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I have been a long time 7 yr customer of time warner service, I have always loved their roadrunner internet service, today I had an appointment with them to send a technician out between 8-10 am, the guy never showed, so I called at 10:30 am AND THEY GAVE THE GUY THE WRONG PHONE NUMBER TO CALL ME AT, I LIVE IN A SECURED BUILDING, SO WE SET UP AN APPT. FOR 3-5 PM SAME DAY, SO 5:30 PM CAME AROUND STILL A NO SHOW, I CALL AND TALK TO YET ANOTHER "CUSTOMER SERVICE" REP. FOR THEM TO TELL ME THEY GAVE THE GUY THE WRONG PHONE NUMBER AGAIN!!! Their suggestion to switching out the modem was for me to wait an additional 3-4 hrs for the guy to get here. I asked to speak to a manager, go figure I was on hold for another 10 minutes still no manager, I called back I asked then if i could just return the modem to one of their offices...and exchange it...nope they cant do it. So I am a very unhappy customer they dont care about you or your time. Do yourself a favor GO WITH WOW!!! OR A Company that cares!!!


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