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Time Warner Cable / poor customer service

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I received a bill with a $30 increase and called to find out why. I was told that when I first signed up it was a 1 year promotion and now I will get charged for Showtime, DVR Funtion, and the HD DVR Converter Box. I can not afford $30 (total of $142/mo) for TW bundle and asked to get my pricing down. I was told there was nothing that they could do. So, I advised them that I needed to change the service to lower my price. I was upset since I just added the HD converter box (and had to go into the service office twice and have someone come out to the house because of faulty hookup & box) for 2 months and specifically asked if there was a charge - which I was told there wasn't. At no time was I told my package was up and an increase of 25% would be on my bill since my supposedly promotional period was up. I then advised the retention specialist that I was upset over their customer service, product and pricing. He proceeded to ask me if there was anything else he could do for me...I said yes, I need to know how much my bill is going to be with changes to my phone, internet speed, and deletion of Showtime and lowering my speed on the internet. He also needed to tell me when the scheduled date was for a technician to come and pick up/swap my converter. He advised he would be right back.after I was waiting for several minutes, we were conveniently disconnected. In addition, Time Warner allows you to ask that they give you a call after you are done speaking with customer service to ask questions about their service. I answered that I wanted the call back (they advised within 15 minutes of the completion of the service call). I never received a call back from either. Now - did the service changes go through? Is a technician coming to my house? I have no idea.

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      7th of Jan, 2008
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    I am very unhappy with time warner (note I did not capitalize their name) Several months ago I was having porblems with pixalating (spelliing?) The TV screen would break up into blocks and distort the picture several times per hour. I was told that time warner knew of this problem and would have it fixed sometime in the near future. It did finally subside and get better. There where several other problems with movies being added to my bills that were not mine, etc. Then Monday January 7, 2008 my service was turned off due to late payment. My wife called to tell them that I usually paid the bills and have been in bed for over 3 weeks and paid the bill. They told her they would not disguss when they would turn on our cable again. That was about it, got dressed (after being in bed for 3 weeks straight) I drove up to the local office here in Camarillo and asked them what it would take to discontinue my service. The lady was very polite and said just bring in your boxes and controls. I asked her if she cared why I was stopping service and she politely said yes. I told her I had been sick, etc. and she said sorry. I have already called Direct Dish and they will be coming out to install dish within 48 hours.

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      23rd of Jan, 2008
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    This person is full of crap, he obviously did not pay his bill and no company shuts off service after only 3 weeks, probably more like 3 months. 50 percent of dish customers have had service shut off from a cable company due to not paying their bills.

  • An
      25th of Jan, 2008
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    Tom...I totally understand your situation. Time Warner shut off my phone and cable this afternoon. I called from my cell to see what was up. The customer service rep(if you want to call her that) informed me I had a past due amount of $72.37. I asked her to check my records because I just paid $160.00 on Jan 18th. She checked and said that she saw where I paid the 160 on the 18th. Unfortunatly she told me they could not turn my service back on until they recieved the 72.37. I reminded her that I called in that payment would be made on Feb 1st and that my bill was only 2 weeks past due.

    I have made every effort to keep in touch with time warner and about my bill. I then asked to speak to her supervisor...long story short the supervisor hung up on me. I wasn't rude to her, just trying to get this resolved. I then called my husband and we decided to call time warner back and end our service permanatly through them. The man on the other end didn't ask me why I was disatisfied and when I volunteered my story he said..."Well, I see that they have scheduled to cut the lines to your house on Feb 4th." I asked why on earth they would do that for a past due amount of 72 dollars and a customer who has a history of paying on time month after month. He said he didn't know and offered no apology. Time Warner has the absolute WORST costomer service I've ever encountered!!!! The people are rude and I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy. We also had issues with our cable picture being scrambled on and off. That was never resolved. After having 5 different techs out to the house I gave up. On tech came in and was trying to figure out the problem while the gentleman who was with him fell asleep on my couch. I couldn't believe it!!!!!!!

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      24th of Dec, 2008
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    On November 28 net spend process a payment for my NY account made in Inglewood/Hawthorne California. This transaction is in the amount of $201.35, upon clearing on November 30th, the charge was taken from my account using a netspend vendor. However, the payment was never posted to my new York city account. Since then I have been trying to decipher what procedures are in place to locate this payment and reapplied to the correct city and location.

    Please I am beat, please email me with this information as my account activity from the November is overdue! Please have someone call me regarding this account. The funds need to be transferred to my new York number 5189 1961 5630 8411. fax number is 212-222-8165

  • Ni
      21st of Feb, 2010
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    Time Warner Cable location in Hawthorne, CA is one of the worst nightmares I have had to deal with. Never again.

  • Ja
      16th of Sep, 2010
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    For the past several months I have experienced a decline in the quality of my TWC service. Calls to the service number are met with busy signals and long waits but since TWC is the only kid in town, I have tolerated it.

    At the end of August I received an invoice with a 30% rate hike. I call to ascertain why and after waiting for an agent, was told it was because my "price lock" had expired. I inidcated I wanted to discuss a lower rate or, in the alternative, learn how to termiate the service. The agenct said she could not help me, that I had to speak with a "retention specialist" and transferred my call. An automated voice told me I had a 15 minute wait but when it stretched into almost 30 minutes, I terminated the call and redialed the service center. My second call was answered by an automated voice asking that I leave my number and someone would call me back. After waiting serveral days, I e-mail TWC customer service with my questions. I received an e-mail that referred me to the "retention specialist" even though I would not call to be placed on hold. Several days later, I wrote the Chairman of TWC at his Columbus Circle headquarters yet, still no response.

    Tonight I experienced several outages of service beginning at approimately 10:45 P.M. I tried more than two dozen times to call the service center but most calls were blocked by continuing "busy signals." On four occasions, my calls were answered by an automated voice which, after taking my telephone number, transferred me to technical support and promply terminated my call. I still do not know whey my service has been interrupted or when it will be restored.

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      23rd of Mar, 2011
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    After signing up for another two years with this company they started changing their programming to HD which means the two extra TVs that they initially set up can not get the programming without us paying another $7.96 per box for the extra TVs. When we notified then they told us that they would continue to move programming to HD and eventually their standard customers will be forced into paying more for boxes or will have a monthly charge for which they will get no programming. When we complained they stated they could do this, so then we asked to be released from the contract since we weren't getting the programming promised and they then answered we would have to pay over $100 since we were cancelling early. We will have to continue our contract until Novemeber 2012 or pay more. If this isn't fleecing the American people I don't know what is! If they want to change programming they should honor the contract and then tell people they are doing this before we continue a new contract with them. At least then we would have a choice!

  • An
      11th of May, 2011
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    yes me too, got charged more, when asked why they dont have any offers at that time to reduce the bill . when I tell them I dont need the phone ( and its someone elses old number with annoying calls so I unhooked it from the wall altogether ! :), they dont care . I can spend more $$ to block it . ! I keep asking every month for just TV and internet with no phone needed. in the day of cell phones why chearge people for useless things in this economy they have no regard for anyone ...big company should "provide" for customer ! Not make burden

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