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I have been on tinder for 6 years.

About five months ago I opened my app and my ENTIRE profile was gone. I logged in with Facebook like I always have but My matches, pictures, bio, everything, was gone. I sent an email to support and pleaded for some help, I had 12000 matches, some of whom had become friends of mine that I only corresponded with on the app. I also had a subscription to tinder plus. After two weeks the support team was able to help me get my subscription back but they informed me that I must've have "accidentally" deleted my account (impossible) but I was able to continue using my tinder plus subscription and start again. After a few months of swiping with my new profile, the same thing happened. I was logged out and couldn't gain access to my profile. This time the account was no longer attached to my Facebook, instead my phone number but I could not log in. I contacted support and have been going around in circles for nearly a month where they've told me to delete my account (that I have no access to) so I can restore the subscription(s) - I now also use tinder gold - they have also told me to send information and pictures and it continues in circles until they stop replying and I have to contact them again and begin the process - meanwhile my subscription continues to roll over and I am NOT paying $87.99 for something that I do not have access to. I am very annoyed by this.

Nov 20, 2017

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