Time Warnerdeceptive/fraudulent billing practices

Beware of extra fees hidden on your work order before you sign!

I ordered double play with $29.99 install. During install they gave me the wireless modem, but did not mention that it is some sort of upgrade I will have to pay for.
First bill arrived, and was charged an extra $49.99 wireless modem install fee. Called customer service.
Told them that I was not communicated about this $49.99 "install" fee for a wireless modem, and the technician also did not inform me, so I want it off the bill.
After some arguing and 5 minutes of waiting, she pulled up the work order and pointed out that the technician wrote "wireless upgrade @ 49.99" on the work order _that_I_signed_. I looked for this for 1 minute and could not find it.
Then she told me where it was: it was written on top of a section of random letters. It was not - as a sane person would expect - included in the "charge" column.
I told her that I do think that this is a very deceptive and borderline fraudulent practice, but she did not budge. Then I asked here about the 30-day money back guarantee. I was transferred to a retention rep, and he also could not remove this $50 charge. However, he could reduce my monthly bill by $40 for the next 12 months. I figured that that saves me over $480 so I stayed on.
But I may cancel later as I still have 13 more days to cancel...

Time Warner

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