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Tire Kingdom / inflated charges, work not done!

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I went to Tire Kingdom in Salisbury NC on 11/9/07. Wanting two new tires, All 4 wheels aligned, the brakes checked for wear and an oil change. About an hour later I got a call telling me the brakes had quite a lot of life left. I declined replacing the brake pads. I signed the document authorizing the work to be done with a $4.00 shop charge (For consumables they tell me).

Upon returning to pick up the car:

What I got was an inflated shop charge from $4.00 to $14.00. Two $20.00 charges from nowhere?? Just an alignment check done nothing actually fixed. (But a full charge for a 4 wheel alignment on the bill). A single print out still indicating the car to be in need of alignment. They were unable to produce the before alignment printout. All four tires inflated to 70 psi. (I found this out after a short ride at 50 mph). I did not pay for the alignment, shop charge of $14.00 or the $40.00
We took the car to another company to have an alignment done, and sure enough his starting numbers were the same as Tire Kingdom had tried to send out the door with.

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  • Di
      11th of Mar, 2010
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    The Tire Kingdom in Palatka, Florida is dishonest, they kept my daughters' spare, and her key to her lugs when my husband took the car in for a new set of tires. As we had recently refurbished the car for our daughter and we had some finishing touches to do to the car so my husband took it in for a new set of tires. After only driving the car for just over a month, she got up on the Interstate and one of the rear tires blew out, this was not your normal blow out. The entire inside of the tire looked like it had been chewed off by a chainsaw. It was determined that after being towed, because once I arrived I could not change the tire because they kept the spare and the key to the lugs, that they did not put the correct amount of tire pressure into the tires, so the shocks were rubbing against the inside of the tires the entire time she had been driving it. They just wore a pattern into the tire, until that one just wore and burned it thru, with the heat involved from this. The other tires also have a pattern worn into them by the shocks, In the guys expertise, that fixed the tire, I had to have it towed after being up on the Interstate for half the night. I had to go back to Ocala the next day to get it fixed at the garage and pick it up. I emailed the district office, they took three days to email me back, asked for my phone number, called me and first was on the defensive then decided to tell me to take the car into the store and they would like to make this right. My husband did so and once there the manager he had him go see, did everything he could to humiliate my husband, he called him a liar you might as well say, he said he was not replacing anything, and he found a hole the size of a fountain pin hole and said this called the tire to blow and not the shocks rubbing against them for not having the right air pressure. He also told me husband that we probably were not rotating the tires and on and on. Well the last time I checked, tires had to be rotated every other oil change. The car has only been fixed for just over a month and does not have 3000 miles on it yet, has not had it's first oil change yet, the car has been totally refurbished and was sitting in my garage until just over a month ago. I called the district manager back to ascertain why did he ask me to return with the car to be humiliated and have my husbands' intelligence insulted by this guy, after all they were in the wrong. He said let me talk to him and I will call you back, I also let him know I don't have a problem with legal action. He said let me call you back, I want to make this right, he called me back took up for the manager but not his attitude, tried to change the story at times and said he would call me back. H called me back again and stated that he would make arrangements to replace the spare tire that they lost and replace the key to the lugs, I said that is not good enough you have to come better than that, you really should replace the tires altogether because they are eventually going to wear thru like the other one did, and I did not think this was to much to ask for since they were brand new. He said I just don't know if I can do that, I will have to take the weekend to think about this and I will call you back on Monday. As of yet he as not called, it is beginning another weekend starting tomorrow, and I also wrote Corporate, but they have not called me or wrote me or anything of the kind. They think I will let this go but they have another thing coming if that is what they think. Buyer beware, do not shop at any Tire Kingdom, two of my friends have had horrible experiences there as well, they will never ever shop there again. I am going to shout it to everyone who will stand still long enough to isten and they will not stay in business, if well all stand and keep filing lawsuits they will have to close their doors, and that is my mission right now. I am so sorry that I am having problems uploading this picture, because the world needs to see this. You can not treat people wrong and expect to prosper.

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