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I want to let you know that the way Tme Warner process new accounts they help the crook fraud people. What they do is take a phone call from someone that gives a name and SSN over the phone and Time warner checks that name and SSN and if that person has good credit they set up an account in that persons name. Then that person gets cable for months and does not pay. Then Time warner turns that Persons name and SSN into the credit agency and the only way the real person with that SSN finds out about it is they check their credit report and finds this unpaid collection on it. Of course all this time the real person lives somewhere else and doesn't know anything about what has happen to them and they are getting turned down for credit and credit cards are getting canceled and everything else because Time Warner helped these crooks do this by not simple checking who they are when they go out and hook up the cable in the first place. This is the same as if someone goes into your bank and gives them your name and SSN and asks for $888 and the teller gives it to them without checking who they are. Then you go to the bank and tell them you did not take out that money but the bank says yes you did and they tell you to go to the police and prove you did not take it out after a year or two has gone by.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Cincinnati, OHHow would you prove this was not you and you should not have to do anything anyway in the first place to clear this up because Time Warner should not have ever put that account in your name anyway without first making sure it was in fact you. I am very mad about Time Warner doing this to me and I am telling every one I can about what they did to me. I am contacting the TV news channels and telling my story and telling anyone that will listen to me. All they had to do is check my address when they pulled up my credit report to see where I lived and see that I do not live at what ever address it was they installed the cable at. I just thought I would at lest tell you about this before it happens to you also. This is far from being over and as long as this is on my credit report I will tell anybody that listens what Time warner did to me. They are helping the crooks get away with fraud just to sign up more accounts and they could have done things to stop it before it happen but did not. They have cost me lots and lots of money and I'm going to do whatever I can for satisfaction over this. Be careful and check your credit reports because these guys will put anybodys cable in anybodies name and SSN as long as someone gives it to them over the phone and you could be next. If there is a lawer out there that would take this case and take this company to court please e-mail me as [protected] maybe this should me a class action case for all the people they have done this to. All they needed to do is check for ID when they went out to hook up someones cable. Crooks if you didn't already know this now you do. I hope others take them to court over this.

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  •   Jul 19, 2009

    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in writing. Do NOT rely on phone calls or email.
    Yes, on paper, sent via USPS, UPS, FedEx, or your favorite flavor.

    You MUST deal with TimeWarner in WRITING.

    If TimeWarner were a person it would best be described as a pathological liar: They will say one thing and do whatever is most convenient for them.

    Follow EACH phone conversation with a snail-mail summary of your conversation to the place you send your bills. Include your name, address, and account number.

    I have made a hobby out of rescuing people from TimeWarner. They screwed me out of $1000 so I plan to cost them orders of magnitude more in customer loss.

    Send ALL letters to "the office of the president" for your territory.

    If you continue to be defrauded by TWC file a FORMAL complaint with the "Public Utilities Commission"


    remember you CAN also sue them in small claims court. In most jurisdictions the filing fee is about $60. WHEN you win your case you will recoup this investment.

    I recovered most of my money from TWC and you can too. I have since upgraded to FIOS. I hope it is available in your area. :)

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