdom do is replace your tires and maybe an oil change, but I am sure theywill find othe costly repairs to suggest. GET a SECOND OPINION.

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  • Em
    Emily Jun 03, 2009

    See for your options.

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  • As
    ase+mechanic May 29, 2009

    as a mechanic i do not see how 4 tires, a battery, brakes could amount anywhere close to the price u claim. get a clue. as far as being on a fixed income, how on earth did she afford the bill to be ripped off? story is bogus probably because she or u wanted to get a better deal and when the salesman or manager didnt want to give u something for free u decided to bag on the company. bogus bogus bogus. +1

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  • Da
    DavidW May 03, 2009

    Very Bad experience. I have my car replaced with 4 new tires (Mich Harmony MO1, 185/65R15). Later I found that the Aspect Ratio is not 65 instead of 60 on the tires. Very unprofessional.

    Plus they offered free alignment checkup and then told me my wheels were out alignment and needed to adjusted. I suspected they did something to the alignment and refused to do the adjustment. Later proved that because the gas mileage dropped sharply so that I took my car to the dealer to do alignment. After the alignment the gas mileage recovered. So the free alignment checkup was a trap.

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  • Sa
    salzmun Apr 01, 2009

    for the free gas coupon vouchers go to the tire kingdom website at tire kingdom is taking care of the customers with offers on the website. the company tire kingdom used for the gas promo went out of buisiness so tire kingdom is making good on this offer.

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  • Ha
    hawk28147 Mar 30, 2009

    We purchased tires from this company with the deal of $500 free gas with purchase. I followed the registration, printed vouchers and done what directions told me to do. Now 3/30/09 I get back where the company processing my claim refused my claim and moved, no forward address. The reason for giving business to Tire Kingdom was this good gas deal. We have told family to not give any more business to this company since it don't follow thru with its promotions.

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  • Wa
    Waynow1 Mar 26, 2009

    We did the same thing. I started getting my original receipts back "return to sender" and "refused". As soon as I called Tire Kingdom they referred me to their website where they said there are two options you can choose as the original company was put out of business because they could not meet their obligations. You can either choose a one time $100 prepaid visa card or you can opt for the $500 in gas over 20 months as originally promised. Which one do you think I chose? They are playing on those who are desperate for $ and hoping they take the first option. Click on the link on their website to get the acceptance form and send it in to receive your new vouchers. Good luck!


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  • St
    stephen andro Mar 21, 2009

    I purchaced a set of brand new tires from Tire Kingdom instead of their competition because of this so called "Free Gas Promotion"
    and that was in November, then my vouchers weren't able to be redeemed until January of 2017 now after all of this time and saving
    receipts only buying gas at one company and what do I get in return, an envelope marked return to sender, no forwarding address, no answer on their 1 800 number just ripped off!!!

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  • Dj
    dj1 Mar 19, 2009

    The Florida AG has shut them down and is suing them (though I doubt there is any money to be had). Has anyone had any luck trying to get Tire Kingdom to honor their promotion?

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  • La
    Laurel Mar 14, 2009

    I purchased tires from Tire Kingdom Nov. 2017 and began the gas redemption process in Dec. 2017. I still have not received my monthly cards after sending in my receipts monthly. My last mailing was returned stating the business has moved with no forwarding address. I went on their website with the new address but the phone is disconnected.


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  • Na
    Nancy Jo Mar 13, 2009

    I have been sending my receipts in faithfully for 4 months before the 20th. I started in Dec and have received nothing to date. Can't contact via mail, email or phone. I did receive an email from them 1/22/09 stating my receipts were received and my free gas card would arrive within 28 business days. It's March 13th and so far nothing.
    The only reason I purchased from Tire Kingdom was for this promotion. I could have gotten the same price elsewhere closer to work. What a scam. Participating merchants SHOULD be made to offer an additional "perk" to make up for the bad feelings & poor reputation this scam has caused them.

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  • At
    a tire manager Mar 09, 2009

    for the jack ###, the bills were never exceed 15, 000 ###

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  • Ba
    Barbara Mar 06, 2009

    i also bought 4 tires waiting for 3 gas cards, nothing yet????? think we need to file complaint with tire kingdom?????

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  • La
    laura Mar 04, 2009

    I also bought 4 tires from Tire Kingdom on November 13, 2017 and have been sending in my coupons for "free gas" and have not received any vouchers. Although the website for is up, none of their phone numbers are connected. Not sure where to go from here, but I do believe I was part of a scam and Tire Kingdom should make good on this promotion.

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  • Ri
    Richard Mar 03, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is so funny that I signed up for this same program but the companies name was at I spoke to the marketing agent responsible for this program in Tirekingdoms corporate location. Her name is Diane Smith. She can be reached at [protected] ext 2454. Call her and tell her your stories. The AG of State of Florida took over receivership of Tidewater Marketing who went under many names, Do a google search on free gas redemption complaints. You will see that Tire Kingdom failed to even research this company first and Tidewater had complaints going back to early part of 2017. How can Tirekingdom do this? Read this link below.

    February 20 2017, 6:07 PM EST

    A Clearwater marketing company on Friday agreed to stop promoting its "free gas" voucher program, in response to a lawsuit filed last week by the Florida Attorney General's office after thousands of Floridians complained they never got the promised fuel.

    The complete article can be viewed at:, 0, 1823911.story

    People that were scammed should also stand in front of the Tirekingdom location and protest, ruin their business for the day. Also go to, scroll to the bottom of the page and this is what is posted on their site.

    A Special Message concerning the gas promotion

    Tire Kingdom recently engaged in promotion where customers who purchased tires became eligible to participate in a gasoline voucher program from Tidewater Global Marketing and Tire Kingdom paid for its customers to participate in this program. Unfortunately, it now appears that Tidewater Global Marketing may be unable to fulfill its obligations under the program.

    Tire Kingdom prides itself in customer service. Tire Kingdom will implement an alternative program. Tire Kingdom is finalizing the details of this alternative program, and will make them available soon. Please check back on this website in the next few days to receive final information on the details and requirements.

    What we should be demanding from Tirekingdom is to fulfill this offer and give us the $500.00 gas card in one card. Email me at [email protected] if anyone wants to spend a day protesting in front of the corporate location in Jupiter Florida.

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  • Es
    Esperanza Feb 20, 2009

    I have not received any gas cards since October/08. despite my efforts to get in contact with Free Gas They do not have a reliable phone number or address. The volucher is for $500. I need help!!

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  • Jo
    jose perez Feb 17, 2009

    I have sent all my gas customer copies for 3 months and I have nothing back . unable to make a call at contact information phone number.

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  • Bl
    Blanche Defillo Feb 16, 2009

    I fell for the " YOU NEED STUTS STORY) I have had nothing but headaches since then. I went in for a routine oil change, wound up with a $875.00 service bill, and 5 visits to Tire Kingdom since 1/12/09. After the struts were installed the car kept steering to the right it was finally corrected but after that adjustment now it makes a noise when I break. No I do not need breaks they were replaced including rotors, and pads a few months ago.

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  • Mi
    Michael Feb 10, 2009

    I have a 2017 Toyota Camry with 60, 000 mostly highway miles on it. At 52, 000 miles I replaced all 4 tires at a Tire Kingdom. At 60, 000 miles I first took my car to Toyota for the 60, 000 mile maintenance work and the next week I went for my free rotation at Tire Kingdom. The manager insisted on a safety check during the rotation even though I told him that I just had one at the dealer. In the end I was told that I needed all new brakes and struts as well as some other work totaling $1300. I declined. I then took the print out to the Toyota dealer and was told that they tried to scam me. For free they took another look at the brakes and struts and told me they were perfect.

    Although these are civil cases, there has to be criminal laws on the books to prevent thos sort of thing from happening.

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  • Li
    linda lampman Jan 27, 2009

    i have jumped thru all their hoops for my gas rebates, still havent recieved one yet, going on 4 months.
    please send check to james lampman
    1181 sw haleyberry ave
    port st lucie, fl 34953
    or [protected]
    or [email protected]

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  • We
    Wes Gordon Nov 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Don't worry, I won't. For the second time in six months, I missed chrome lug caps after tire service at two different TK locations. The first disavowed responsibility, the second was observed immediately after service; the manager promised to send replacement that has not arrived. I don't understand how this chain stays in business.

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  • As
    ase+mechanic Oct 30, 2008

    every tire company that deals or dealt with the manufacturer of that particular valve stem had the same issue. there was a national recall on all those companies that purchased those valve stems for use stating it was a huge batch of stems that were dryrotting before they were shipped out. if you do not believe this call a few tire shops and ask them, as i have replaced hundreds of those stems in the last 7-8 months.

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  • Valerie Oct 05, 2008

    I have purchased ALL replacement tires for my current vehicle from Tire Kingdom, and had included 'free lifetime tire rotation and balance'. On my first visit to use the free balance and rotation service, the store personnel tried to convince me my car was 'unsafe' so that I would purchase unneeded items.

    I was told 'Michelin tires are crap', and was recommended to buy 4 new tires from a different vendor that the company was obviously promoting heavily. Well, if the tires are 'crap', then why did you sell the previous 5 in the first place??? Don't go to this store unless you want to be sold unnecessary product and service on every visit. Get a second opinion and take your business elsewhere.

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  • Valerie Jul 18, 2008

    On the 16th of July 2017 I changed the oil on my Toyota 2017 and not even a few hours later the car stopped and oil was all over our drive way and ended up all over the streets on top of that the car stalled. Tire kingdom came out after half hour and put oil in the car and zoomed off. I then went to tire kingdom and was told they will take care of me but they have not yet done anything. I will never take my care to tire kingdom again I do not agree with the way they handled the situation

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  • Valerie Jun 18, 2008

    Bought a new set of tire 2 months before I went on a trip, I had a flat tire. Come to find out the valve stem cracked and the incorrect ones were installed.

    Two other tire stores agreed that it had to be cracked during install or defective. Tire kingdom wanted to sell me a new tire. When I stated that the stem should not have cracked due to the steel core, they said it was dry rot.

    Needless to say they lost a 10 year customer and their GM will not return my call. Do yourself a favour, don’t buy from here!

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  • Valerie Jun 11, 2008

    My mother-in-law went to Tire Kingdom because she was concerned about her tires. $15, 000 later, she had new tires, new battery, new brakes and the car only has 20k on the odometer. The brakes were fine. The tires were fine and the car started. There were no problems. This is cruel on a person on a fixed income.

    They are hard up to do this to an old person that does not understand autos and does not wish to get others involved (like me).

    I would warn seniors and those unfamiliar with vehicles to stay away from Tire Kingdom. Go to Goodyear or other organizations that are more reputable.

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