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road runner from time warner is supposed to be 6 mb download speed but ever since they added their phone service to my area my internet speed has been intermittent most of the day it isnt even as fast as dial up downloading at 150-200 kb instead of the 6000kb or (6mb) its supposed to be in the ads and contract they have you sign.they are crooks getting rich off promised services they cant deliver.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Burlington, WII should have known not to trust them after a few years back i cancelled service and they had a month anytime during the day to pick up cable box when i moved and they didnt they said i had to return it to a pay center about 20 miles away, my lawyer said they delivered it they had to pick it up i didnt have to drop it off so they charged my closed account 650.dollars for the box i filed it under bankruptcy then the bill changed from being charged 650. for the box to 650. for cable service 5 years later after filing it under bankruptcy its still on the bill well then I needed internet they seemed reasonable then they wiped the slate clean finally and i got road runner now i know why the finnally waived because they suck and now im geeting ripped off by paying for high speed thats slower than dialup!!!

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  •   Jul 19, 2009

    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in writing. Do NOT rely on phone calls or email.
    Yes, on paper, sent via USPS, UPS, FedEx, or your favorite flavor.

    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in WRITING.

    If TimeWarner were a person it would best be described as a pathological liar: They will say one thing and do whatever is most convenient for them.

    Follow EACH phone conversation with a snail-mail summary of your conversation to the place you send your bills. Include your name, address, and account number.

    I have made a hobby out of rescuing people from TimeWarner. They screwed me out of $1000 so I plan to cost them orders of magnitude more in customer loss.

    Send ALL letters to "the office of the president" for your territory.

    If you continue to be defrauded by TWC file a FORMAL complaint with the "Public Utilities Commission"


    remember you CAN also sue them in small claims court. In most jurisdictions the filing fee is about $60. WHEN you win your case you will recoup this investment.

    I recovered most of my money from TWC and you can too. I have since upgraded to FIOS. I hope it is available in your area. :)

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      Nov 05, 2010
    Time Warner / Road Runner - Wireless service
    Dallas, TX
    United States

    Attempt to cancel trial subscription for their mobile devise. I cancelled within the 30 day period, waited 45 days for return label (which still have not received) and still be billed.

    This company has the most ignorant customer service!!

    If you receive a call to switch to their server - RUN

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