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Time Warner / deceiving the consumer

1 OH, United States Review updated:

CAUTION-BEWARE-CAUTION When you purchase the Time Warner (TW) bundle package, buyer beware because you are not locked into the initial agreed price for the entire 24 month period. Time Warner will deceive you by not fully explaining that after the first 13 month they will increase that price, and they can increase it by whatever they want. Even after you prove to them that their verbal contract did not clearly state that there would be an increase, you the consumer are wrong. (Even the TW representative agreed it wasn't clear.) The TW Representative told us we were sent a written contract, which clearly states on the second page, there would be a price increase in 13 months. We honestly did not get this written contract. When we asked for verification of sending this written contract, he stated that we should have received it in a TW welcoming letter one month after we signed up. We keep all, yes all, the information we receive from our utility providers. Guess what, it not in the file. You see TW doesn't make mistake, they are perfect. In addition, BUYER BEWARE that when you ask a question or cost from one of TW representative's does not mean that when you talk to the next TW Representative it will be the same or even close. TW Representatives will quickly say or imply that you didn't understand what you were being told, or they'll say I don't know why you were told that. What it comes down to is you, the consumer's are dishonest and not trustworthy!

When I repeatedly explained my problem with 6 different TW representatives I was told that I was being difficult to work with, when all I wanted was for them to honor their 24 month bundle service quoted price. Get this, TW will tell you that your conversation may be recorded, but when ask the TW representative to check their recordings of your previous conversation, they can't. WHY! Also, BUYER BEWARE that when your initial 24 month contract expires, TW will automatically renew your contract for another 24 month. The only notification you will about this will be attached to your monthly bill. Don't try cancelling before you receive this notice, because TW will not or can not recognize it. Finally, in my ending conversation with TW, I told him that it appears that everything it set to the favor of TW, he replied, "Yep".

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  • Tw
      16th of Apr, 2010
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    Time Warner Cable is the single worst company I've ever had to deal with. My Internet goes down for weeks at a time, On Demand doesn't work for days/weeks at a time, and they raise my bill a dollar or two about every month or two. I've actually considered moving to another town just so I can get another Cable company service since TWC has the monopoly in my town.

    Another thing to be weary about is what they call "free." Nothing is free in this world, TWC. I am paying for the HD box, paying for digital cable, and you call your HD free?? So when my HD channels were out for a month, no credit could be issued because HD was... "free." My most recent issue with the award losing company is now my On Demand services are no longer functioning. I cannot watch HBO/Showtime On Demand, but no credit can be issued because its a "free" service. How can this be a free service when you can't watch it if you don't subscribe to HBO/Showtime?

    I've been here a little over three years and have had nothing but problems with TW and their horrible customer service, poor quality HD, and on and off internet. For your own sake.. avoid them at all costs

  • Ro
      8th of Apr, 2011
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    I totally agree with TW SUCKS! I ordered Time Warner Cable for two reasons Time Warner claimed to have the fastest speeds in this area and the apartment I moved into had free cable TV with HBO and Showtime. When I finally moved here the apartment complex came with Time Warner Cable pre wired with free HBO and Showtime. It took Time Warner two weeks to turn on the HBO and Showtime. Customer service was courteous each time I called. The first time the customer service agent said that cable was an issue the apartment complex had to deal with. The second time the customer service agent said it was a local agent’s job and the third time I called the customer service agent took care of the issue. Internet speeds are junk. I pay more for 1Mbs up and 15 down, the fastest speeds for residential use, with speed boost. My actual speeds are, .488Mbs up and 18Mbs down (according to Therefore, I am getting speeds that are offered for half the cost. My phone line rings off the hook with ADT and other security companies offering me their services. This started 24 hours after Time Warner installed my phone lines. These people know all the information I gave to Time Warner when signing up even though I have an unlisted phone number and I have recently joined the national do not call list. All-in-all Time Warner are crooks. They have the capability to run much faster lines but have it dialed way down for some unknown reason. Oh, and as for the free cable I get more pixel scatters and snowy screens than any other service I have ever had from any other state and I have their box!

  • As
      22nd of Apr, 2011
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    root@jellybean:~# traceroute -n
    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
    1 9.001 ms 6.383 ms 7.395 ms
    2 9.504 ms 8.954 ms 9.433 ms
    3 9.451 ms 9.883 ms 3246.235 ms
    4 50.257 ms 9.677 ms 26.572 ms
    5 14.856 ms 12.888 ms 9.497 ms
    6 10.398 ms 8861.945 ms 12.429 ms
    7 13.489 ms 39.502 ms 9.430 ms
    8 11.978 ms 13.087 ms 18.258 ms
    9 8220.797 ms 18.342 ms 27.543 ms
    10 19.597 ms 21.867 ms 31.099 ms
    11 17.087 ms 19.598 ms 23.852 ms
    12 21.029 ms 24.482 ms 18.855 ms

    3 9.451 ms 9.883 ms 3246.235 ms | they will say reboot the router here...

    NetRange: -
    NetName: ROAD-RUNNER-1
    NetHandle: NET-24-24-0-0-1
    Parent: NET-24-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Allocation
    RegDate: 2000-06-09
    Updated: 2002-08-22

    couple of _hours_ later that took under a second to complete:

    rainofkayos@animal ~ [1937] % time traceroute -n
    traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
    1 0.244 ms 0.256 ms 0.251 ms
    2 12.012 ms 12.941 ms 13.196 ms
    3 10.982 ms 10.961 ms 11.884 ms
    4 17.854 ms 17.855 ms 17.890 ms
    5 151.928 ms 151.929 ms 151.891 ms
    6 151.932 ms 151.943 ms 151.879 ms
    7 20.268 ms 16.175 ms 16.098 ms
    8 20.171 ms 20.115 ms 26.777 ms
    9 160.365 ms 157.126 ms 157.048 ms
    10 178.778 ms 178.321 ms 179.437 ms
    11 24.684 ms 164.857 ms 169.299 ms
    12 175.873 ms 165.869 ms 172.223 ms
    13 171.923 ms 171.899 ms 171.850 ms
    14 44.502 ms 174.186 ms 52.465 ms
    15 182.448 ms 182.329 ms 167.135 ms
    traceroute -n 0.00s user 0.00s system 0% cpu 0.369 total

    what makes it really suck is it occurred 1. in the time of a major amazon outage where I was working with my client to resolve things. 2. This has occurred so many times this month its seeming to be normal now.

  • Ga
      25th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    I willing entered into a 2 yr price lock guarantee with Time Warner Cincinnati in July 2010. The INTENT of the agreeing parties is to a fixed price "locked" for a two year term. At that time I was transferred on the phone to a 3rd Party verification representative and I listened carefully to the terms and agreed to an early cancellation fee. However the OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS were not read or pointed out to me in this phone call. Nor was I informed that this contract would automatically renew at the end of the period at whatever terms are listed in the renewal notice which Time Warner would send me APPROXIMATELY 30-60 days prior to the end of the two year term.
    When I called Time Warner in August 2011, I asked for Time Warner to flag my account NOW to NOT RENEW after the 2yr period, I was told this is NOT POSSIBLE. I must call in after I receive my renewal notice. This is not a proper or fair contract.
    Starting on November 2011 Time Warner will be raising the rate for my converter box by $0.99 and the DVR service $1.00. I called to question this price increase given I had assumed I was under a price lock guarantee. The quickly pointed out that this was addressed in the OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS and was read to me by the representative. I stated this is not a proper or fair contract either. Time Warner has the discretion to increase charges at any rate on equipment that is mandatory in the delivery of the content of the package for which I have a price lock guarantee. I have no recourse available for this price increase since they state that on cancellation I must pay an early termination fee.
    In summary - Time Warner can increase the equipment necessary for delivery of the content of my digital HD package and I am in "rate prison" with no ability to exit without substantial financial penalties. Time Warner can change anything they want in the contract and I have no ability to cancel without penalty AND I cannot ask them to remove me from any renewal of this contract until they notify me with an automatic renewal notice (also with price increases they define without my approval). THIS IS NOT A PROPER OR FAIR CONTRACT.
    I have cancelled my service as of 11/25/2011 and will not pay the $37.50 cancellation fee (plus $2.44 tax). I have written the BBB, and will be contacting the PUCO.

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